IHSW Youth
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Theme: Rethinking Reality

This event occurred on
June 14, 2024
Wrocław, Dolnośląskie

TEDxIHSW Youth started with one idea — bringing TED’s Ideas Worth Spreading to the community of Wrocław, Poland, in a way that is accessible to the national and international members of the city, with an emphasis on youth.

Our event is organized by students at the International High School of Wrocław, and aims to provide an enriching experience for attendees, featuring live TEDx presenters.

TEDxIHSW Youth invites you to rethink reality and amplify the voices of young visionaries. Our theme for our 2024 event is in line with this: “Rethinking Reality”

Through our choice in theme, we hope our event will serve as a vibrant platform for impassioned discussions, and be able to bridge and share diverse perspectives to inspire positive change, discourse, and overall learning and reflection within our community. With a focus on empowering youth to share their innovative ideas and stories, we promise an immersive experience filled with thought-provoking talks and transformative insights, aiming to cultivate curiosity, spark connections, and shape the future.

Hotel Monopol
Heleny Modrzejewskiej 2
Wrocław, Dolnośląskie, 50071
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Aleksandra Bielawska

Captivated by the ubiquitous connections between supposedly unrelated disciplines and branches of knowledge, Aleksandra began her journey with physics and philosophy, engineering and literature, mathematics and history. This fuelled her eagerness to learn absolutely anything that brings her closer to fully understanding the world around her. Thanks to the years of engagement in MUNs, the Oxford debates, and numerous discussions during her history class, she became an avid advocate of exchanging opinions. In her free time, she enjoys writing overly complex literature reviews and playing the piano. In her speech, Aleksandra will draw unlikely connections between the most common objects and the life cycle of different stellar bodies. Through both philosophical and physical lenses, the underlying processes governing a star’s evolution will be explained, with a particular focus on their implications for our understanding of reality.

Jan Orzechowski

Convinced of the success of reason and technological progress, Jan has devoted a significant amount of time, to gathering historical evidence supporting the idea that the world truly is in a good place right now, even though we are bombarded with contrasting viewpoints almost ceaselessly. Constantly looking for different patterns emerging in the historical narratives surrounding the economic history, the Industrial Revolution, and the various factors influencing the Cold War dynamics, Jan could be considered a true history devotee. In his free time, he enjoys watching very long, thought-provoking, and intelligent TV shows, such as “How I Met Your Mother” or “Brooklyn 99”. In his speech, Jan will identify common misconceptions regarding global problems and issues, providing a hopeful perspective based on empirical evidence to challenge the persisting notion that the world around us is a terrible place, that nothing ever changes, and that the worst is yet to come.

Patricia Sobolewska

For the most part, Patricia considers herself a jack of all trades, jumping from hobby to hobby, never settling on one for too long - unless it’s writing or reading, both of which she is proud to say she has been practicing since she was a little kid in Barnsley, Yorkshire. Patricia also plays the cello and believes that the constant in life is change, and tries to live life accordingly - always doing her best to be prepared for a change of wind. Sometimes Patricia even searches for that change herself - placing challenges on her path for herself to overcome. In her TEDx talk on societal change, Patricia will explain what change actually is, why it happens, and why we should view it as something positive - and embrace its unpredictability.

Seongyun Kim

In his speech, Seongyun will discuss his personal experiences with hyperfocusing and offer retrospective reflections and advice on time management and productivity.

Taerang "Tony" Shin

Taerang Tony Shin is based in South Korea and he has been living in Poland for 4 years now. As an IB student, He is very passionate about politics, geography, and sports. As a Korean, he likes to share stories about his country. With 14 total MUN experiences and mutual TED talks that he’s been through, he learned more about global issues and he never gets tired of it. This time he decided to explore more light and familiar topics. Have you heard of any Korean songs? Tony is very sure that you did at least once. However, he is concerned about Westernization in Korean culture. He says that he can now barely understand the songs from his own country. In his TEDx Talk, Tony will explore the complex and multifaceted impact of Western culture on Korean society. His speech will explore how the pervasive influence of Western media, fashion, technology, and lifestyle has reshaped various aspects of Korean culture, often at the cost of traditional Korean identity.

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