Ayeyarwaddy Intl School
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Theme: Our World Intertwined

This event occurred on
April 27, 2024
Mandalay, Mandalay

The interconnected nature of our world is a tapestry woven with the threads of global flows, binding us together in ways both seen and unseen. Our innovations have connected us in ways we never assumed: AI chatbots and social media platforms have unfurled new possibilities for human interaction, but it has also led to the fading of our cultural heritage as we move towards a more interlinked society. The evolution of global connections has presented a profound opportunity for introspection, beckoning us to explore the delicate lines between interculturality and preserving our heritage. Our world, like a complex neural network, is teeming with potential, waiting to be explored and understood in all its poetic depth.

Mingalar Mandalay Hotel
73rd Street Between Tha Zin &, Ngu Shwe Wah St, Mandalay 05041
Mandalay, Mandalay, 05018
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Youth (What is this?)
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Eaint Kabyar Thway

Eaint Kabyar Thway, or Tracy, is a sophomore at Ayeyarwaddy International School. Tracy’s academic prowess shines through her achievement as the fourth overall scholar in the regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup, where she distinguished herself among hundreds of participants. As a writer and editor for the Ayeyarwaddy International School Vanguard Newspaper, Tracy channels her passion for writing and English into meaningful storytelling and journalism. Beyond her academic and journalistic pursuits, Tracy is deeply involved in grassroots activism and community engagement. She holds executive positions in both Women's Empowerment Group and Helping Hands, two feminist, non-profit organizations. Tracy's commitment to activism also extends to her involvement in the student council at Ayeyarwaddy International School. Her dedication to serving her peers and championing their voices exemplifies her unwavering commitment to positive change.

Ganesh Baniya

Impact First Media Entrepreneur
Ganesh Baniya is a key figure in Myanmar's media scene, co-founding GandaWin, the country's premier women's empowerment brand. With expertise in 3D animation and computing, Ganesh blends tech know-how with a passion for social good. Through GandaWin, he spearheads efforts empowering women and sparking discussions on important issues, reaching a massive audience of 11 million monthly. Despite obstacles, Ganesh is unwavering in his mission to expand his brand's influence and drive positive change. Beyond GandaWin, he's launched initiatives like BarNyarTharYaKar for men's mental health and GandaWin Learn for women's skill development. Collaborating with organizations like UNICEF on campaigns such as the Orange Campaign showcases his dedication to making a difference. Serving as a mentor for media startups across Asia, Ganesh's leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion is invaluable, shaping Myanmar's media landscape and beyond.

Jason Chang

World History Teacher/Nation Builder
Jason Chang is a Secondary Social Studies Teacher at Ayeyarwaddy International School. With a passion for fostering empathy and understanding, Jason works tirelessly to shape the next generation of socially conscious citizens. As a dedicated advocate for social justice, Jason has lent his voice to marginalized communities in Bangladesh and Africa building toilets and water purifying tanks. Jason’s experiences as a KOICA Master’s Program Coordinator at Handong Global University have equipped him with valuable skills in administration and cross-cultural communication. In this role, he facilitated the academic journey of international students, ensuring they received a rich and fulfilling educational experience. Additionally, as an administrator at Handong Global School, Jason played a pivotal role in the smooth operation of the elementary division. His attention to detail and organizational skills contributed to the success of various school events and activities.

Ma Ma Naing

Daw Ma Ma Naing, a beacon of Myanmar's cultural heritage, is dedicated to preserving and rejuvenating the ancient art of Myanmar Marionette Theatre. After graduating in History from Mandalay University in 1974, she founded the Mandalay Marionette Theatre in 1990, showcasing Myanmar's cultural richness globally. Beyond the stage, Daw Ma Ma Naing is an esteemed author, sharing her insights into Myanmar Marionette through acclaimed books. As Chairperson of the Myanmar Marionette Committee, she advocates for the importance of puppetry in Myanmar's cultural identity. With her global presence at International Puppet Festivals, Daw Ma Ma Naing's performances resonate worldwide, showcasing Myanmar's cultural brilliance. Her legacy as a cultural guardian inspires artists and enthusiasts, ensuring the enduring significance of Myanmar Marionette Theatre.

Myint Zaw

Vice Chairman of AYA Bank
Sayar U Myint Zaw is a distinguished leader in Myanmar's banking industry, having served as the Chief Executive Officer of AYA Bank from 2022 to 2024. With over 25 years of experience in various sectors, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. During his tenure as CEO, Myint Zaw played a pivotal role in guiding AYA Bank's strategic direction and overseeing its operations. Under his leadership, the bank experienced significant growth and success, solidifying its position as a leading financial institution in Myanmar. In addition to his role as CEO, Sayar U Myint Zaw currently serves the vice-chairman of AYA Bank's Board of Directors, where he provides invaluable guidance and leadership to the bank's governance. Sayar's contributions have been instrumental in driving AYA Bank's continued success and growth, making him a highly respected figure in the banking industry.

Pyae Phoo Khaing

Pyae Phoo Kaing, or Amy, is a student at Ayeyarwaddy International School. As a talented artist, Amy has left her mark on her community through her vibrant paintings, including those adorning the walls of the school library and a mural of the iconic U-Bein Bridge. She also generously shares her artistic skills by providing free art classes in her neighborhood, inspiring others to explore their creativity. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Amy is actively engaged in volunteer work and advocacy. She serves as the graphic designer for SOS, a student-led nonprofit dedicated to social causes, and as the art director for her school's newspaper and Student Council. Amy is also a seasoned debater, having participated in prestigious events such as the World Scholar's Cup and Model United Nations. With her unwavering dedication to using art as a tool for social impact, Amy continues to inspire others and make a difference in the lives of those around her.

Wai Yan Min Naing

Chief Executive Officer of Essential Motors Myanmar
U Wai Yan Min Naing is at the forefront of Myanmar's electric vehicle revolution, leading Essential Motors to new heights in sustainable transportation. As the Authorized Distributor for BYD electric vehicles, Essential Motors has emerged as a trusted name in the Myanmar automotive industry, offering high-quality E.V. options to consumers. Under U Wai Yan Min Naing's leadership, Essential Motors has not only become a leading distributor but also a pioneer in the E.V. sector. His innovative approach has led to the establishment of the first extensive E.V. charging station network nationwide, providing essential infrastructure for the adoption of electric vehicles across the country. Driven by a vision of sustainability and environmental responsibility, U Wai Yan Min Naing is shaping the future of transportation in Myanmar. Through his dedication and commitment, Essential Motors is playing a vital role in promoting green transportation and reducing the nation's carbon footprint.

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