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Theme: Paradigm Unbound

This event occurred on
February 16, 2024
New Delhi, Delhi

TEDx Department of Commerce is making a comeback with its Second Edition of TEDx event and is set to reignite your curiosity. Anticipate an extraordinary expedition into ideas, innovation, and inspiration under the theme "Paradigm Unbound."

The theme "Paradigm Unbound" suggests a departure from established norms, conventions, and limitations in various aspects of thinking, innovation, and envisioning the future. A "paradigm" typically refers to a widely accepted set of beliefs or practices that shape how people perceive and understand the world. When we say "unbound," it implies a deliberate effort to break free from these conventional patterns and explore uncharted territories.

The invitation to speakers and participants is to engage in a mindset that goes beyond the ordinary, encouraging them to question assumptions, challenge established norms, and think creatively. The emphasis on exploration suggests a willingness to venture into unknown realms, embracing uncertainty and the potential for groundbreaking discoveries. By daring to question, innovate, and challenge the status quo, the goal is to foster progress and positive change. It's an open invitation to envision a future that is not bound by traditional constraints, allowing for the emergence of fresh perspectives and solutions.

It serves as an inspirational and aspirational theme, prompting individuals to push the boundaries of what is considered normal or accepted, and encouraging them to actively contribute to the creation of a future that is characterized by innovation, transformation, and positive evolution.

Teen Murti Bhavan
Teen Murti Marg Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110011
New Delhi, Delhi, 110011
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Ankit Jhamb

Chief Learning Officer - Grant Thornton Bharat LLP
A prominent figure in the corporate world, acclaimed bestselling author, and mental wellbeing expert. As the Chief Learning Officer at Grant Thornton Bharat, Ankit's expertise lies in crafting psychologically evolved narratives that inspire and provoke thought. Recognized by CNBC as India's Top Mind and honored by the India Book of Records, Ankit brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the stage, promising an enlightening talk on mental health and personal development.

Hetal Sonpal

IRONMAN, Angel Investor, COACH
A seasoned IT leader with 25+ years' experience in global MNCs like Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Wipro. Renowned for strategic acumen, he drives revenue growth and forges alliances. With expertise in sales, team building, and market strategies across diverse regions, he brings success to every endeavor. Additionally, he's a prominent Angel Investor with 25+ startup investments, mentors on innovation, an IRONMAN athlete with 24 half and 25 full marathons, and a published author. Currently pursuing a PhD in Entrepreneurship from IIM Kozhikode.

Manish K Tyagi

Stand-up Comedian, Ex-Navy Commander
Navy Commander turned Stand-up Comic, speaker, and actor. With a distinguished career in the Indian Navy, Manish's transition to comedy brought forth a unique blend of wit and humor, captivating audiences worldwide. From prestigious venues like the Canvas Laugh Club to international comedy festivals in Auckland and Sydney, Manish's comedic talent has left a lasting impression. Join us for an evening of laughter and entertainment with Manish as he shares hilarious anecdotes and insights from his life experiences.

Meenal Bhardwaj Pathak

Celebrity Fitness Coach | Founder of Mee Studio
She is a well renowed Celebrity Fitness Coach and Founder of Mee Studio. Corporate Banker by Profession she has worked with various Banks as IDBI, ABN Amro, Royal Bank of Scotland for more than 12 years. She has also featured on various news channels like Zee TV, India News, Zee Business etc. for her work.

Nidhi Kulpati

Managing Director, NDTV
The Managing Editor of NDTVINDIA, recognized for her adept hosting of 'Des Ki Baat' at 6pm and 'News at 8' at 8pm. With a career spanning over two decades at NDTV, Nidhi has anchored and reported on numerous special shows and documentaries, particularly focusing on social issues such as women empowerment, environmental conservation, and healthcare. Join us for an insightful session with this seasoned journalist who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the stage.

Priyasha Saluja

Founder, The Cinnamon Kitchen
Founder of The Cinnamon Kitchen: Priyasha Saluja, a self-taught plant-based chef and certified hormone health coach. From battling PCOS to crafting health-conscious delights, she's now a mentor in both culinary arts and business, giving back to the community she once sought guidance from. Beyond the kitchen, she's a globetrotter, painter, and Muay Thai enthusiast, embracing life with boundless creativity and passion. Join us in celebrating her journey!

Sagar Sinha

Motivational speaker
A transformative force in India's motivational speaking landscape, impacting millions through powerful seminars, coaching sessions, and workshops. Renowned for expertise in human physiology, he excels as a Sales Booster, Leadership Consultant, Business, and Life Coach. With over 100 physical seminars and 2000+ online webinars, Sagar leaves an indelible mark on audiences, both in-person and virtually. Spearheading a team of over 1 lakh individuals, his leadership and organizational skills are unmatched. Don't miss the chance to learn from his insights!

Shashwat Amrev

Stock market & Business entrepreneur
A dynamic individual breaking barriers across diverse domains – a Stock Market Trader, Entrepreneur, and Ethical Hacker. From his entrepreneurial journey starting in 11th standard to leading a dedicated team, he's on a mission to empower people with additional income streams and make education more accessible. With titles like the Youngest Certified Ethical Hacker and Forensic Expert, and recognition in Economic Times Leaders of Change 2021, his achievements speak volumes. Having mentored over 50,000 students and boasting a massive Instagram following, his influence knows no bounds. Join his journey of innovation and impact!

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