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Theme: Rhythm of Resilience and Innovation

This event occurred on
February 25, 2024
Nagpur, Maharashtra

History has been evident of the fact that Nagpur is a geographical Centre of India with ideas worth spreading! Ambazari Lake represents Nagpur and also throws light on how the city's lakes have now been diminishing.Ambazari Lake is an important tourist attraction in Nagpur. It is famous for being the largest lake in the city of Nagpur and is surrounded by mango trees, hence named as Ambazari. The name TED Ambazari Lake has thus been chosen to celebrate Nagpur, both with its virtues and vices! TEDx Ambazari Lake will give us an opportunity to create a truly unique event that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform and will enable us in celebrating Nagpur and all it's availabilities.

"Rhythm of Resilience and Innovation" perfectly captures the spirit of our TEDx event, in which each speaker showcases a different aspect of the human experience and area of expertise. They weave together a symphony of perseverance and invention via their varied experiences. Together, their tales demonstrate the strength of the human spirit, flexibility, and inventiveness in overcoming obstacles and advancing society. Come explore with us the patterns of inventiveness and resiliency found in the varied pursuits of humankind. People become more resilient as they mature, acquire new information, and improve their ability to think and control themselves. It takes innovation, frequently in the technology sector, to improve the results of sustainable development and provide long-term resilience.

Indian Institute of Management Nagpur
Convention Block
IIM Nagpur Campus, MIHAN
Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441110
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Bishwajeet Bhattacharya

Introducing Bishwajeet Bhattacharya, our talented performer for TEDxAmbazariLake! With a diverse background spanning across various fields, Bishwajeet brings a unique blend of expertise to the stage. As a former member of bands like Atma and Deepam Sargam, Bishwajeet's musical journey has been rich and vibrant. He's not just a piano virtuoso; his mastery extends to guitar, harmonica, and harmonium, adding layers of versatility to his performances. Since 2015, Bishwajeet has been sharing his passion for music through keyboard and piano classes, nurturing budding talents and spreading the joy of music far and wide.

Hemant Lodha

Organizational Expert
Meet CA. Hemant C. Lodha, our esteemed speaker at TEDxAmbazariLake. With over 40 years of experience in the industrial sector and a Chartered Accountant background, Hemant brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Born in Jodhpur, India, he has worked internationally in countries like Indonesia and Sri Lanka, shaping his global perspective. Hemant's career began in Mumbai before he ventured into entrepreneurship and founded SMS Envocare Ltd in Nagpur. Alongside his professional journey, Hemant is an avid author, compiling books like "Words of Wisdom" and "A to Z of Entrepreneurship." He is also passionate about philanthropy, founding the HELPLINK Charitable Trust to support child education initiatives.

Jeetu Jodhpurkar

Social Worker
Meet Jeetu Jodhpurkar, an international strategy and operations expert, and our esteemed speaker at TEDxAmbazariLake. With a rich background in driving organizational success and social impact, Jeetu brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning and financial management. From leading initiatives to combat childhood hunger to fostering growth on a global scale, his leadership has made a significant difference in various sectors. Through ascending roles spanning three decades in Washington DC, such as Managing Director at Share Our Strength and Chief Operating Officer at Washington Gas Energy - a Wall Street traded major Utility company, as well as Community Wealth Partners - a high-end boutique Management Consulting Firm, Jeetu has demonstrated his commitment to creating sustainable solutions and empowering communities worldwide.

Ramakrishnan R

AI Innovator & Angel Investor
Ramakrishnan R is a dynamic entrepreneur and experienced investor known for his talent in launching successful ventures. With a portfolio boasting startups like ImmverseAI, aXYKno Capital, and more, he's a driving force in innovation and business expansion. Serving as past President of TiE Nagpur and advisor to Vigyan Bharti, Rama brings expertise in diverse fields, from technology to investment strategies. Rama's entrepreneurial journey is defined by his dedication to nurturing startups from inception to significant milestones. His hands-on approach and strategic guidance have propelled companies to million-dollar successes from ground zero.

Sanjay Singh

Cancer Survivor
Meet Sanjay Singh—The Sales Coach with an impressive track record mentoring brands like LG Electronics, ICICI Bank, and Airtel. As an expert in Sales and Marketing at IIM Kolkata, he shares his knowledge with aspiring professionals. Beyond his corporate work, Sanjay dedicates himself to empowering Small and Medium Enterprises in Nagpur and Central India. Armed with a BE and MBA, Sanjay's expertise spans continents, from the USA to Africa. His mission? To empower 1 Million Sales persons with the science of Selling by 2025 through his company, Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd. Additionally, as a Partner in PEB360 Solutions (India) LLP, he's committed to providing turnkey solutions in Pre Engineered Buildings.

Sarita Kaushik

Senior Journalist
Sarita Kaushik is a respected figure in Marathi media, known for her influential career spanning 25 years. She's broken barriers as the first woman to hold the position of Deputy Executive Editor in Marathi news, setting a high standard for journalistic integrity. Through her work at esteemed publications like The Indian Express and The Times of India, Sarita has delved into critical issues ranging from politics to internal security, leaving a lasting impact. Her contributions extend beyond journalism, with her show 'Zero Hour' on ABP Majha standing out for its thorough reporting and analysis, offering viewers a deeper understanding of current events. Additionally, Sarita has lent her expertise to projects like 'Unmasking India' and 'Better than the Dreams,' shedding light on the human stories behind Nagpur's metro development. As a Rotary International scholar in the US, she brings valuable insights from global media landscapes to enrich Marathi journalism.

Satish Deopujari

Healthcare Innovator
Dr. Satish Deopujari stands as a visionary in healthcare innovation, with a steadfast commitment to enhancing healthcare globally. Leveraging over three decades of voluntary medical education, Dr. Deopujari has notably impacted rural communities through his proactive initiatives, employing simple yet effective methods such as skits and health screenings to raise awareness and effect tangible change. His exemplary contributions have garnered prestigious accolades, including the President Award from NNF India and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM). Dr. Deopujari's innovative solutions, ranging from intuitive medical apps to practical healthcare devices like PranaSetO2, signify a profound dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of global health outcomes.

Shrihari Tote

Indian Artist Specializing in Stone Age Inscriptions
Shrihari Tote is a truly amazing artist who turns stories into vibrant and captivating art. With a special mix of creativity and skill, Shrihari knows how to use colors and pictures to grab your attention. THis way of telling stories through art is like magic, leaving a big impact on everyone lucky enough to be part of audience. But it's not just about showing off talent; Shrihari has a special gift for storytelling that connects with people from all walks of life. His performances go beyond just entertaining—its about making a deep connection with the audience, making them feel something special, stirring emotions, and sparking imagination.

Vihaan Chavan

Introducing our talented performer, Master Vihaan Chavan, a 12-year-old drummer extraordinaire! From the tender age of 2, Vihaan displayed an innate musical talent, captivating audiences with his rhythm and passion. Recognizing his potential, he embarked on formal drumming training, further enhancing his skills and mastering his craft. Beyond his musical prowess, Vihaan excels in various extracurricular activities, showcasing his dedication and versatility.

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