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Theme: Breakthough

This event occurred on
February 14, 2024
Dhaka, Dhaka

TEDxYouth@AISD is a truly incredible event giving a voice to inspired student speakers and experienced professionals alike as they share their valuable insights to the breakthroughs they are passionate about. *Event open to all AISD badge-holders*

American International School Dhaka
12 United Nations Road
Dhaka, Dhaka, 1212
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Youth (What is this?)
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Alex Svinhufvud

HS Student
The process of dealing with intrusive thoughts. Breakthrough can be defined as a first notable success, in which I will be talking about my first success in distancing intrusive thoughts from myself, in order to cope. For many, intrusive thoughts can be a scary experience, as one believes that the thoughts they have are inherently a part of them, and can lead to a lot of self doubt and resentment. I wish to talk about different approaches to intrusive thoughts, as well as systems to put into place such as the “shut up Steve” method, where one acknowledges the intrusive thoughts, but instead of associating them directly with their personal being, treats the intrusive thoughts as coming from another entity separate from oneself. Another approach to intrusive thoughts I want to talk about it the fact that thoughts that first form in response to a stimulus is not the important one that people should hold as their own reaction, rather the second thought that follows in response to the

Araf Malik

HS Student
My talk will explore the innovative application of FX indicators, including the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Fisher Transform, Linear Regression Channel Indicator, and Percentage Price Oscillator, to mitigate risk in forex trading. This discussion aligns with the theme 'BREAKTHROUGH' by revealing how, through strategic use of these indicators, FX trading can be approached in a less risky manner. I will demonstrate that, contrary to common perception, forex trading does not have to be inherently hazardous. By harnessing these analytical tools, traders can make more informed decisions, potentially leading to safer and more predictable outcomes. This breakthrough perspective offers a paradigm shift in how individuals engage with the forex market, emphasizing risk management and analytical precision.

Arib, Shahzaib Malik, Karim

HS Student
BREAKTHROUGH - for some people it could mean a new scientific discovery, or for others it might mean a new technological invention; but for me, it was a particular moment with my brother and my friend Shahzaib on a Thursday night in August, 2023. At that time, we were exploring various strategies to profitably trade currency pairs, and I still remember the moment when we made a 50% return on investment (ROI) on a single trade. People were skeptical about a group of teenage boys making profit via forex trading. They thought we were simply foolish. However, we weren't just a random bunch of teenage boys; we aimed to make a clear statement. We wanted to show people more about finance and inspire our classmates to know more about how money works and different money making strategies, an aspect we noticed that clearly lacked in most schools, including AISD. Hence, we established a high school finance club a couple of weeks ago, and we already have 20 active students. The atmosphere

John Smithies

Head of School
"AISD's Next Evolution as a Leading American International School." We are - without question - "breaking through" into a new phase of our School's history and what we can offer our students. I will highlight several bold initiatives to enable AISD to strategically prepare for a strong future and nurture empowered, ethical graduates. Aligned with our vision to prepare students as stewards of a just and sustainable world, we are taking key actions to elevate our capacity, enhancing our connectedness and sense of belonging through the development of supportive learning ecosystems. I'll be talking about a collection of projects that will evolve over the next eighteen months.

Leandro Pignani

HS Student
I will mainly address the thought experiment known as Rokko's Basilisk as it pertains to our view of the future and the role AI might play in it. The Basilisk will most probably exist as a segue to a talk on the dangers which many fear AI may pose.

Masrur Mehadi

HS Student
I will be presenting on a project my grandfather and I am currently leading, this project is providing homes for homeless. Aligning with the theme "breakthrough" I will talk about the impact this project can have on people

Nandini Shanbhogue

HS Student
I am going to talk about my journey of how I came to develop my interest towards badminton despite the challenges, fear of failure and consciousness I had. It relates to the theme "Breakthrough" because it talks about the challenges I overcame as an introvert such as playing freely without focusing on the crowd's noise, being confident on court without thinking, being perfect and getting anxious and giving all my best/not giving up despite how strong the opponent is.

Nuh, Rifat Yaseen, Nassredin

HS Student
Our talk will be about the importance of combat sports (both in life and within our curriculum). Rifat’s perspective will be more hands on in the sense that he will talk about his own experience with training martial arts as a kid and I will look more in depth into the statistical aspects of combat sports and why we need in our lives. The breakthrough comes from mostly shared experiences such as not being taught wrestling at a GYM that is pre dominantly made for wrestling (rooftop gym) and the break through for our talk will mostly look into breaking people’s pre-conceived notion about the dangers of a combat sport.

Punsith Hansaja Attanayake

HS Student
I will be talking about Moore's law and how it has resulted in the rapid evolution of technology but also how it is currently being invalidated and the alternatives to it.

Rohan Mahadik

HS Student
My talk has the sole objective of discussing cybersecurity with a focus on specific aspects of the wide range that cover this topic. It will deal with the various breakthroughs in technological advancements we have had but also how cybersecurity has become an increasing concern in today's world due to this. It will also delve into the process of and construct of how these operations work as well as the 'good' and the 'ugly' sides of these advanced technologies. Finally, I would end the talk with pointers on online protection as well as showcasing the relevancy of this information through examples and large scale scenarios.

Supreeth Nagella

HS Student
For my TEDx talk, I would like to talk about the "Breakthroughs in AI." I would like to talk about the remarkable breakthroughs that artificial intelligence (AI) has achieved in recent years, revolutionizing industries and shaping our collective future. I would like to talk about how AI has revolutionized the world in many ways in numerous different sectors, including AI in Finance, AI in Medicine, AI in Commerce, AI in Research, etc. After talking about the positives and highlights of many different AI tools and revolutionizing ideas, I would then start talking about all the negatives and everything that could go wrong because of this excessive use of AI.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dhaka, Bangladesh