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Theme: LIGHT 光

This event occurred on
May 18, 2024
Shanghai, Shanghai

It is the light, that in darkness it shines.
It is the light, that to success it glorifies.
It is the light, that in creative thinking, brings colors unite.
It is the light, that to its energy, nurtures everything combine.
Light is power, but more importantly,
It is the courage to not be a coward.
From ancient when fire was raised as the light,
While as a medium that connects in the modern time.
Light cannot be infinitely defined,
But contains infinite hope ahead.
In pursuit of light, we would encounter,
In bathing of light, we commit endeavor.
We are light observer,
We are light purchaser,
We are light together,
And we are light that shines forever.
A glimmer, might be enough to lead guidance;
As we combine all of them, is the light in radiance.

699 Hongfeng Road, Pudong
Shanghai, Shanghai, 21000
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University (What is this?)
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Professor of Economics; Associate Dean; Director of GEMBA Programme, CEIBS
He is a Malaysian economist, who has been living and working in China since 2006, now over nineteen years. He is known for his deep academic knowledge and high social responsibility, guiding countless inquisitive students and future leaders. He is a participant and a witness to the development of the CEIBS, and his relentless pursuit and passion for education have made him an indispensable part of it.

Bicheng HAN

Founder & CEO of BrainCo Inc.
He is a pioneer in neuroscience and a distinguished researcher at Harvard University. He founded a leading brain-computer interface company and leads a team of dreamers and doers who delve into the deep mysteries of the brain. His vision penetrates digital technology and medical research, focusing on over one billion people worldwide afflicted by brain-related diseases. He hopes to bring practical improvement and light to their lives through advanced brain-computer interface technology. He believes that each technological breakthrough is not only a symbol of scientific progress but also a profound commitment to human health and the future.

Guoqing CHANG

Professor of Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
He is a professor at the Institute of Physics, using light as a medium to explore the subtlest textures of the world; he is a messenger of light, using the precision of lasers to capture the gaps in time; he is an illuminator, transforming profound physics knowledge into accessible, tangible science, leading us into the wondrous world of light.

Hongjun XIE

Vice-General Manager of Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd; Master Tutor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
He is a dreamer of the aerospace realm, navigating among the stars and the cutting edge of technology. From the childhood curiosity about stars not falling, to the stage of the Institute of Aerospace Technology, to the commercial application of aerospace, he continues to write new chapters in the exploration of the universe. "We must look up to the stars, yet keep our feet firmly on the ground." The relentless pursuit of knowledge is the lifelong subject of his journey.

Jiejing ZHU

Vice Director, Chief Dancer with Honor and Glory of Shanghai Dance Theatre; Vice Chairman of Shanghai Dancer's Association; Vice Chairman of Shanghai Youth Federation
She has been dancing for twenty-nine years, dedicating three-quarters of her life to the stage, either performing on it or on her way to it. She has become the most brilliant light at the center of the stage, yet still maintains her passion and reverence. She says, "Dance is a choice, is an answer, is an ideal, is a way of life."


Founder & Creative Director of "Wuyong", Zhuhai Wuyong Culture and Creativity Co., Ltd
She once stood at the pinnacle of the world's fashion stage, hailed by French “Vogue” as “the first true Chinese designer.” She has channeled boundless enthusiasm into the preservation of traditional handicrafts by elderly craftsmen in rural China, and designed and made outfits for the First Lady on her foreign visits. She is not only a designer but also a guardian, inheritor, and innovator of traditional Chinese handicrafts, as well as a practitioner and advocator for sustainable living.

Xia LI

Founder & CEO of Shenzhen Power Solution Ind Co., Ltd
She, with sincerity and an unyielding determination, spreads the seeds of clean energy across the impoverished lands of Africa. She, with innovative business models and products, brings light and hope to regions deprived of electricity. She not only brightens the nights of countless families but also illuminates the path of their pursuit of a better life. She, with compassion and commitment, demonstrates an exemplary integration of entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility, emerging as an outstanding advocate of global sustainable development, and inspiring the world towards an ecological harmonious future.


China's First-ever Winter Olympics Gold Medalist; Vice President of the World Anti-Doping Agency; Member of the 14th National Committee of CPPCC
Over the course of 23 years in sports, with 59 world championships to her name, she is known as China's "Queen of Ice and Snow". From achieving the first breakthrough in China's Winter Olympic gold medals to becoming the first Chinese athlete to serve as a member of the International Olympic Committee, the first female speed skating council member of the International Skating Union, and the Vice President of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), she has made countless breakthroughs. Following the trajectory of ice sports, she shines like an unceasing light, allowing the spirit and strength of sports to bloom in broader realms and inspire more people.

Zhongyuan WANG

Director of Beijing Academy of AI
He is an outstanding AI scientist and a visionary in technological innovation, guiding the global development of AI innovation with remarkable talent and profound expertise. He spans across academia and industry, dedicated to the research and implementation of cutting-edge AI technologies, providing billions of people with convenient and intelligent services. He is a kind yet resolute ambassador, inspiring more individuals to chase the footsteps of technology, driving the profound advancement of AGI and its transformative impact on human lives.

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Shanghai, China