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Theme: Chain Reaction

April 25, 2024
4:00pm - 9:30pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, Région de (fr), Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest (nl)
This event is open to the public.
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Patricia Kelley Once Said “It’s How You React Today, That Can Change Tomorrow. Sometimes Our Reactions Bring A Chain Reaction. Always Think About Your Actions.” A Chain Reaction Is A Captivating Sequence Of Events Where Each Action Triggers The Next, Creating A Powerful And Sometimes Unpredictable Flow. It Holds Deep Philosophical And Scientific Significance By Highlighting The Interconnectedness Of The Universe, Showing How Small Actions Can Lead To Significant, Often Profound, And Sometimes Unexpected Results. Like A Snowball Rolling Down A Hill, One Spark Or Idea Is Enough To Start A Revolution. This Concept Reinforces The Idea That Even The Smallest Actions Or Ideas Can Trigger A Domino Effect, Inspiring Change And Leaving A Lasting Philosophical, Political And Scientific Legacy.

Ku Leuven Brussels Campus
Warmoesberg 26
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, Région de (fr), Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest (nl), 1000
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Andras Baneth

Strategic Communication and Public Affairs Expert
András is a strategic communication and public affairs expert, passionate about science communication, entrepreneurship, and making sense of seemingly complex issues. The former head of the European office for the Public Affairs Council, the world’s largest organization for public affairs professionals. András’s career spans over countless organizations including at the European Commission and the European Court of Justice, where he coordinated briefings for Commission President Barroso, and served as a member of the cabinet of Commissioner Kovács. Founder of SpeakerHub, András extends a helping hand to allow public speakers to connect with event organizers globally. In his TEDx talk, András will delve into the intricacies of language. From unravelling the subtle nuances of word choice to advocating mindful communication, he invites us to envision a world where every word resonates with authenticity and power. Join us in exploring the transformative potential of language.

Dominique Monami

Career and Resilience Coach
Dominique Monami is a world-famous tennis player, former Olympic Medalist, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Career & Resilience Coach, Moderator, and Author. Renowned worldwide as both a distinguished athlete and an empowering speaker, Dominique has seamlessly transitioned from the world of sports to become an executive career coach. A harmonious cohabitation that allows her to share the lessons learned throughout her career. As a former top 10 Women’s Tennis Player in the world, she has honed her expertise not only on the court but also in the realms of leadership and resilience. As a previous tournament director of the Brussels Open from 2011-2013 and the Ethias Trophy from 2007-2016, Dominique has been deeply stimulated by the transmission of her experience as an athlete so it can be of use to others. In her TEDx talk, Domonique will explore the components vital for cultivating resilience, gaining a winning mindset, navigating career planning, and thriving under pressure.

Jeena Earthiva

Well-Being Tech Entrepreneur & Musician
Jeena Earthiva is the Founder of Conscious Music Code, a groundbreaking music-based tool designed for personal growth, transformation, and lasting well-being. Combining her background knowledge as a former Bollywood singer and a master's degree in computer science, Jeena found her calling as a Wellbeing-Tech Entrepreneur, transformational coach, and conscious artist where she is known for her innovative approach of leveraging music as a catalyst for positive change. Specializing in crafting highly engaging and experiential musical journeys, Jeena composes and produces music aimed at transitioning individuals to empower emotional habits to unlock their hidden potential. In her talk, Jeena will go through her discoveries on how our response to music is not solely dictated by its auditory qualities but also by our personal associations. She will perform a musical demonstration, guiding our minds towards positive experiences and memories-a phenomenon known as “musical mind-hack.”

Loïk-Maël Nys

Chief of Staff at Ion Beam Applications
Loïk’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing life’s unpredictability. Loïk’s path has been marked by a relentless pursuit of connection, growth, and resilience. He found inspiration in the arts, discovering the profound impact of human connection through music and comedy. These experiences laid the foundation for his personal ethos on creativity, emotional resonance, and living in the moment. Professionally, Loïk has tenured as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he worked to effect meaningful change in health sciences and technology, to his current role as Chief of Staff at Ion Beam Applications, contributing to advancements in MedTech to benefit cancer patients worldwide. Don’t miss Loïk’s captivating TEDx talk, where he’ll delve into the importance of embracing uncertainty, fostering genuine connections, and reclaiming agency in our lives. Get ready to embrace the concept of “amor fati” and discover the missing links in your chain of connection.

Olumide Gbenro

Founder of Leonardo Labs & Digital Nomad
Olumide Gbenro is an advocate of Worldschooling, an educational approach where learning experiences are integrated with travel and exploration of different cultures and environments. He’s a Future of Work expert and key opinion leader in the digital nomad and remote work industry founding some of the largest events in the industry including Digital Nomad Summit and Digital Nomad Festival. He is the founder of Leonardo Labs, an AI venture studio whose goal is preserving human consciosness through AI. Featured across multiple platforms and channels such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CNBC. His impact is seen by millions. Olumide will highlight the significance of resilience and the value of community, a sense of belonging no matter where you are or whom you are with, to get through challenging times. He aspires to inspire individuals to engage with diverse communities and cultures in their own way, be it big or small, fostering connections and mutual understanding.

Sangeetha Rai

Vice President of Customer Success at Northwestern Mutual
Sangeetha Rai is the Vice President of Customer Success at Northwestern Mutual bringing extensive expertise in Customer Experience, leadership and technology. With a reputation as a prominent and sought-after speaker, Sangeetha is deeply committed to community service, actively contributing her talents to various boards, including Red Cross Wisconsin, Milwaukee Tech Hub, and Consero CX. Through her wealth of experience, Sangeetha will deliver a compelling talk on the creation of Customized Resiliency Kits, designed to empower individuals to conquer stressors. Her aim is to equip audience members with the tools and awareness necessary to navigate setbacks and explore new opportunities with confidence. Through her personal journey and the shared use of Customized Resiliency Kits, Sangeetha has guided countless individuals to push beyond their comfort zones, enabling them to lead more fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.

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