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Theme: Resilience and creativity

This event occurred on
October 26, 2012
6:00pm - 9:30pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires

The world has changed more in the last 15 years than in the last five centuries. And during the next few years will continue to change faster and faster, at all levels: economic, social, cultural, technological. Many people react with fear and apprehension. Adapting to changes demand flexibility, creativity, self confidence, perseverance and self-motivation; capabilities may well fall into the known as resilience.
Resilience is the ability of a person or group to thrive in adversity. In the field of psychology, is used to describe the ability of a person or group to handle stress in a healthy way and crises, and to continue operating after major unintended impacts.
In an environment characterized by strong financial pressures, instability, very fast technological change and constant need for innovation and original ideas, resilience is what will allow people and organizations to generate more adaptive responses to the scenario.
Resilient people have a great sense of commitment, a strong sense of control over events and are more open to changes, while they tend to interpret stressful and painful experiences as a part of existence. In general, it is considered that resilience is a multifactorial construct with three main components: commitment, control and challenge.
Creativity is given by personal characteristics or skills that are generally understood to be given by nature.
As resilience is the ability to rethink and reinvent strategy.
Creativity is present in all individuals and groups who have managed to come through crises challenges, developing the ability to change, learning to adapt, resulting in empowering resources, finding remedial strategies for themselves and others, projecting at the time when it's up living and raising awareness of hope for the present and the future.
The famous phrase "in every crisis there is an opportunity" is a fact evident to people and organizations resilient. Precisely during this session we will have the chance to share experiences and concepts form people and organizations who are resilient and creatives.

Universidad CAECE
Olavarria 2464
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, 7600
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Mar Del Plata, Argentina
  • Fernanda Grimaldi