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Theme: Beyond the Horizon

This event occurred on
March 8, 2024
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"The horizon is not a limit, it's an invitation to explore the boundless ideas that awaits discovery"

The line between the known and unknown is as thin as a thread, but crossing it takes a huge leap, courage, and mindfulness.

"Beyond the Horizon" embodies our collective quest to transcend boundaries, beckoning individuals to embark on an expedition beyond the familiar. It symbolizes our unwavering commitment to charting unexplored territories, unveiling innovations, and embracing the vast possibilities that await just beyond the known horizon. Join us on a journey beyond the known, where remarkable opportunities are explored together.

Sarathy Nagar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600069
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Aafreen Sheriff

Student at CIT Chennai Group of Institutions
Aafreen Sheriff is a freshman pursuing Computer Science Engineering at Chennai Institute of Technology. She is a passionate individual who exemplifies the importance of creativity and pushing boundaries. Her ambition is to become a valuable member of society through meaningful contributions.

Ajesh Saklecha

Co-Founder of Tride and Ozone motors
AJesh Saklecha, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Ozone Motors and triDE mobility, started his first profitable business at the age of 15. He is an inquisitive explorer who seeks opportunities to solve individual needs and has built multiple businesses spanning custom watches, computers, IT, electronic devices, entertainment media, and automobiles. He aspires to develop technology that reduces carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and efficiency. Additionally, he volunteers for youth empowerment by strategizing, establishing incubation centers, and providing business advice, growth strategies, and data intelligence. An all-rounder, AJesh experiments with various businesses and ideas, journeying towards success in his EV rides.

Aman Lamba

Lead Renewals Specialist at Cisco
Aman Lamba is the APJC Technical Lead for Digital Network Architecture (DNA) renewals and sales, the Chief Entertainment Officer at CX-APJC, and a public speaker. He is a person full of passion, engaging himself with ideas flourishing from young minds. Mr Aman has organized chat talks and workshops covering a wide range of topics, contributing to the educational and technical fields and has been awarded the 'Best Of We' from Cisco and 'Extraordinary Together' from CX India Medallion.

Ashwini Govindaraju

Radio Jockey-Influencer
Ms. Ashwini Govindaraju, has been an exceptional Radio Jockey at Radio Mirchi, entertaining millions of listeners with her inspirational and interesting narratives, winning the title of Favourite RJ of the Year 2022 from Women Achievers Awards. Now, she's the Campus Relations & Affairs Head at Chennai Institute Of Technology.

Dikashma shree Selvakumaran

Student at CIT Chennai Group of Institutions
Dikashma shree Selvakumaran, Juggling between two degrees one from IIT Madras and one from Chennai institute of technology. She has lived all around India making her versatile, friendly and goofy sometimes and still is a proud "home-body".Growing up, her favorite toys were Multimeters. She loves to learn new things and to expand her horizons and is passionately driven to synergize the realms of machine learning and electronics, bridging their valleys with ingenuity and innovation.

Edward Rogers

Retired Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA
Dr Edward W Rogers, a visiting faculty member at the Indian School of Business, is also the former Chief Knowledge Officer of NASA, contributing to multiple space missions and enriching NASA's learning process. He has worked with startups, large organizations, and governments to enhance their growth using his expertise in business management. He is also the Primary Owner of Mayjer Enterprises and has made a significant contribution to humanitarian work in war-torn Southern Lebanon.

Hussain Ahmed

Managing Director of Cheran Academy
Hussain Ahmed is the managing director of Cheran Academy. He has been tutoring numerous youngsters and entrepreneurs on their journey to success by providing unconventional training and strategies. He founded Cheran Academy to tutor the sales teams of budding entrepreneurs, aiming to improve their sales performance and efficiency. He envisions brand growth through astoundingly integrating social media and content creation. He believes that strategy, planning, hard work, and effective communication are the keys to growth. He is a passionate teacher committed to the growth of brands and his clients through his advice.

J Neha Susan

Student at CIT Chennai Group of Institutions
A sophomore currently playing in the woods navigating through the trials of college life. From the perspective of a young girl who had only the notes of her voice and opinions, my star at the end of the tunnel would be climbing on to the biggest stages of the world, expressing my perspectives and profound thoughts on various aspects to millions of people around me. To this opportunity which is probably the first step towards that star at the end, it’s an honour.

Padmini Janaki

Founder - Mind&Mom
Padmini Janaki, CEO and co-founder of Mind and Mom, a deep tech company assisting women by leveraging AI technologies, embraces the quote "Created By Moms For Moms." Mind and Mom provides a safe space for moms to connect, meditate, and grow with fellow moms without constraints. Padmini is a multi-talented individual who has worked as a creative designer, radio jockey, UI/UX designer, product manager, podcaster, and senior product manager. She was honored as the “Women Entrepreneur of the Year, 2022.” Padmini is passionate about creating a positive social impact on women's health and empowering women.

Shriram Vasudevan

Lead - Technical Evangelist - Intel
Shriram K Vasudevan, lead evangelist (technical), has over 17 years of experience in teaching in the fields of Technology, research and development, IoT, and Embedded systems. He has authored/co-authored 47 books, and his book ‘Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Guide’ is popular among tech learners. He has also received patent rights and has published 132 research papers, and 36 papers in international conferences. He has started his YouTube channel and has taught essential tech skills free of cost for more than 1 lakh learners

Shyam Siddarth

Founder and CEO, Tamilprenur
Shyam Siddarth is the founder and CEO of Tamilpreneur. He believes that by assisting budding Tamil-speaking entrepreneurs with motivation, awareness, and capital, they can shine on the path of their entrepreneurship journey. He quotes, "Entrepreneurs are the new age freedom fighters," and believes that empowering them would have an enormous impact on the growth of the Indian economy. He proudly calls himself "Uzhaipaazhi," aiming for an entrepreneur from each family in Tamil Nadu. With over 2000 club members, he has created a community for Tamil entrepreneurs, helping others in the entrepreneurial journey to shine.

Sougata Bhattacharjee

Senior staff engineer, Samsung semiconductor India research
Mr. Sougata Bhattacharjee is the Senior Staff Engineer/Manager at Samsung Semiconductor India Research, specializing in VLSI, Chip Design, and Blockchain, he also extends beyond his profession to social work, he is an active member of “CRY - Child Rights and You”, an NGO that aims to ensure happier childhoods for children in India.

Srutanjay Narayanan

IAS Officier
Srutanjay Narayanan I.A.S. is serving as the Additional Collector (Development) of Villupuram district. Despite his roots in the realm of cinema and having had the opportunity to explore the entertainment industry, he chose to delve into diverse fields of education and embarked on an impressive career journey, even taking on night shifts while simultaneously preparing for the toughest exam in the country, the UPSC.

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