x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Light The Spark

This event occurred on
March 16, 2024
Nanjing, Jiangsu

An explosion of thought provoking ideas worth spreading, this year's inspirational extravaganza will not fail to inspire. With thought leaders and doers from across the community, TEDxNIS 2024 will light the spark in each and every listener.

Nanjing International School Performing Arts Center
Xue Heng Road 8
Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210023
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Amy Yang

Amy Yang, an International School facility coordinator. Born in Nanjing, she has worked in her current school since her life changed in 2004. Avid crochet fan, reader and tea afficionado, After a horrendous tragedy, Amy’s family life and heart broke to pieces. However, the support of her community, Amy has found a way back from the darkness, a way to mend her physical and mental well-being. Her talk shares her journey to rebuilding her confidence to face life with a strong heart.

Ann P

Ann P, horse rider extraordinaire, animal enthusiast, writer of all things high fantasy, is a digital native. She has been an International School student for nine years, and knows a thing or two about the transient nature of life in an ever-changing environment.

Eason D

Eason D is an ordinary student, just like any other kid that goes to school and procrastinates. This problem plagues him every single day! Eason practices three different sports; volleyball, swimming, and badminton, and plays two different instruments; cello and piano. However, he always procrastinates no matter when, where or why.

Emily Z

Emily is a Grade 9 student seriously addicted to writing, crocheting, and reading. She loves cats and has spent five years begging her parents for one, to no avail. Within the fourteen years of her life, she has played four volleyball positions, transferred to three schools, and lived on two continents. She also plays guitar.

Jessica H

Football, volleyball, gym, R&B and rap enthusiast, entrepreneur Jessica is an International School student and polyglot, with a secret past as a ballet dancer. Jessica knows what it is like to be on the inside and the outside of the self-confidence bubble. As an authentic TCK, Jessica’s inter-cultural competence is strong, as is her understanding of how insensitive language can cut to the core.

Nicole C

Singer at heart, lives for the challenge. You might see Nicole in competitive chess, water polo or her checking TikTok. Nicole was born in America and lived there for 14 years before she moved to Nanjing at the end 2020. Along with growing up in the age of rapidly developing technology, she was also able to experience two different cultural worlds as an ABC (American Born Chinese). This allowed to her observe the evolution of norms within Generation Z, as well as the effects they have upon the identity.

Olin Morrow II

Theory of Knowledge Teacher
Olin W. Morrow II is a world-traveler, educator, and explorer of diverse perspectives. Born in California and having visited all 50 United States and more than 50 other countries and having lived for over two years on each of four different continents, he immersed himself in diverse cultures and landscapes, continually broadening his perspective. As a Theory of Knowledge teacher at international schools, Olin inspires young minds to cultivate habits of seeking and honoring alternative perspectives, nurturing effective and capable leaders in an increasingly interconnected world.

Quinnesian Joyner

School Counsellor
Driven by a profound sense of purpose, Quinnesian lives each day intentionally. She embraces the beauty of life, finding joy in the simplest of moments. She is a devoted mother and wife, who finds joy in her hobbies and interests. She is a true KTV enthusiast, embracing the power of music to uplift the spirit and bring people together. Her love for travel and adventure takes her to new destinations, allowing her to explore diverse cultures, broaden her horizons, and create lasting memories. Quinnesian's journey has shaped her into a determined advocate for cancer awareness and support, inspiring others to find hope and courage in the face of adversity.

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