University of Sindh
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Theme: Empowering Ideas: Celebrating Freedom of Thoughts

This event occurred on
March 5, 2024
Jamshoro, Sindh

The aim of our TEDx event, centered around "Empowering Ideas and Celebrating Freedom of Thoughts," is to create a dynamic and inclusive platform where ideas are not only shared but empowered to make a tangible impact. We seek to foster an environment that celebrates the diversity of thought, encouraging innovation, collaboration, and the exploration of unconventional ideas. Our event aims to inspire individuals to think beyond traditional boundaries, sparking a ripple effect of positive change in both local and global communities
At the core of our theme lies the moral imperative to embrace and celebrate the unique perspectives that individuals bring to the table. We believe that by empowering ideas, we empower people, and by celebrating freedom of thought, we pave the way for a more inclusive and progressive society. Our moral stance underscores the importance of dialogue, understanding, and the recognition that every idea, regardless of its origin, has the potential to shape a better future.

Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Auditorium
University of Sindh
Jamshoro, Sindh, 75300
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University (What is this?)
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Babar Azeemi

| Artist | Painter |
Azeemi stands as a remarkable artist and painter, distinguished by his extraordinary talent and dedication to his craft. Babar's paintings are like captivating pictures where beauty and complexity come together smoothly, catching people's attention and making them imagine wonderful things. With his art, Babar respects the old artistic ways and also makes a big impact on today's art world. People feel amazed and inspired by every masterpiece he creates.

Dr. Farhan Zeb

| Certified Trainer | Management Researcher | Career Coach | Motivational Speaker |
A source of inspiration and a certified master trainer, Dr. Farhan Zeb exemplifies the core principles of creative empowerment. Possessing extensive expertise as a business instructor, researcher, and career consultant, Dr. Farhan is recognized for his capacity to unleash potential in his audience. He has been invited to numerous platforms nationwide, where he has successfully trained and guided a good number of students.

Mahin Abdul Wahid Baloch

| Founder Mistagh Foundation | Trainer |
Mahin, alongside being a teacher and trainer, is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and a committed social worker. As the founder of Mistagh Foundation, she's dedicated to providing free education to street children in Lyari, Karachi, transforming lives one child at a time. She also established "Rock the Band," a theater group aimed at conveying socially relevant messages through art. From her award-winning play "New Day Will Come" at the Karachi Youth Festival to her performances in Urdu and Balochi, Mahin's commitment to social change through theater is truly inspiring.

Saad Abdul Wahab

| Founder & CEO Safe Grow Pvt. Ltd |
In his capacity as the Founder CEO of Grow Safe Private Limited and Synergy & Sustainability Private Limited, Saad stands as a visionary leader shaping the realm of sustainability and corporate excellence. With a distinguished career spanning 16 years across various industries such as Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Retail, and Food, Saad has held pivotal management positions, particularly focusing on Health, Safety, Environment (HSE), and Human Resources (HR). Saad Abdul Wahab is a prime example of innovation and commitment to promoting sustainable business practices.

Wajih Uddin

| Regional Director South Youth Club | Motivational Speaker |
Regional Director South of Youth Club, a Speaker and a Mentor. Wajih Uddin is a dynamic leader known for his dedication to social causes and community empowerment. As the Regional Director of Youth Club Pakistan in Sindh, he has been instrumental in driving positive change and fostering youth development across the region. With his energetic self, he captivates the young audience, mentoring them on several topics.

Waqar Ahmed

| IT Professional | Tech Trainer |
With over 12 years of extensive experience in IT infrastructure management, Waqar Ahmed is a seasoned professional who has been instrumental in shaping the digital landscape. He has led significant initiatives at Faizan Online Academy and YAB IT House & Institute, demonstrating his ability to drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency as a true IT Business Partner. Furthermore, as the founder of Strong Link IT Solutions & Consulting Company, Waqar Ahmed has pioneered IT consultancy services. Additionally, Strong Think Training & Services, under his leadership, plays a pivotal role in educating the next generation about IT and freelancing opportunities.

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Jamshoro, Pakistan


Jamshoro, Pakistan