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Theme: Breaking Boundaries

This event occurred on
April 6, 2024
Harare, Harare

As our world becomes increasingly characterized by differences, boundaries may serve to limit, protect, or control, but it's crucial to build bridges and celebrate unity. TEDx Borrowdale celebrates limitless possibilities, aiming to inspire innovative ideas and drive improvement through creation, connection, and growth. Our minds create significant obstacles in our lives, and the constant struggle to break these barriers is what makes a man.
Breaking boundaries is a daily theme in science, medicine, and engineering, with individuals pushing for radical change in societies worldwide. Humans are uniquely positioned to break these boundaries, pushing harder and farther until the limits of imagination become established reality. The event will explore this theme in three sessions: challenging assumptions, exploring new perspectives, and hearing from those who have broken boundaries and pushed the limits of the planet. This will help instil humility and encourage further exploration and innovation.

Celebration Centre
162 Swan Drive, Borrowdale Rd, Borrowdale
Harare, Harare, 00263
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Borrowdale, Zimbabwe