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This event occurred on
February 10, 2024
Bhubaneswar, Orissa

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

International Management Institute
IDCO Plot No 1, Gothapatna, P.S- Chandaka
Bhubaneswar, Orissa, 751003
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University (What is this?)
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Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya

Mr. Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya, an innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur based in India. Known as a serial innovator, he is the CEO and founder of IG-DRONES. Bodhisattwa is involved in diverse fields, ranging from rural healthcare to rocket science, all aimed at making a positive impact on society. Recognized for his exceptional innovations, Bodhisattwa is a two-time Chief Minister Awardee. His contributions have also earned him recognition from Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Union Cabinet Minister of the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Notably, the Russian Ministry of Trade and Aviation invited him to Russia to represent India at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow. There, he received the prestigious Molodo Zvezda (Youth Star) award from the Russian Federation for his significant contributions to space science. Additionally, Bodhisattwa is the founder of the VSSUT Student Satellite Team, India’s first and only multipurpose student rocketry team. Under his dynamic leadership, the team has secured numerous prestigious international and national awards from NASA, ISRO, Limca Book of Records, BRICS, and more.

Boidurjyo Chowdhury

Boidurjyo is a solo guitarist in a renowned Bengali band named, Cactus. This band was formed in the year 1992. He is also a song writer at Distorted Chromosomes. He pursued a BA in English from The Heritage College, Kolkata and mesmerized by the beauty of literature, he went on to pursue his masters in English from St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata. Later, he decided on pursuing B.Ed from Amity University, Kolkata. He believes opting for literature was one of his best decisions in life and it has enriched him as a person. Now he is a full time guitarist. He takes pleasure in composing tunes that would resonate with his audience.

Dharitri Patnaik

Dharitri Patnaik, a visionary leader, has spent 26 years uplifting vulnerable populations, particularly women, children, and the poor in India. Working with UNICEF, ActionAid International, and CARE USA, she has vast experience in international development, poverty reduction, and social transformation. Dharitri founded the Humara Bachpan Trust in 2014, a groundbreaking organization that helps over 67,000 women and 135,000 children in poverty in numerous towns and communities. In 2017, she founded SAMBHAVI, a platform that empowers women via enterprise and employment, affecting over 50,000 women in the women in the informal sector and educating thousands more. Dharitri is the Chairperson of Diversified Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and the creator of Jivada Ventures Pvt. Ltd., spearheading infrastructure, hotel, and wellness initiatives. Her achievements have earned her the Peace Jam Foundation's Best Youth Act award, the Inspire Award for leadership, and Harvard University's John Kenneth Galbraith Fellowship. She is the Founding Chair of FICCI Ladies Organization Bhubaneswar, promoting women's entrepreneurship.

Lipsa Hembram

Visionary fashion designer Lipsa Hembram has focused on preserving Santal indigenous sarees. She founded Galang Gabaan in Bhubaneswar in 2014 since her mother disliked conventional saree designs and textures. Contemporary Santal sarees from cotton, linen, and silk are shown by Hembram. Lipsa was born and brought up in the Santhal tribe of Dandbose village, Mayurbhanj district, Odisha, where her family wore the Santhali traditional garb on holidays. She immersed herself in fashion in the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad, and understood the cultural significance of this apparel. Her love of the Santhal tribe and desire to preserve their heritage motivate Lipsa Hembram's design career. She blends history and modernity through Galang Gabaan to preserve the beauty and cultural relevance of Santal tribal sarees for future generations. Galang Gabaan, situated in Bhubaneswar, attracts customers countrywide with its amazing collection. The maverick behind Galang Gabaan says, "My inspiration comes from vivid memories of my village, drawing upon compelling wall decorations, nature motifs, and ordinary materials. Using my love and enthusiasm, I produce limited editions that transcend the uniform and become valued art pieces. She found little visual evidence and study on Santal outfits. She learns mostly from elderly people's stories. “As I delved deeper, I made it my mission to translate these cherished memories into the designs of the sarees I create.” Galang Gabaan uses natural materials and maintains Santal sarees' traditional design sensibility despite their recent color and pattern changes. Lipsa strives to preserve Santal sarees' spirit and authenticity while adding modern aspects that suit modern tastes. The designer wants to stick to her principles and promote the culture. She wants her creations to connect with the world and start conversations about their rich heritage.

Padmini Panigrahi

Padmini Panigrahi epitomizes versatility, demonstrating a remarkable ability to immerse herself in diverse pursuits. Her journey reflects a relentless pursuit of mastery, seamlessly transitioning from one skill to another once she’s honed her expertise. While her professional identity is rooted in business, she’s also a classically trained dancer, having earned a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts from Sambalpur University. Her dance embodies the essence of Odisha’s classical tradition, captivating audiences with its beauty and authenticity. Since May 2006, Panigrahi has served as the director of Koshala Hyundai, exhibiting adeptness in steering the company’s core operations. Unwavering dedication and forward motion have been hallmarks of her tenure. Beyond her corporate endeavors, Panigrahi’s artistic prowess extends to music, holding a Visharad in Hindustani classical music from Gandharva University. She’s a distinguished vocalist, recognized by All India Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures. Her multifaceted talents serve as a testament to Odisha’s rich cultural heritage, portraying its essence with integrity. In addition to her academic and professional achievements, Panigrahi holds an MBA and is currently pursuing a PhD, reflecting her insatiable thirst for knowledge and personal growth.

Raunak Singh

Raunak Singh hails from Bhubaneswar Odisha. He is the founder of SikhAid , an NGO that has gained a great deal of respect and recognition throughout the nation. Under his leadership, it has transcended national boundaries to provide help in India’s civil war and catastrophe zones. He emphasises that the Sikh maxim “Naam Japo, Kirat Karo, Vandh Chakho” (Medidate on God, Live Morally and Share and Consume with Others) serves as the foundation of his organisations. He is the Founder of Skew Deck, extra ordinary designed high quality clothing brand which is expected to become one of the most popular apparel brand in the nation.

Ronit Ranjan

Ronit Ranjan is a life coach, leadership trainer, 3x TEDx speaker, ex-Indian Army Cadet, and author of 'The Mighty Mustang’. His work revolves around self-improvement, mental health awareness, dating, men’s well-being & education, poetry, and personal development. He is very passionate about mental health awareness and has raised a petition to incorporate a mandatory mental health curriculum (non-graded) in Indian schools. In support of the petition, Ronit walked solo across India (Kanyakumari to Kashmir). He has been featured by Amazon Prime, The Hindu, The Indian Express, Zee Network, The Times of India, TEDx, Brut, Humans of Bombay, The Quint, Radio Stations, ZEE, reputed universities, corporates, magazines and other media channels in India and abroad.

Saswat Joshi

Saswat Joshi, a notable Odissi dancer and choreographer, was born in Titlagarh, Bolangir, Odisha, on July 12, 1984. Saswat began dancing at five years old under Guru Prasanta Patnaik and Guru Shantanu Behera in his hometown of Titlagarh, Bolangir. Saswat began professional Odissi training in 2000 with Guru Padma Shri Kumkum Mohanty. After studying with Guru Padma Shri Ileana Citaristi, his dancing improved. He received the Indian Ministry of Culture National Scholarship. Sambalpur University awarded him a degree in Dance. In 2012, he performed at Paris' Musee Guimet, the world's largest Asian painting museum. He has lectured on Odissi in universities worldwide. The only male dancer to perform in the Eiffel Tower and Colosseum in Paris and Rome, respectively. He has performed in Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Merlion Park in Singapore, Kuwait Towers, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Colosseum in Italy, Red Square in Russia, and others. His act in front of the Eiffel Tower went viral with millions of YouTube views. He has performed Odissi in Italy, France, Hungary, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and others to promote Indian traditional dance. He is the only Odissi dancer promoting Sambalpuri Ikkat globally. He wears ethnic sambalpuri kurta to prestigious events and awards. Saswat modeled for Manyavar gowns, Boyanika, and other national and international companies. He presently represents Soulful Odisha, Manyavar, Boyanika, and Utkalika and promotes Odisha Tourism. Saswat developed the Lasyakala Institute of Performing Arts to train young Odissi performers. Many Odisha and Indian areas have branches of the institute. He wants to empower orphans and needy youngsters through this institute. The institution trained challenged youngsters to perform with typical children. Say Yes to all is his institution's motto. Annually, Swabhiman organizes a National Camp Anjali for Specially Challenged Children to practice and perform. Special youngsters learn vigorous and rhythmic dance forms using Russian Biomechanical principles to decrease tension and anxiety. Saswat Joshi and Lasyakala devised a way to save Odisha's disappearing folk dances like Ranapa of Ganjam District, Chau of Mayurbhanj, Dhemsa of Koraput, etc. during Covid19 Lockdown. Saswat Joshi encouraged and informed them of avenues to improve their dance forms via video conferencing. He funded them and provided a platform near their homes to practice Odisha's vanishing folk dances.

Organizing team

Rohit Vishal

Bhubaneswar, India