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Theme: Uncharted Horizons: Forging Paths of Purpose

This event occurred on
March 19, 2024
Daejeon, Daejeon Gwang'yeogsi
South Korea

The main point of this talk is to show resilience in life. Life tends to challenge us with hardships, but there exists an innate capacity within each of us to persist, adapt, and navigate through them; and, the process of finding “purpose” by navigating through the unknown fears and struggles, “Uncharted Horizons”, one can uncover a new path for personal growth, fulfillment, and realization of true purpose.

Taejon Christian International School
77 Yongsan 2-ro
Daejeon, Daejeon Gwang'yeogsi, 34035
South Korea
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Youth (What is this?)
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Joong Pyun

TCIS Student
I am joong and I am 17years old studying at Taejon Christian International School. I am follower of Jesus Christ. This is my 5th year at TCIS. My hobbies are watching nba, playing sports with my friend, and listening music. also Im dreaming to be a cameraman when I grow up so I have lots of interest on videography and photography. I am an extrovert loves to hangout with my friend but also able to spend time well on my own.

Kunlan Yang

TCIS Graduate
In 2021, I successfully completed my studies at TCIS, where I was known for my participation on the varsity basketball team. Currently, I'm on the path to earning a master's degree in finance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, aiming to graduate by 2025. Alongside my academic pursuits, I proudly serve as the director of the Calvin Shindo Student Venture Fund, a student-run initiative, and I'm also a Venture Scout at BullMont Capital (the largest intercollegiate venture studio).

Prameen Lakshmanan

TCIS Student
I am Prameen and I am 14 years old studying at Taejon Christian International School. This is my 7th year at TCIS and it has been joyful with a lot of learning. My hobbies are reading books, especially the thriller genre and studying for NAQT; a trivia platform where there are a lot of general knowledge questions based on different subjects. I have already done a TED Talk when I was in 6th grade about how people are currently living in a materialistic world. Personally, I have performed in a lot of dances in my school especially during the Christmas Bazaar and I-Fest. There are a lot of other extra-curricular activities that I participate in and those are NJHS, NSA(New Student Ambassador), and I have participated in Badminton during Fall Sports Season. I am an extrovert and an efficient communicator who is open-minded because of my multilingualism of 4 languages.

Sally Park

TCIS Student
Hello, I am Sally Park from class of 2025. It was not an easy decision to speak for this event, but i thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase small to big challenges i overcome throughout my journey. I have genuine love and passion towards literature, and establishing my own story.

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South Korea
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