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Theme: Growth

This event occurred on
April 9, 2024
San Ramon, California
United States

TEDx DVHS explores the multifaceted concept of growth, delving into the realms of personal development, cognitive adaptation, and societal evolution. Through captivating talks, we'll unravel the resilience of the human mind, the triumphs of overcoming obstacles, and the imperative journey towards inclusivity, particularly in STEM fields. Join us for an inspiring journey of transformation, celebrating the power of growth to shape individuals and societies alike.

Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center
10550 Albion Rd
San Ramon, California, 94582
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Alex Dong

Student at Dougherty Valley High School
Alex is a senior at DVHS and serves as the president of the Geography Club. He likes to consider himself as an avid and studious learner, enjoying all sorts of subjects like history, math, computer science, and foreign language. Among these various interests, he wants to share his personal story with public speaking. Alex has hopes of going to university to major in STEM, and above all wants to find good balance in his life. On top of keeping academics in line, Alex loves meeting with his friends and enjoys taking long-winded walks.

Ekroop Kaur

Student at Dougherty Valley High School
Ekroop Kaur is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. She is involved with advocacy surrounding tobacco prevention and education and is an officer for the DVHS TUPE Club (Tobacco Use Prevention Education). She is also a student journalist for her school newspaper, The Wildcat Tribune, where she covers local topics and voices her opinion through writing. Ekroop is passionate about health, and also the topic of psychology, which inspired her talk, where she addresses how the brain’s ability to adapt can allow one to overcome adversity.

Logan Mann

Student at Evergreen Valley High School
Logan, a high school junior, embarked on a journey to tackle the lack of affordable vision assistance technology, leading to the creation of Visionairy, an AI-based wearable device tailored for the visually impaired. His commitment to inclusivity and empowerment drove him to collaborate with the community, forge partnerships, and prioritize user-centric design. In his TEDx talk, Logan shares his story behind Visionairy, highlighting its real-world impact and the transformative power of technology in fostering genuine human connection and breaking down barriers.

Sanvi Gupta

Student at Dougherty Valley High School
Sanvi is an eager learner and explorer who loves to dabble in the intricacies of human biology and hopes to pursue a healthcare career. She also has a passion for the performing arts reflected by her engagement in Bharatanatyam dance, a style of Indian classical dance, her school's choir, and piano. Her consistent performances at senior living homes and hospital settings are what sparked her interest in the field of neuroscience, by trying to understand the power of music therapy. Neuroscience is now a great topic of interest for her, and her talk focuses on a common pitfall that she has experienced and heard about regarding negative brain health: sleep deprivation. She hopes to stress the idea that sleep is an essential mechanism for individual growth.

Sneha Shah

Student at Dougherty Valley High School
Sneha Shah is an aspiring social entrepreneur who is dedicated towards bringing us closer towards a reality in which women and men are equally represented in computer science. Sneha will bring us a new perspective on this issue and how we can do our part in encouraging young girls to explore computer science. As an active member of Girl Scouts, she has begun this initiative through igniting the imagination of young girls with the power of Artificial Intelligence, showing them how they can shape the future with technology. In her leisure time, Sneha likes video editing with Adobe After Effects, and she teaches this software to her community of over 11,000 people on social media. Through her talk, Sneha would like to deepen our perspective of women in computer science.

Surabhi Verma

Student at Dougherty Valley High School
Surabhi Verma enjoys playing the flute, writing, and spending time with her family and friends. She also does Kathak, an Indian classical dance. Surabhi is passionate about biotechnology and hopes to make a positive impact in healthcare. Through her talk, she hopes to challenge societal expectations of body image and appearance and inspire others to value their "imperfections" which is actually what makes them perfect.

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San Ramon, CA, United States

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