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Theme: Discovery

This event occurred on
February 10, 2024
Deerfield, Massachusetts
United States

We are very excited to introduce the ninth annual TEDxDeerfield Event, "Discovery." You will have the opportunity to hear 10 speakers share their personal stories and expertise, ranging from Being Colorblind – The World Through My Eyes to “Isn’t Sumo Just Two Fat Guys Rubbing Bellies?” Join us on Saturday, February 10th to learn, discover, and get inspired!

Elizabeth Wachsmann Concert Hall
Deerfield Academy
Deerfield, Massachusetts, 01342
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Andy Chen

Musician, Mathematician, Researcher
Andy Chen is a junior at Deerfield Academy. As a pianist of 12 years, composer of 4, and math enthusiast since childhood, he's passionate about bringing his interests together. Over the summer, he conducted research on math and music theory, and he hopes to create music in a technology-accelerated world.

Anita Madan

COO and Transformational Leader
Anita is a purpose-driven leader with extensive expertise spanning IT operations and transformations. She has held various titles like COO, Global Head IT Strategy etc. She is respected in the field as a thought-leader who actively engages in inspiring and mentoring young leaders, with special focus on women who are aspiring to grow as leaders in the STEM industry. Driven by a passion to share her knowledge, she also contributes to strategic leadership programs and serves as a panel judge at various industry events. She is married with one teenage daughter, currently lives in Australia, and loves to travel the world.

John Heffernan

Adjunct Professor at Tufts and UMass Amherst
John Heffernan, PhD, is a K-12 technology, engineering, CS, and elementary classroom teacher. John has designed and implemented innovative technology and engineering curriculum that provide deep, rich, engaging, project-based experiences integrated with standards. Before becoming a teacher, John was a Principal Software Engineer and Project Leader for Digital Equipment Corporation. John is a part time lecturer at the Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst teaching digital apps, engineering, and makerspace education classes. John earned BSEE and MSEE/CS degrees from Tufts and a Masters of Education degree from Lesley College. John received his Ph.D. in Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. John received the MassCUE (Massachusetts Computer Using Educators) Pathfinder Award for Technology Leadership and a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Karen Sheffield-Abdullah

Stress and Anxiety Expert, Mindfulness Coach, Researcher, Mental Health Advocate
Dr. Karen’s passion centers around stress and anxiety in Black women. She focuses on the utilization of holistic, integrative, multi-sector strategies to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being for Black women. She is particularly interested in offering strategies to reduce the long-term health effects of stress, psychological trauma, anxiety, and depression on women’s health and birth outcomes. Her interests include the bio-psycho-social benefits of self-compassion, mindfulness, and other mind-body therapies as adjuncts to conventional treatment modalities. Dr. Karen has a doctoral degree in nursing from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing and a Master of Science in nursing degree from Yale University. She is a certified nurse-midwife, mindfulness instructor, mental health advocate, and mother of four. Her vision is to create a society where Black women are seen, heard, and valued.

Shogo O'Connor

American by birth, Japanese by blood
Born and raised in New York City, Shogo is a junior at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, and he loves it!. At TEDxDeerfield, Shogo will talk about Sumo, an elegant but vicious sport. Unfortunately, they don’t offer Sumo at Deerfield, so he wrestles folk style at school which is the next best thing. Shogo was named after a famous skateboarder in the 70's and skated for a lot of his childhood until he busted his two front teeth. Then, he took up the violin because it was safer. He doesn't play much anymore, but he can probably still squeak out Vivaldi's Winter.

Steven Calascione

Author and Entrepreneur
Steve Calascione, hailing from New York and now a Connecticut resident, is a devoted family man and dynamic entrepreneur with a rich background in hospitality and sales. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, he ventured into property management, swiftly achieving over a million dollars in annual revenue within three years. His portfolio expanded into construction and real estate, alongside plans to consult for property management businesses. Despite his busy schedule, Steve prioritizes family, and adventure through travel, hiking, and scuba diving, and embodies a commitment to service, reflecting his dedication to community and entrepreneurial excellence.

Terry Nguyễn

Chair of Pediatrics, Integrative Pediatrician, Adulting Life Coach.
Dr. Nguyen is the Chair of Pediatrics at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) and has practiced pediatrics for 25 years. She is passionate about whole-person wellness (mind, body and spirit). She helps engage and empower young adults and the adults in their lives best support them. Dr. Nguyen helps young adults and their supporters launch them into adulthood with confidence and resilience. She frequently contributes her pediatric and wellness expertise on television news (NBC Nightly News, WBFF Fox 45, WBAL TV 11, WMAR 2 TV) and in print media (CNN, NPR, Baltimore Sun). Dr. Nguyen has been recognized by her peers as a Top Doctor in Baltimore Magazine for many years. She received a Women of Impact Leadership Award from her institution, GBMC, in 2023.

Tess Brigham

Licensed Psychotherapist & Certified Coach
Tess Brigham, MFT, BCC dubbed the “Millennial Therapist” by CNBC is a licensed psychotherapist, certified coach, author and public speaker. She specializes in helping young adults discover their unique life path in order to go out into the world and make an impact. Tess’ book True You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis empowers young adults to overcome the unique obstacles they face in their twenties through concrete and actionable steps. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tess has over 18 years of experience helping thousands of people find their purpose, develop their confidence and feel fulfilled in their lives. She is a regular contributor at both CNBC and Forbes and was featured on the TV Show, “The Doctors” to discuss the Millennial mental health crisis.

Zohan Subhash

Fervently Passionate Student
Zohan Subhash is from Kochi, Kerala, India and is a current sophomore at Deerfield Academy. He has numerous interests including but not limited to computer science, theater, writing, math, and music. He holds strong opinions about trivial matters and will argue with you until you are convinced. He enjoys talking to people.

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Henry Keming

Deerfield, MA, United States