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Theme: Metamorphosis in Motion

This event occurred on
November 17, 2023
Mangalore, Karnataka

Metamorphosis in Motion: Navigating Your Career Evolution In the intricate dance of life, our careers are ever-evolving choreographies of growth, adaptation, and transformation. 'Metamorphosis in Motion: Navigating Your Career Evolution' is an exploration of the dynamic and graceful movements that shape our professional journeys. This theme invites you to step onto the stage of your career with a fresh perspective. Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we too undergo profound changes in our professional lives. This theme celebrates the beauty and complexity of these metamorphoses, emphasizing the importance of embracing the journey with grace and agility. Through enlightening discussions and captivating narratives, our speakers will guide you through the stages of career evolution. They'll share their own stories of radical transformation, from the initial caterpillar-like existence to the chrysalis of self-discovery and finally, the breathtaking emergence of their true potential. They'll illuminate the significance of resilience, adaptability, and embracing the unknown in the ever-changing realm of careers.

Nitk, NH-66, Srinivasnagar, surathkal, Mangalore
Mangalore, Karnataka, 575025
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Bijoy Venugopal

Storyteller and Educator
An independent communications consultant with over two decades’ experience in media and corporate communications, Bijoy Venugopal has diverse expertise in storytelling, content strategy and leading editorial teams. BEEJ WORD STUDIO, his independent consultancy, is dedicated to telling inclusive, pluralistic, and empowering human stories. He works with nonprofits, educational institutions, and startups, crafting compelling narratives across various media platforms. Bijoy Venugopal's work in corporate communications, travel writing and long-form storytelling have earned him accolades, establishing him as a distinguished professional in the field. His passion extends to other areas of interest, as he strives to find purpose in building communities around responsible and sustainable travel, nature education, citizen science for awareness and conservation of urban wildlife, and birding.

Puneeth Suraana

Audio Producer
Puneeth Suraana is a dynamic and accomplished individual whose impact resonates through various avenues, notably as the producer and host of The Galata Podcast. Through his influential talks on The Galata Podcast, Puneeth has emerged as a motivational prodigy, inspiring young minds to embark on their journeys early and make a significant mark in the world. The podcast, aptly named after the Kannada word "Galata," meaning the noise caused by a ruckus, features insightful interviews that delve into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, team building, and the pursuit of creating value for others. His entrepreneurial prowess is evident in his previous venture, SwaGGers, a reliable and affordable clothing startup that gained prominence on college campuses and even secured a presence in the IPL ecosystem. Puneeth's achievements include winning a national award for being one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India.

Sairaj Dhond

Founder & CEO
“Mr. Wakao”, as he is famously known, Sairaj Dhond is the founder and CEO of Wakao Foods, a jackfruit-based, vegan Food Company. A lawyer by education and an entrepreneur by passion, Sairaj began his career as a criminal lawyer but soon defied his academic-led profession in pursuit of his true calling, sustainable entrepreneurship. Hailing from a lineage of business experts, Sairaj had a natural inclination towards entrepreneurship from a young age. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Sairaj is deeply committed to creating brands that create a global footprint and help the environment.His company, Wakao Foods has been recognised as India’s first and Most Loved Plant-Based Product Company. Sairaj is also a successful serial entrepreneur, and his other business ventures include a lighting and solar solutions business, and a real estate restoration business called Luxo Heritage Homes. Sairaj has been awarded the Business World Young Entrepreneur Award in 2021.

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