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Theme: Saptaranga: Where Spectrums Unite

This event occurred on
March 3, 2024
Neemrana, Rajasthan

Step into a world where the colours of humanity blend in perfect harmony, where the kaleidoscope of diversity intertwines to create a masterpiece of understanding and unity. Saptaranga - Where Spectrums Unite, the theme of the seventh edition of TEDxNIITUniversity celebrates the beauty of our differences, embraces inclusivity, and ignites the flame of empathy in every heart. In this grand symphony of life, we find that our spectrums not only converge but illuminate the path to a brighter, more compassionate future. We embark on a journey that paints a vibrant tapestry of human experiences, proving that together, we stand stronger, prouder, and united as one. We come together to explore, learn, and embrace the power of diversity, for it is in the culmination of spectrums that we find the true essence of our shared humanity.

"Saptaranga" is a term from Sanskrit that translates to "seven colours" in English. It refers to the seven fundamental colours of the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. In a broader sense, "saptaranga" symbolizes diversity, harmony, and the interconnectedness of various elements, drawing parallels between the vibrant spectrum of colours and the richness of life's experiences.

In a world awash with hues of the unexampled, Saptaranga - Where Spectrums Unite emerges as a symphony of voices, stories, and dreams. Individuals from diverse backgrounds converge to create a kaleidoscope of experiences that defy the ordinary. It is a stage where the echoes of the unheard resonate, breaking the barriers of silence and forging connections that challenge the boundaries of understanding.

In the embrace of Saptaranga, diversity isn't just celebrated; it is exalted as the very foundation of strength and innovation. As perspectives collide and converge, the spark of creativity ignites, birthing transformative ideas that pave the path to a brighter future. It is in this tapestry of differences that empathy blooms, nurturing an environment of openness, respect, and inclusivity.

In the spirit of unity, Saptaranga is not just an experience; it is a journey that challenges the mind, kindles the heart, and evokes a profound sense of interconnectedness.

At Saptaranga- Where Spectrums Unite, we recognize that every person carries within them a unique blend of colours, each representing their own story, struggles, and triumphs. We believe that it is precisely at the junction of these vibrant spectrums where true magic happens. It is where barriers crumble and bridges emerge, where the fusion of ideas sparks innovation, and where the warmth of compassion ignites positive change.

This is not just another gathering but a movement towards a brighter, more compassionate world.
A world where every tint of you is not just embraced, but celebrated.

NIIT University
NIIT University
Neemrana, Rajasthan, 301705
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Aditya Goela

Aditya Goela is a dynamic entrepreneur and co-founder of Goela School of Finance (GSF), a pioneering institution established in 2015. Aditya's journey began by merging his technical expertise with his brother's fundamental research approach, creating a unique and effective platform for financial education. As a technical expert who has successfully cleared all levels of the CFA program, Aditya recognized the complexities that surround the core concepts and practical application of the stock market. Motivated by a desire to demystify the financial landscape, his mission at GSF goes beyond educating the informed investor; it extends to empowering the naive and sceptical. As a specialist in the derivatives market, Aditya has developed a keen interest in the Indian Derivatives market since its inception in June 2000. His unwavering belief in the India growth story has made this expertise an integral part of the finance course curriculum at GSF.

Akshay Chopra

Author, Fitness Influencer
Akshay Chopra, a distinguished graduate of the esteemed National Defence Academy and the Air Force Academy, stands as a former Indian Air Force pilot and the esteemed captain of the Air Force Bodybuilding team. In addition to his illustrious military career, Akshay is a prolific writer who has contributed significantly to hundreds of articles for various magazines and websites. His literary prowess extends to authoring over 90 eBooks, showcasing his profound research in health, fitness, and nutrition. A versatile speaker, Akshay has graced numerous platforms, conducting lectures and talks for diverse audiences across the nation. His engagements span various renowned events like TEDx, Josh Talks, and the India International Science Festival. As the founder of WE R Stupid and Genesis and the co-founder of Mango Herbs and Body Mechanics, Akshay Chopra has left an indelible mark on the fitness landscape.

Devyani Sharma

Dancer, Data Analyst
Devyani Sharma, a prodigious Odissi dancer, has honed her craft under the tutelage of esteemed Gurus, thereby embodying the rich legacy of this ancient Indian classical dance form. As the Artistic Director of KalaTattva, her Classical Dance Company, she has meticulously preserved and propagated the essence of Odissi, infusing it with her distinctive artistic flair. Through her innovative choreography, Devyani transcends traditional boundaries, weaving a tapestry of Indian culture and Vedic wisdom into her performances, each movement meticulously crafted to convey profound emotions and narratives. In addition to her unparalleled mastery of Odissi, Devyani leads a dual life as a Data Scientist in a prestigious multinational corporation, seamlessly blending her passion for dance with her professional pursuits. Her journey as a dancer and scientist exemplifies the harmonious balance between art and science, each discipline informing and enriching the other.

Dr Kousar Shah

Healthcare Specialist
Dr. Kousar Shah stands as a stalwart in the healthcare realm, embodying not just leadership but resilience and courage epitomized by the mantras "When The Going Gets Tough, Tough Gets Going" and "A Bird Sitting On A Branch Is Not Scared of Branch Breaking As It Has Confidence On Own Wings." With an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Dr. Shah has emerged as a trailblazer in driving the healthcare business, consistently thriving on challenges. Strategy is not merely a professional pursuit for Dr. Shah; it is a passion that drives her towards not only immediate results but also the cultivation of long-term, sustained organizational benefits across every facet. Dr. Kouser Shah's journey is a testament to her commitment to not just managing challenges but transforming them into opportunities for enduring success.

Dr Vijender Chauhan

Professor, UPSC Mock Interviewer
An esteemed academic influencer and interviewer based in Delhi, Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan stands as a recognized leader in the realms of educational management, media, and innovations. Boasting over 35 crore views on various platforms, Dr Chauhan's interviews and mentoring sessions have made a substantial impact, positioning him as a thought leader. As an accomplished researcher and writer, Dr Chauhan holds the distinction of authoring three books, "Media ve Stree: Ek Uttar Vimarsh" and "Vakt Galat Nahi Hota" showcase his prowess as an accomplished author, garnering national and state awards for his significant contributions to the field. His expertise extends to the domain of Indian Polity and Governance, where he serves as an Assistant Professor of Hindi at Delhi University and plays a pivotal role as a faculty member at Drishti IAS, a leading coaching institute for the Civil Services Examination.

Gaurav Juyal

Education Designer
Gaurav Juyal emerged as a distinguished learning experience designer and educator, armed with a degree in Animation Film Design from the esteemed National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. With an enriching career spanning over 13 years, Gaurav is committed to imparting knowledge and fostering mutual learning and evolution. His engaging TEDx talks and charismatic role as the host of Disney's Art Attack series have etched his name into households. Gaurav's passion for simplifying learning, coupled with a focus on sense re-sensitization and a hands-on minds-on approach, defines his immersive teaching programs. He played a pivotal role as the founding faculty member of the Institute of Design in Jaipur, mentoring Bachelor of Design students. From serving as a homeroom teacher at Riverside School Ahmedabad to impacting education in a remote school in Darbari, Jaisalmer, Gaurav's dedication is global

Navin Reddy

Educator, Youtuber
Navin Reddy, the visionary founder and driving force behind Telusko, stands at the forefront of the tech industry with a remarkable career spanning over a decade. Renowned as a seasoned developer, corporate trainer, and influential YouTuber, Navin has cultivated a substantial online presence, boasting an impressive 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Specializing in Java and Blockchain, Navin's expertise goes beyond the digital realm as he imparts comprehensive training to leading tech industries and banks. As the founder of Telusko, his brainchild platform transcends conventional teaching methodologies. Telusko serves as an innovative hub, dedicated to educating and influencing individuals across a spectrum of technologies, including Java, Blockchain, Python, and JavaScript. His influence in these domains extends far beyond conventional boundaries, positioning him as a key contributor to the technical acumen of organizations, inspiring countless individuals on their learning journeys.

Nikita Sharma

Influencer, Motivational Speaker
Nikita Sharma, a leading influencer and motivational speaker in India, boasts an impressive track record of speaking at 27 platforms and delivering compelling TEDx talks, showcasing her extensive experience in public speaking. As a passionate advocate for women's rights, body positivity, and youth awareness, Nikita utilizes her influential platform to spread awareness about topics that truly matter. With a background in microbiology, Nikita has seamlessly integrated her scientific knowledge with her role as a motivational speaker. As the Founder and Director of the Silver Linings Organization, Nikita channels her advocacy into actionable initiatives, contributing to meaningful societal change. With a massive following of 8.2 million on Instagram, Nikita Sharma has successfully built a community that resonates with her empowering messages. Her ability to connect with a wide audience reflects the impact she has made, making her presence a valuable addition to any platform.

Nirbhik Datta

Mentalist, Magician
Nirbhik Datta is a seasoned Mentalist and Magician who has been enchanting audiences worldwide for over a decade. From the age of 10, Nirbhik delved into the mesmerizing world of mentalism, honing his skills to become a true maestro in the art of mind reading and influence. With a show that seamlessly blends audience participation, humor, and mind-bending illusions, Nirbhik takes his spectators on a captivating joy ride into the realm of surreal entertainment. His performances, be it for top-tier corporate events, college shows, or renowned influencers, leave the audience spellbound and eager for more. Nirbhik's shows aren't just mere performances; they are personalized experiences that leave an indelible mark on each present. Whether commanding the stage at a grand corporate affair or creating an intimate, unforgettable experience for a small gathering of friends, Nirbhik is dedicated to crafting moments of wonder and amazement.

Padamjeet Sehrawat

Singer, Commentator
Padamjeet Sehrawat is a multifaceted talent, excelling as a singer, anchor, commentator, composer, and performer. With over 600 concerts under his belt and four private albums to his credit, Padamjeet has left an indelible mark on the music scene, composing and writing over 200 soul-stirring songs. His passion for music is matched only by his versatility and dedication to his craft. As a seasoned television anchor, Padamjeet has graced over 3000 shows on news channels and sports channels, captivating audiences with his engaging presence and eloquent delivery. Renowned as a bilingual commentator, he has lent his distinctive voice to prestigious tournaments such as the IPL, ICL, ISL, NBA, Pro-kabaddi, Wimbledon, and the Olympics, earning accolades for his insightful analysis and dynamic commentary. Padamjeet's unwavering passion for music and his undeniable talent as a singer and composer continue to inspire audiences and leave a lasting impression on the industry

Shivani Kalra

Captain Shivani Kalra, a symbol of resilience and inspiration, gained widespread recognition for piloting a plane that evacuated 249 students stranded in war-hit Ukraine back to safety in India during 'Operation Ganga.' Her remarkable journey serves as a global inspiration, especially for girls who dare to dream. Recalling the triumphant moment of landing amidst cheers and applause from students and their families, Shivani attributes her extraordinary path to her parents' guidance and support. In a unique twist after school, she sought exceptional opportunities, leading her father to introduce her to aviation through an article and subsequent enrollment at the Delhi Flying Club. As a woman pilot in a historically male-dominated field, Shivani dismisses stereotypes, and encourages women to push boundaries and dream bigger, emphasizing the changing landscape where women excel in various fields, signaling that her journey is just the beginning

Sidharth Jain

Film Producer
Sidharth Jain a seasoned Producer with an illustrious career spanning over 20 years in the Indian Entertainment Industry. In 2018, he founded The Story Ink, which has swiftly become India's Largest Book to Screen Adaptation Company, boasting an impressive portfolio of 200+ books across 50+ Production Houses. In 2021, Sidharth ventured into new horizons, founding House of Talkies, a development and production company with a diverse slate of 15+ film and series projects. Having played a pivotal role in the launch year of, India's largest premium OTT platform owned by Star-Disney, Sidharth contributed significantly to India's rise as an OTT content powerhouse during his corporate stint from 2015 to 2017. As Founder & Chief Storyteller at The Story Ink and Producer at House of Talkies, Sidharth continues to shape the landscape of Indian entertainment with creativity, innovation, and an unwavering passion for storytelling.

Vipin Kumar Mishra

Vipin Kumar Mishra is an acclaimed National Award-winning film composer and versatile artist hailing from the vibrant city of Mumbai, India. His exceptional contributions to the film industry, particularly with notable works like "Aurangzeb" and "Ghayal Once Again," as well as the critically acclaimed Netflix series "Powder," have firmly established him as a maestro in his field. As the co-founder of Songbird Studios, located in the heart of Mumbai, Vipin has created a musical haven where creativity flourishes. His studio has become a hub for innovation, serving as the birthplace of soul-stirring compositions. In every note and melody, Vipin Mishra continues to redefine the boundaries of musical innovation. Whether scoring for the big screen, producing independent gems, or nurturing talent at Songbird Studios, his passion for music resonates, leaving an enduring impact on the rich tapestry of India's music landscape.

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