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Theme: Tech Liberation: The Paradox

This event occurred on
February 8, 2024
New Delhi, Delhi

The theme "Tech-Liberation: The Paradox" in the context of "Navigating Innovation in the Age of Technology" explores the dual nature of technology. It suggests that while technology has the potential to liberate individuals and societies, this liberation comes with paradoxes and challenges. The term "paradox" indicates that the positive aspects of tech-liberation may be accompanied by complexities such as job displacement, ethical concerns, and privacy issues. Navigating innovation underscores the importance of actively managing and steering technological progress with informed choices and ethical considerations. The theme is set in the contemporary era, emphasizing the relevance of addressing the implications of technology in the present age. Overall, it calls for a thoughtful and proactive approach to harness the benefits of technological advancements responsibly.

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied sciences for women, University of Delhi
Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110096
New Delhi, Delhi, 110096
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University (What is this?)
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Daksh Sethi

Serial Entrepreneur and corporate trainer
Daksh Sethi, a 2-time TEDx and Josh Talks Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Educational Consultant, has impacted 40,000+ lives through workshops and events across 30 cities. Working with 120+ organizations, including IIT Bombay and NIT Warangal, he founded Guby Rogers for career guidance and digital marketing solutions. As a visiting faculty, he teaches subjects like Business Communication and Entrepreneurship, embodying his motto: "Life is simple. Only if you know how to deal with it.

Dr Sanjeen Sawney

Entrepreneur and MD at ANB India Pvt Ltd
Dr. Sanjeen Sawhney, an influential entrepreneur and speaker, is the Managing Director of ANB Auto India Pvt. Ltd. She has received accolades such as the Zee Business Leadership Award and India Today's recognition as one of the Leading Young Entrepreneurs. As the founder of Anantam Foundation Trust, her dual focus on technological progress and social good shines through collaborations with IIT Delhi. Notably, she has been a panelist at IIT Delhi and received the International Nelson Mandela Award. Dr. Sawhney's dynamic leadership is highlighted by features in India Today, Zee Business, and Fortune.

Ekta Khurana

Ekta Khurana holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and boasts expertise in over 15 therapeutic modalities. With a track record of aiding more than 700 clients across various healthcare settings and ten different locations, Ekta is dedicated to offering support and guidance to individuals in need, utilizing her extensive knowledge to comprehend and assist people effectively.

Jai Mulani

Jai Mulani, the visionary founder of a dynamic IT services company specializing in cloud solutions and call center consulting, embarked on a journey that faced early challenges but ultimately thrived. Recognizing the critical role of customer service, Jai navigated uncertainties, expanding into BPO services in 2014. Today, the company stands proud with over a thousand employees and a valuation surpassing 150 million USD. With 38 years of relentless pursuit, Jai views life's journey as just beginning, eager to explore the world and embrace countless experiences. He has won the award of CEO of the year and is known for transforming the BPO industry in the Middle East.

Sana Grover

Content Creator
Sana Grover, born on December 2, 1998, in New Delhi, India, is a prominent Indian YouTuber, social media influencer, and content creator. Specializing in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, she seamlessly blends her passion for these topics with her classical Kathak dance skills. Graduating with a Master's degree in Global Media Industries from King's College London, Sana's academic achievements complement her creative pursuits. Her inspiration stems from her mother, Ritu Grover, the founder of TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt Ltd. Educated at Amity International School, New Delhi, Sana embarked on her YouTube journey on September 1, 2017. With 4.5 lakh subscribers on YouTube and a dedicated Instagram following of 1.4 lakh, she has become a celebrated figure in the digital space. Notably, Sana received a silver play button from YouTube in recognition of her impactful contributions to the platform.

Tanya Malik

Founder and CEO: The Biohackers Co.
Tanya, a biohacker, growth mindset trainer, and founder of The Biohackers Company (TBC), applies neuroplasticity and DIY epigenomics for age reversal. Trained in sports nutrition, yoga, and physiology, she's successfully reversed her biological age by a decade. Tanya, a social entrepreneur, emphasizes living by design and leading with purpose, boasting over a decade of leadership in media, women's health, and wellness tech. Committed to making a difference, she collaborates with institutions like UCD and UNICEF, focusing on research studies and ethical data collection related to gender-specific behavior and preferences in MHM and women's health. At TBC, Tanya and her team of microbiome scientists and pharmacology researchers have developed a premium line of nutraceuticals for age reversal and optimal health.

Yash Verma

Entrepreneur and Electrical Engineer
Yash Verma, Director of Supremo Terna in Dubai, specializes in commodities export to GCC countries and co-founded KlickBounty Global, a New Delhi-based marketing agency focused on affiliate marketing. His businesses span diverse sectors, from exporting goods like sugar and lentils to excelling in affiliate marketing verticals such as Nutra and Health & Beauty. Beyond entrepreneurship, Mr. Verma passionately empowers young minds as a speaker and panelist at universities.

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New Delhi, India