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Theme: Fusion of Futures

This event occurred on
February 24, 2024
Lahore, Punjab

The theme of this year’s TEDx Kinnaird is fusion of futures.
The thematic essence encapsulated by fusion of futures epitomizes the integration of diverse and forward-thinking ideas, technologies, and perspectives to forge a unified and comprehensive vision of the future. This concept underscores the significance of blending various disciplines, fostering a holistic comprehension of potential future scenarios. In navigating the complexities of a swiftly evolving world, individuals and organizations are prompted to fuse multiple possibilities and foresight, thereby cultivating strategies and solutions that address intricate challenges and opportunities.

Moreover, the concept implies an exploration of ideas, concept and technologies beyond conventional or immediately apparent solutions. It signifies a mindset of thinking beyond established boundaries, delving into unexplored territories and seeking novel approaches. This forward-looking perspective entails fostering creativity, embracing unconventional thinking and leveraging cutting edge technologies. Applied to various domains from science and technology to business and arts, this approach enables individuals and organizations to uncover new opportunities, instigate disruptive breakthroughs and catalyze transformative change in society.

It is time to encourage a holistic, collaborative, and innovative stance towards the future. This year, TEDx Kinnaird envisions a world where the convergence of diverse elements fuels groundbreaking advancements, offering solutions to temporary challenges and heralding a future marked by resilience, inclusivity, and prosperity!

Hladia Hall
93 Jail Road
Lahore, Punjab
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University (What is this?)
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Dr. Rukhsana David

Dr. Rukhsana, currently the Principal at Kinnaird College for Women, has 30 years of educational experience, marked by leadership qualities and remarkable achievements. She represented Kinnaird at International forums like the Philippines' Women Empowerment Conference and played a key role in developing the Fine Arts program. Her accolades include winning the National Cultural Award and a Gold Medal for academic excellence. As the chairperson of institutions such as Forman Christian College and National College of Arts, she continues to contribute to renowned educational bodies. In consideration to 'Fusion of Future' theme, her valuable academic experience and leadership skills inspire, educate and empower the women in Pakistan.

Musa Aamir

strategic communication professional
Musa Aamir is a development sector & strategic communication professional. He is the co-founder of Rizq, a social enterprise that is working to combat food insecurity, food wastage and hunger at large to protect and advance the right to good food for all, and work to restore the human dignity and honor. Musa is very passionate about working with the youth, instilling in them the spirit of compassion to work on various social justice issue. He was the Corona Hero Award recipient awarded by Governor Punjab 2020, also recognized by the pioneers’ post and represented Rizq at Pakistan at Global Food Banking Network 2019.

Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil is a Pakistani actor for television and theatre, a host, and a budding activist for children.
Ms. Nadia is a trustee of Sunjan Nagar, Raza Kazim’s school for financially deprived girls. She performed a theatre project with them at Al-Hamra. She also serves as an ambassador for Girl Rising, a project raising awareness about girls' education. As a breast cancer and Child Sexual Abuse survivor, she is a keen advocate for healing. She has also previously spoken at TEDx Lahore for Women and created a legacy in undertaking unique endeavors. Her work carves out a pathway unseen— embodying the Fusion of Future stance by helping build a healthy society for people from all strata and backgrounds.

Shireen Gheba

writer, artist, and philanthropist
Shireen Gheba , a versatile freelance writer, artist, and philanthropist, is a breast cancer survivor and the founder of Shireen's Welfare Trust. Through her charitable efforts, she focuses on promoting education, health, and vocational training for underprivileged women and children in Pakistan. Invited as a speaker for TEDx Kinnaird's "Fusion of Futures," Ms. Shireen shares her triumphant journey, intertwining creative expression and social activism to shape a positive and healthy future. Her talk transcends boundaries, offering insights into redefining limits and seizing opportunities amid life's challenges.

Tajammul Hussain

Data Scientist
Tajammul Hussain, CEO of Pakistan's largest Data Science and AI Consulting company, is a distinguished Lahore School of Economics alumni. With a Double Major in Finance and Marketing, specializing in Data Science, he received the President's Pride of Performance in Data Science & AI. Hussain, a global expert, served as Chief Data Scientist for IRENA and played a crucial role in COVID analytics for the Pakistani government. His expertise aligns with the 'Fusion of Futures' theme at TEDx Kinnaird, making him an ideal speaker on the intersection of data science and AI towards shaping a progressive future.

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