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Theme: In Full Bloom

This event occurred on
January 12, 2024
Singapore, South West

Just like a bud sprouting from a plant, which symbolizes the persistence of life against all odds, “In Full Bloom” encourages us to face adversity with determination. It acknowledges that life is full of uncertainties, but it's precisely in those moments that we can find the courage to seek new beginnings and opportunities.

Our speakers bring forth experiences that inspire courage and resilience. They've embraced the uncertainty of their journey and, in doing so, have discovered the strength to pursue new beginnings and seize unforeseen opportunities.

Just as flowers bloom at different paces and in varied environments, we hope that "In Full Bloom" will serve as a reminder that our journeys will also unfold in our own time.

The Music Box
535 Clementi Road
Block 73 Level 3
Singapore, South West, 599489
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Youth (What is this?)
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Andrew Ong

Co-founder of Break The Cycle, Advocate
Andrew Ong, faced significant challenges in his adolescence following his parents' divorce, leading to a loss of motivation and a departure from his studies. He eventually dropped out of school, joined a gang, and found himself entangled with the law. His transformative journey began during a prison sentence when he discovered Christianity, sowing the seeds for a remarkable turnaround in his life. After his release in 2000, he immersed himself in volunteering and community work, engaging in talks and workshops in halfway houses. In 2019, inspired by his passion for cycling and its positive impact on his health, he, along with friends Joseph Ho and Carter Ng, founded Break the Cycle. The initiative aims to connect with ex-offenders through cycling, providing them with a supportive community and fostering positive habits. Ong's dedication to helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society earned him the Outstanding Adult category award at the Singapore Silent Heroes Awards in 2020.

Jia Yong Goh

Volunteer Leader
Jiayong is a dedicated student currently pursuing his Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours at the Singapore Institute of Technology. Beyond his academic pursuits, he serves as a Volunteer Instructor in the Red Cross Youth's Uniformed Group division, holding the position of Assistant Head of Zone 3 + 4. Notably, Jiayong had the honour of leading the Singapore Red Cross Society's Parade & Ceremony Row B Contingent at the National Day Parade 2023. Jiayong values the impact he makes through his work and emphasises positive changes in the community rather than conventional metrics like wealth or status. Throughout his journey, he faced challenges in balancing academic rigour with intensive volunteer commitments, highlighting his resilience in overcoming obstacles. Jiayong's inspiring narrative serves as a beacon for others, especially young individuals, encouraging them to engage in community service and discover their paths to success by making a difference in the lives of others.

John Cheng

Founder, Innovate 360
John Cheng is a passionate advocate for innovation and sustainability facing a critical challenge: feeding the world's growing population. Despite facing the immense pressure of managing Singapore's first food accelerator, Innovate 360, he pushes boundaries for his ventures and the entire food ecosystem. Early in his career, he grappled with navigating a traditional industry that often underestimated the power of fresh ideas. Yet, his unwavering resolve and deep understanding of the food landscape fueled his determination to make a difference. This vision materialised in Innovate 360, a haven for flourishing food startups. His influence extends far beyond the walls of Innovate 360, with initiatives like Feed 9 Billion, a platform fostering global collaboration for sustainable food security. Through these tireless efforts, John has earned recognition as a "Future Shaper" and a leader of tomorrow, shaping not just the Singaporean food scene, but the future of food for all.


Singer, Songwriter
Shazza, a rising star in Singapore's music scene, is more than just a talented 22-year-old singer-songwriter. She's a young woman carving her own path in a traditionally male-dominated industry, all while proudly embracing her identity as a hijab-wearing artist. Despite facing the challenges of societal expectations and navigating a landscape that often overlooks women like her, Shazza's unwavering determination and infectious passion have propelled her to new heights. She also shattered barriers by gracing the iconic Times Square billboard as part of Spotify's Equal campaign, a global initiative championing female voices in music. This monumental achievement, a testament to her sheer talent and unwavering spirit, has not only ignited a spark of hope for aspiring female artists everywhere but also serves as a powerful reminder that with unwavering dedication, even the seemingly impossible can be conquered.

Sonia Chew

Presenter/host, Mediacorp Personality
Sonia Chew, a dynamic TV and radio presenter, is making waves in the entertainment industry with her multifaceted career. Sonia is helming a daily morning drive-time show on Singapore’s leading youth station, 987, and has hosted some of the biggest events locally with many international A-listers in attendance. She is also an award-winning host, having collected accolades for #TravelSSBD, and most recently, her #MenExplain podcast that saw her bag Best Entertainment Host at the Asian Television Awards. She has collaborated with esteemed fashion and beauty brands, including CHANEL Beauty, PUMA, Tag Heuer, Montblanc, SK Jewellery, and many more. In the early days of her career, she encountered many obstacles that led her to consider switching careers. However, she overcame these challenges and has since learned the value of balance and authenticity, being relatable, and choosing projects that align with her passions and taking time for her personal well-being.

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