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This event occurred on
December 10, 2023
Vail, Colorado
United States

TEDxVail champions accelerating climate solutions that can be scaled as well as implemented by any of us. This wild lineup of solutions and gorgeous TED Talks from TED's Summit on Climate in Detroit may make you rethink how plausible it is to thrive in balance & harmony in Earth's living systems. As one of our Talkers declares, "...without us you'd be naked, hungry, and sober!"

Session 1: Naturally
We've lined up beautiful Talks on nature fashion, poop, dirt, and rice.
♦️ Josephine Philips aims to build a culture of conscious consumption, enabling people to easily repair and recycle clothing rather than relying on fast fashion.
♦️ Ludmila Rattis researches how climate and deforestation impact natural ecosystems and agricultural production in the Amazon rainforest and Brazil's Cerrado region.
♦️ As a farmer, Jim Whitaker’s passion for conservation and sustainability go hand in hand for his love of the land. Jessica Whitaker Allen champions regenerative agriculture to streamline farming practices for her constituency and secure land resources for the future.
♦️ As director of the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe accelerates critical innovations for sustainable living and environmental justice.

Breakthru rooms...choose your people or your topic and join in the conversation.

Session 2: YES & how?
♦️ Louise Mabulo builds livelihoods for farmers through agroforests -- sustainable agricultural systems integrating shrubs and trees into traditional crop and animal farming operations.
♦️ David Lammy is a leading agenda-setter for racial and social justice in the UK. ♦️ Justin J. Pearson is a Tennessee state representative, community organizer and advocate for social and environmental justice. These charismatic leaders chat about how to lead for climate justice.
♦️ With an abiding interest in science, Isabella Kirkland's work bears witness to the immense ecological challenges and losses humanity is facing. A leading voice of the environmental movement,
♦️ Paul Hawken has dedicated his life to combating climate change and making business practices more ecologically sustainable.

300 Whispering Meadows POB 2429
Vail, Colorado, 81657
United States
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Vail, CO, United States