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Theme: Evil Obsessions: Unraveling Our Fascination with Crime

This event occurred on
December 13, 2023
Santa Barbara, California
United States

Having worked at Court TV and on the Nancy Grace show for a combined total of nearly twenty years, Wendy has become a recognized expert on the topic of murder in America. The “true crime” phenomenon has never been more evident. From television series to books to documentaries, there seems to be a never-ending fascination with crime, specifically murder. Serial killers are a constant topic of conversation, whether in the news or in fictional shows and novels. In interview after interview, she has been asked to explain this obsession.

She believes people can’t get enough of true crime because it is the one part of human behavior that a normal person can’t wrap their head around. In the case of serial killers in particular, she believes part of the interest lies in the fact that although eventually apprehended, many of them have gotten away with murder for a very long period of time.

Serial killers such as Dennis Rader, aka BTK, Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer in Seattle, and Joseph DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer, committed their murders over the course of decades. They somehow managed to weave their murderous impulses into their daily, seemingly mundane lives.

She has written two crime thriller novels that, although fiction, include references to true cases. She believes by doing so, she brings a touch of realism to her books while utilizing her vast knowledge of crime in America.

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Wendy Whitman

Wendy Whitman has a unique background through her decades-long work as an executive and producer for Court TV and HLN, covering almost every major high-profile murder case in America. Through her knowledge of the most detailed aspects of the crimes, Ms. Whitman has become an expert on the subject of murder in America. Before attending Boston University School of Law, Whitman worked for comedians Lily Tomlin and George Carlin. After graduating from law school, the author embarked on what turned out to be a twenty-year career in television covering crime. She spent fifteen years at Court TV and another several at HLN for the Nancy Grace show, where she appeared on air as a producer/reporter covering high-profile cases. Whitman received three Telly Awards and two GLAAD nominations while at Court TV. Since turning her attention to writing, Whitman has published two crime thriller novels: Premonition and the sequel, Retribution, released on July 25, 2023.

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