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Theme: Changement de perspective.s

This event occurred on
February 1, 2024
Palaiseau, Île-de-France

A perspective might be a point of view, a way to consider things, in its geometrical and artistic definition, a perspective is a way to depict. It can also be understood as an opportunity, a goal. The notion of change is almost melted with this interpretation. New technologies are constantly rising up, opening us new doors. It is new ways to treat, new medicines, new hopes, but also a change in our perspective on life itself. How do we see the living world currently ? To what extent the understanding of our environment allows us to think of new methods of ecosystem management ? I could be an aim or an utopia toward which we are going, concerning “me” and my personal goals, or “us”, and our goals as Mankind. Choosing a perspective on something, a way to depict something, is limiting ourselves. It is restrictive to have just one and only one perspective about something since limits are created by the way we choose to represent things. This TEDx envent is about how to overcome these limits by changing our perspective and by adopting new ones. We would like to give each person in the audience an opportunity to add a new perspective to their mind, maybe it will modify their perception for one evening or for a longer time.

TEDx AgroParisTech
22 place de l'Agronomie
Palaiseau, Île-de-France, 91120
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University (What is this?)
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Eden Banon-Lagrange

co-funder of the startup Numi
With Eugénie Pezé-Heidsieck, she aims to revolutionize alimentation by creating breast milk directly from cell cultures.

Eliot Graeff

Project manager in Ceebios
Eliot was student in AgroParisTech some years ago. He is currently working in Ceebios, where he follows porjects led by compagnies, offering a biomimetic approach to design bio-inspired innovations.

Khaled Miloudi

Khaled was born in Miliana (Algeria) in 1960 and is the fourth child of ten siblings. He had been incarcerated for more than 20 years for having participated to a robbery of a jewelry, but saved himself thanks to poetry and writing.

Lili Mouillard-Lample

Student in AgroParisTech and Sciences Po
Lili was first student in AgroParisTech, a school where we can study Life and Environmental Sciences and Industry. She has joined Science Po since Septembre 2023, to study Human and Social sciences. At the end of her schoolarship, she will obtain the diploms of both schools.

Marc Verdier

Architect-urbanist, member of the scientific committee, professor
Working as an architect-urbanist and as a member of the scientific committee, Marc Verdier is also professor in Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nancy. For 20 years, he has been interested in rural territories, their ability to manage their future thanks to their resources, their cultures, and their landscapes.

Rénald Zapata

Artist, painter, expert of live painting
Rénald Zapata is a french painter known for his live prestations, which are hardly linked to poetry, music and dancing.

Salomé Maquet

Student in literature, rhetoric professor, writer
As a student and as a professor, she has always used and expressed the beauty of words, by writing or just saying them. She won in 2022 the National Eloquence Contest.

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