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This event occurred on
February 10, 2024
Mumbai, Maharashtra

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx OIS Youth proudly presents our theme this year: '
- When Boundaries are defied, New Horizons Await!

TEDx OIS Youth brings you an exceptional gathering of visionaries, pioneers, and innovators. Under the theme 'Beyond Boundaries,' this event brings together accomplished individuals from diverse fields to share their journeys and transformative ideas. Prepare to be inspired as you break free from limitations and explore new horizons. Enjoy a day filled with captivating talks, engaging conversations, and enchanting entertainment.

Oberoi International School OGC
1, Mohan Gokhale Rd, Western Express Hwy, Yashodham, Goregaon
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400063
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aairah Sayyed

Student of Oberoi International School
Aairah, a Grade 11 at Oberoi International School, emerges as a dedicated student with an passion for philosophy and a strong commitment to personal development. Her academic journey is marked by a profound exploration of life's fundamental questions, particularly delving into the theme of immortality. Aairah contemplates the fleeting nature of life, propelled by a deep-seated dedication to personal growth and purposeful living. Intrigued by the intricate portrayal of immortal characters in 'Lucifer,' she embarks on an insightful research journey, extracting valuable perspectives that shape her unique insights. Beyond the academic realm, Aairah's fervor for philosophy extends to a broader mission—inspiring her peers within the Oberoi International School community. Rooted in the belief in the transformative power of self-improvement, she strives to instigate a positive ripple effect, fostering a profound understanding of life's mysteries and the pursuit of a fulfilling existence.

Atul Bhatia

Former Head R&D Hindustan Unilver
Atul Bhatia has over 37 years professional experience in Specialty Chemicals and in FMCG categories of Home & Personal Care, and Foods & Beverages. This includes 15+ years at Technical Leadership level (Board & Management Committee), leading large sized R&D function, while working with multinationals such as Hindustan Unilever, Cadbury India Plc, Mondelez International and an innovative Indian organisation, Pidilite Industries Ltd. Atul has also managed large factory operations, coordinated global strategic supply chains, spearheaded a new business segment for Pidilite which grew to over INR 100 crore within 2 years of its inception. He has been a highly successful innovator with about 15 patents to his credit, and has led creation of some of India’s most loved brands today such as Cadbury Silk, Cadbury Fuse, Bournvita Biscuit, Bournvita L’il Champ, Wheel Detergent Powder, Surf Excel Powder, Savlon Soap and more.

Bhumi Chedda

Student of Oberoi International School, OGC
Bhumi Chedda, a seasoned leader and high school student at Oberoi International School, brings four years of experience and currently leads a FIRST Robotics Competition team for the third season. Bhumi's contagious passion for robotics drives her commitment to broaden STEAM education's reach. Beyond mechanics, she actively strives to normalize girls' presence in STEM fields, breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity. Envisioning a future where diverse voices thrive in science and technology, Bhumi positions herself within the dynamic educational community of Oberoi International School, emerging not only as a student but as a dedicated advocate for a more inclusive and diverse future in STEM.

Dr. Sangeeta Desai

Researcher and Visiting Faculty at Sophia Centre for Women's Studies & Development
Dr. Sangeeta Desai, a luminary in the realm of academia, holds a Ph.D. in Gender Studies from SNDT Women's University, Mumbai, and an MBA from the esteemed Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS). Her scholarly pursuits are centered around Gender and Development, encompassing crucial facets like financial inclusion, health, sanitation, and adolescent education. With an unwavering passion for knowledge, Dr. Desai redefines conventional boundaries, offering a dynamic perspective to her research and academic endeavours. Through her intellectual odyssey, she not only acquires profound expertise but also emerges as a pioneering force in the field. Dr. Desai's contributions resonate as a testament to the transformative impact of education and research, injecting enthusiasm and leaving an enduring imprint on the landscape of Gender Studies.

Dr. Sanjay Tripathi

Director - Mumbai Zoo
Dr. Sanjay Tripathi, the visionary Director of Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Botanical Udyan and Zoo Mumbai, emerges as a transformative force in the field of Zoology. Pioneering the three pillars of zoo-keeping—Wildlife conservation, Breeding and Education—he effectively challenges conventional perspectives on Zoology. Dr. Tripathi is the chief veterinarian of the zoo and holds a veterinary doctorate. Over the years he has exemplified his deep commitment to the welfare of the animals under his care. At the helm of the zoo, Dr. Tripathi showcases dedication to innovation, emphasising the integration of cutting-edge technology to enhance the relationship between wildlife and societies. He is on a journey to demystify the zoological experience and debunk prevalent myths, unraveling the intriguing complexities of his work. Through this exploration, he offers a captivating glimpse into the transformative and multifaceted world of modern zoos.

Pritee Chaudhary

IRS, Regional Director, Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, West Region, Mumbai.
Pritee Chaudhary, an Indian Revenue Service Officer (2006 Batch), is the Regional Director at the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, leading the West Region. With expertise in GST and Customs, including roles at Nhava-Sheva and Mumbai Customs, she improved India's Trading Across the Border ranking from 146 in 2017 to 80 in 2018. Chaudhary's contributions extend to national initiatives, including the Screening Committee for Maharashtra's National Anti-profiteering Agency. Recognized for outstanding efforts, she received accolades for Time Release Studies at Nhava-Sheva Port and the CASCADE Award from FICCI for Intellectual Property Rights. Over the last three years, Pritee Chaudhary focused on food safety initiatives, such as Eat Right, promoting millet awareness, and ensuring national standards for safe and healthy food. Committed to fostering a culture of healthy eating, she continues to shape India's food safety landscape.

Richa Pinto

Journalist - Times of India
With over a decade of experience, her commitment shines through extensive coverage of civic challenges affecting Mumbaikars. Armed with a journalism degree from St Xavier's College and a subsequent three-year Law degree (L.L.B.) from the University of Mumbai, Ms. Richa skillfully navigates the intersection of legal and journalistic domains. Deeply invested in the city she covers, Ms. Richa uses her platform to address issues vital to Mumbai. Beyond her professional achievements, she's a fervent advocate for the transformative power of journalism. Through insightful reporting, she plays a pivotal role in fostering dialogue on critical topics impacting local communities and the broader societal landscape.

Shivika Gupta

Student of Oberoi International School, OGC Mumbai
Shivika Gupta, a distinguished high school student at Oberoi International School, is not only recognized as a Natya Visharad in Bharatnatyam but also showcases her literary prowess through a skillfully written book exploring the rich cultural roots of Indian art forms. Beyond the spotlight, Shivika's curiosity leads her into the fascinating intersection of cultural art forms and science, where she engages in research to uncover the manifold medical benefits of Bharatnatyam. Simultaneously, she unravels the dance form's intriguing connection with geometric concepts in worship. In the dynamic academic environment of Oberoi International School, Shivika Gupta emerges as a versatile individual, seamlessly blending her artistic flair and scholarly pursuits.

VIshvas Mote

Assistant Municipal Commissioner - Mumbai (M West Ward)
Mr. Mote, Assistant Municipal Commissioner Mumbai, blends extensive experience in local governance with unwavering dedication in sports. Dubbed the "Iron Man" by the media, he is a dedicated triathlon athlete. Beyond bureaucratic duties, Mr. Mote champions for a harmonious work-life balance fostering personal and professional growth. Urging urban residents not to let busy schedules become an excuse for neglecting fitness, he passionately believes that achieving equilibrium between hectic urban life and personal well-being is not only possible but imperative.By embodying this philosophy in public service and his commitment to triathlon athleticism, Mr. Mote exemplifies that a balanced and healthy urban lifestyle is achievable and essential for holistic well-being.

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