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Theme: Awakening

This event occurred on
March 1, 2024
Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Federal Capital Territory

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Aduvie International School, Abuja
No 1 Aduvie Close, Off Aduvie Way
Jabi, Jiru
Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, 900108
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Youth (What is this?)
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Danish Abdulrasheed Khairat

Grade 12 High School Student
Meet Danish, a proactive advocate for sustainability and community service. She has contributed significantly to global and local initiatives, including participating in the DARE Conference on SDGs and representing her school in various art competitions. As the director of UNCTAD at NISSMUN 2023, her leadership propelled her committee to excellence, earning them the title of the most productive committee. Beyond her academic and leadership achievements, Danish is dedicated to social causes. She organized fundraisers for Period Poverty Alleviation and infrastructure improvements at a government school, demonstrating her commitment to tangible change. Danish is also MOS Excel certified, adding a technical edge to her versatile skill set.

Darasimi Akanbi Tioluwani Overcomer

Ninth Grade Student
From being 3rd place in the My Rainbow Books writing competition and participant in the Queen's Essay Writing competition, she is a passionate and intelligent student with a zeal for excellence in everything she does, she has participated in spelling bees distinctly among many other intra and inter competitions up to a national level. She is a certified specialist and IC3 as well as a participant in the delf exam. She is also a consistent overall top student across her year level. Apart from the field of academics, she is skilled in playing the piano and violin, computer programming, swimming and baking, leading to the start of her business, Deli Pasteries. She is a confident young girl whose love for all things musical has influenced her topic which is Music and learning and it's effects in our daily lives.

Denzel Emokah

Fifth grade student
A bright and talented 9-year-old with an impressive list of achievements. Notably, he secured the 1st position in DELF, surpassing 17 other schools. Denzel is an avid reader and excels in all subjects at school, with a particular love for science and math. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of head boy and showcases his talent and passion for playing the piano. With his strong work ethic and positive attitude, Denzel is sure to impress you with his presentation titled "Inclusive Learning for Special Needs Children"

Emmanuella Adebayo

Tenth Grade Student
Emmanuella is an academic whiz whose talents are not limited to her academics but sports as well. She has a strong passion for basketball and enjoys playing it very much. A natural born leader who is always determined to get what she wants and very sociable with her extroverted nature. Emmanuella is very curious and always up for the challenge. She has a passion for speaking and hopes to influence the world with her voice

Fayaaz Banjo

Sixth grade student
An 11-year-old Year 6 student, recently hailed as the overall best pupil, is affectionately known as the "Child Genius" for his outstanding skills. A leading figure in mathematics for young minds in the Federal Capital Territory, Fayaaz excels academically and in co-curricular activities like soccer and literature. Despite his youth, he achieved second place in both the Aduvie Mental Maths and Spelling Bee Competitions in the 2022/2023 academic session, also securing the title of Overall Best in Mathematics for Year 5. Fayaaz's dedication to mathematics positions him as a beacon of educational excellence, and he'll share his insights in his TEDx talk titled "A World of Numbers: Making Mathematics Meaningful for Kids." Welcome Fayaaz Banjo to the TEDx stage!

Feyifoluwa Shamira Olaleye

Grade 10 student
Feyifoluwa Shamira Olaleye, a 13-year-old student at Aduvie International School, stands out for her academic excellence, becoming the top student in her class in Year 7 and the overall best in Year 8. She earned the title of national champion in the Microsoft Office Specialist competition in 2022 and was the top junior WAEC student at Aduvie in 2023. Beyond academics, Feyifoluwa is a music enthusiast, proficient in playing the piano and saxophone, and a polyglot with knowledge of French, Spanish, and Japanese. She also enjoys basketball and golf, showcasing her well-rounded character and diverse talents.

Funmilola Atere

Eleventh Grade Student
Funmilola is a sixteen year old high school student. She loves listening to music, writing poems and reading novels. She is kind and caring and thus, take frequent visits to Orphanage Homes and assist the needy. Funmi is an athlethic student who has earned the nickname, “Funmi the track-star”. She loves to speak to people to affect and influence them for good, hence, her passion to speak at the TedX Aduvie event. Her major life slogan is “Life does not give us a reason to live. Rather, we have to find a reason to live”

Kayla Wanu Peter-Ojie

Fifth Grade student
A distinguished 9 year old Year 5 pupil with an impressive average of 90.59. She is not only academically gifted but also passionate about gymnastics, swimming, singing, dancing, and reading. Her love for rice and chicken mirrors the simplicity in her joys. She has amassed numerous accolades, including being a four-time winner of the Most Outstanding Pupil award, a three-time Best Diction recipient, the Most Punctual Student, the Neatest Pupil, the Best Pupil in Numeracy, and a proud holder of a Purple Belt in Black Master Karate-Do International. As she takes the TEDx stage to talk about "The Power of Playful Learning," Kayla embodies the essence of her message: the transformative power of combining play with learning. Join us in welcoming Kayla Wanu Peter-ojie, a true testament to the profound impact of embracing diverse interests alongside academic pursuit.

Linus Ajene Oyagaba Abah

Teacher + Author
Linus Ajene Oyagaba Abah is an educator, prolific writer, and teenagers' coach with a bachelor's degree in Education and English and Literary Studies from Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria. He published a short story, "In the Twinkle of Movement” in 2020. He won the Solid Base Private Schools Teacher of the Year Award in 2021 in Enugu, Nigeria, where he taught English and Literature-in-English for his innovative teaching, dedication and teaching styles. Oyagaba is dedicated to empowering teenagers. Beyond his professional endeavours, Oyagaba is a cultural enthusiast with a keen interest in Pan-Africanism, believing in the need to appreciate and preserve African cultural heritage. He currently teaches English Language at Aduvie International School, Abuja, Nigeria. He spends his free time writing poems and stories. His collection of short stories, “There are Few Happy People on Earth” is set for publication later this year.

Olaoluwa Oyeleke Emmanuel

Eleventh Grade Student
Olaoluwa Oyeleke is a 15 year old 11th Grade student in Aduvie International school with a keen interest in electronics and music.Motivated by his passion for music,Olaoluwa is a an ardent instrumentalist.He also has many awards and certificates,such as MOS certification in excel,Multiple DELF exams,and many others.He is very involved in inter and intra school competitions and is an Avid athlete.He loves to read books from the likes of Rick Riordan,Enid Blyton and Jenifer Holm.He is the Head of the music club and is very involved with the student council body.Olaoluwa Has faced many challenges and obstacle. He was resilient enough not to be deterred by those challenges; rather, he overcome them and emerged stronger and better.Join him today as he discusses on a crucial aspect of life:

Onome Adaka Eucharia

English Language Teacher
She is dedicated and experienced educator with six years of teaching experience and a passion for inspiring students’ academic growth and personal development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Literary Studies from Delta State University, Professional Diploma in Education with an Master’s degree in Communication and Development Studies. complemented by certifications in IGCSE, TRCN, IELTS, and SAT tutoring. A confident public speaker with a proven track record of delivering engaging and informative presentations. She demonstrates exceptional academic achievements and a commitment to ongoing professional development. Her academic profile showcases a seasoned educator with a strong academic background, diverse teaching experiences, and a commitment to professional growth and excellence.

Renee Onozasi Ogirima

Fourth Grade Student
Renee, currently a fourth-year student at Aduvie International School, has exemplified leadership since a young age. At six years old, she served as the Timekeeper Prefect for the primary section, skillfully coordinating study and play times. This experience not only fostered collaboration among classmates, administrators, and teachers but also honed her essential coping skills. A trailblazer in initiating Aduvie's annual visits to orphanages for Children’s Day, Renee has consistently demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility. Beyond her leadership achievements, Renee values her close-knit family, sharing a profound bond with her elder sister, Paris. Together, they embrace travel and culinary adventures. Motivated by a deep desire to make a positive impact, Renee aspires to become a Pediatrician in the future.

Salma Abdullahi

Grade 12 student
Appointed Director of WHO at the Nigerian international secondary schools model United Nations. Certified MOS excel specialist Ambassador of the Voice of the Girl Child and Vulnerable People Foundation. 1st position in the 2023 Aduvie annual debate competition Selected as one of the honorable mentions whose story was published in the volume 8. 2023 edition of the my Rainbow books. An advocate for gender equity under the Girl Advocates for Gender Equality Volunteer at the pad project organization. Has organized several fundraisers and outreaches with the aim of ending period poverty. Passionate about healthcare development and has interned at hospitals where she shadowed activities such as myomectomies, exploratory laparotomies, appendectomies etc.

Shalom Adebayo Oluwatosin

Year 12 High School Student
Shalom is a Microsoft office specialist in PowerPoint, Former president of the debate club, Former Vice president of current affairs club, Former Secretary of the home makers club, Participated in the cancer awareness project, Acquired first place in the 2023 inter annual debate competition in aduvie international school, Participated in the annual art and science exhibition in 2021 where her and her team built an electric car, Member of the interact club which embarked on a period poverty alleviation project sharing pass to the less privileged funded by a fundraiser which was also organized by the club promoter of culture preservation and has single handedly organized language classes in the community

Tamara Hayi Stephanie

Eleventh Grade Student
Tamara is a sixteen year old high school student currently in year 11 who likes to call herself “a leader without a title”. She is a proud holder of the MOS Certificate and a current participant of the Duke of Edinburgh Program. She is a multi-talented individual who has a passion for photography. Her great aspiration is to be one of the best diplomats in her field of study. AS for records, she emerged as one of the best directors of the 2022 NISSMUN Program.

Zaara Fatima Habib

Grade 7 students
A dynamic Year 7 student born on April 19, 2012. Zaara is not only passionate about swimming and writing but also has a keen interest in literature, with "The Beetle Boy" ranking as her favorite novel. Academically, she shines brightly, having secured numerous awards for her exceptional skills in mental maths and outstanding performance in various classes. Beyond academics, Zaara's prowess extends to the pool, where she has earned multiple medals, showcasing her remarkable swimming talent.

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