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Theme: TEDxPlattsburgh - Countdown 2023

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November 30, 2023
Plattsburgh, New York
United States

TEDx Plattsburgh 2023 Virtual Countdown Event
IMPACT - Leadership for an Impactful Climate Action

Are we missing the significant role of important groups in climate change that may change the game of success?

Governments and global leaders are busy seeking solutions to climate change, but are they involving enough the voice of this group?
What is this group about?

SMEs from around the world, driven by WOMEN, YOUTH, and DIVERSITY, are thriving and getting traction, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs that want to participate and have an impact on climate change.

- Women Leadership has a unique advantage in bringing this Approach to life as women leaders have been shown by research that they are more empathetic, socially responsible, and transformative.

- Youth and young persons (from all ages) often come with a culture of creativity, innovation, and thinking out of the boxes, and particularly among students, that can be supportive of new ideas for transformational change.
Youth is a driving force for change via new patterns in this new world with different dynamics for success after COVID-19.

- Diversity is behind success AND progressiveness, equity, equality, and inclusiveness in both entrepreneurship and climate action. Having these applied to climate entrepreneurs would generate a powerful multiplicator of the impact.

Human-made crises need human-made solutions, including all pillars of human skills – cognitive, affective, physical, and … social- along with equal opportunities for all leaders, regardless of gender, age, and position.

And that is what we are missing when it comes to Persistent, Passionate Action for Sustainability Goals: Bottom-Up, Inclusive, Multifaceted Approach.

And now is the time for the new generation of entrepreneurs to enter the fray and accelerate Climate Action.
 Are you one of those entrepreneurs?
 Are you one of those who believe in WOMEN, YOUTH, DIVERSITY is the missing piece of the success to have a Greener,
Healthier as well as a More Peaceful and Fairer World?
 Are you one of those who want to support a new generation of entrepreneurs for Climate Action?
 Are you one of those who say `YES ` to Persistent, Passionate Action for Sustainability Goals

Then, Join us at TEDxPlattsburgh, we'll talk about all these topics and more:


- Dr Ayse Basak Cinar Lowe, Award Winner Coach 4 Leadership and Wellbeing/ Speaker/Sustainability, and

- Stephane Bilodeau, Eng., PhD, FEC, Chairman of Smart Phases Inc.
Both are co-founders of the Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders Forum for Equitable and Inclusive Sustainability.

Long-Standing Team Members and Outstanding Contributors:

• Divya Singhal, Chairperson - Centre For Social Sensitivity and Action (CSSA) and Professor at Goa Institute of Management, entrepreneurship and climate change.

• Renahan Gil, Independent Advisory Board Member, Universal Health Access, Personal and Corporate Image & Reputation Management, Philanthropy and Fundraising, AI-Driven Solutions

Our team will be accompanied by a fantastic set of international speakers, and panelists:

• Zeynep Alemdar, Founder, Director of Women in Foreign Policy Initiative Turkey, Orkan University

• Asli Erem, PhD, Board Member and Climate & Gender Equality & Women Empowerment entrepreneur

• Sangeeta Sahi, Humanitarian-Focused Dr./ Founder and President, Consultant and Mentor Genuine Human Being/ Founder Unified Human Foundation UK and USA

• Susan Popoola, Human Value Optimisation Specialist, Founder, Mosaic Wise C.I.C.

• Briyidt Ripamonti, Global Business Council Dubai/Miami, PR Pangea capital/Nearctic LLC, Women Talks TM/Empresaria Magazine, world-wide campaign #SOSWATER

• Isabela Tatu, Sustainable Shipping, Maritime Ambassador, SEND & DEI Governor, UCL - MPA Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value

Empowering women, youth, and people from diversity to become resilient leaders should be at the core of that plan.
So, don't miss the opportunity to listen to outstanding contributors!
We welcome you to ask your questions and share insights so we all can Learn-Act-Grow Together.

- Are you one of those who believe in WOMEN, YOUTH, and DIVERSITY as the missing pieces of the success to have a Greener, Healthier, and More Peaceful Equal World?
- Are you one of those who want to support a new generation of initiatives for Climate Action?
- Are you one of those who say `YES ` to Persistent Passionate Action for Sustainability Goals

Then, Come and Join us at TEDxPlattsburgh 4.0. We'll talk about all these topics and more.
Don't miss the opportunity, and make your reservation now!

#JointheCountdown for this seventh TEDxPlattsburgh TED Countdown Event on November 30th, 2023

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