Pine Lake Youth
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Theme: Beyond School-Flourish

This event occurred on
April 7, 2024
Bellevue, Washington
United States

"Beyond School-Flourish" is a captivating theme that explores the limitless possibilities and personal growth that extend beyond traditional educational boundaries. This theme encourages individuals to embrace a holistic approach to learning, emphasizing not only academic achievements but also personal development, creativity, and the pursuit of passions. "Beyond School-Flourish" inspires a mindset that values lifelong learning, self-discovery, and the cultivation of diverse skills, ultimately leading to a flourishing and well-rounded life beyond the confines of formal education. It invites participants to break free from conventional expectations and discover their unique paths to personal and professional success.

Meydenbauer Theater
11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004
Bellevue, Washington, 98004
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ang Barnard

Communication Consultant
Ang Barnard is a communications consultant, career coach who is known for her expertise in teaching influential communication skills that raise the energy of our workplaces. She has provided communications training to every branch of the U.S. military, public and corporate leaders across the globe. She was the youngest and only female to serve on a U.S. Department of Defense crisis management team preparing spokespersons for national disasters and terrorism incidents. She hosts The Intentional Mind Podcast, a top 1% globally ranked podcast all about intentionally designing your life. She enjoys hiking, traveling and relaxing at her Iake home in Indiana.

Christopher Lee

Entrepreneur, Program Manager
Christopher Lee is a serial entrepreneur passionate about turning inventions into innovations. By finding pain points and developing technological solutions, he has led several startups from ideation to acquisition. Today, he is a project manager at Microsoft’s Cloud&AI team, and works on several startups and side ventures in his free time, including serving as executive producer on an upcoming film. Christopher was inspired by his passion for building creatively with LEGO, and today he is an official LEGO ambassador, winner of LEGO Masters USA, and operator of the DuckBricks Youtube channel with 150K subscribers. He aspires to one day open a LEGO Museum, using his world record-breaking collection of over 8,000 LEGO sets to inspire the future builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of the next generation to follow their passions and find their creative fuel.

Deepti Agrawal

A WA state Governor's Art and Heritage Award winner in 2022, Deepti is a world-renowned expert in Madhubani Painting and possibly the only notable practitioner who is a successful art-entrepreneur, a passionate educator, an impactful orator and an altruistic philanthropist. She is a Board member at Humanities WA, guest lecturer at Seattle University, guest artist at Seattle Art Museum, King County Library System, Kirkland Art Center among many other public and private organizations of national and international repute. Deepti has a vision to awaken the community around to the Indian traditional visual arts and to shape creatively dynamic, culturally rooted and socially sensitive artists. Her work evokes conversations around the lesser known and forgotten stories which are documented in ancient scriptures. These narratives have deep cultural and spiritual significance and generate curiosity in the onlooker to unravel more.

Greg Kettner

Greg empowers and inspires audiences around the world to be the very best they can be. His passionate stories will engage you, make you laugh and touch a tender part of your heart too. Greg is also a world-class connector who's spent time with hockey icon Wayne Gretzky, shared the stage with comedian Robin Williams and almost knocked over Queen Elizabeth II. Greg's mission is to help 1,000,000 people WorkHappy and talk about mental health.

Mahima Roy Kolar

Mahima Roy Kolar is a 6th grader at Lakeside School in Shoreline. She enjoys reading and writing and has self-published two books (The World in My Words and Land of the Rose Apple). She taps into her love of visual and performing arts by practicing a traditional Indian art form and playing the piano. She has a passion for public speaking, which she does competitively in the form of debate and Model United Nations. As an avid learner, Mahima believes it is important to stay up-to-date about the world around her. In the future, she dreams of becoming a lawyer, so she can uphold equality, liberty, and justice.

Nikhita Penugonda

A high school senior who is deeply passionate about astronomy, math, and physics! As a member of the Million Girls Moonshot Inaugural Flight Crew, she strives to inspire young girls to explore opportunities in STEM. In 2022, Nikhita was recognized by VP Kamala Harris and awarded a ceremonial star from Frito-Lay for her contributions to the female STEM community. She also serves as the director of GRASS (Girls Rock at STEM Seminars), a program that introduces middle schoolers to the expansive world of STEM

Samuel Kidd

Whether on a microphone singing or speaking, Samuel Kidd, age 15 is candid, confident, and passionate. He prays that his voice will be used for great things and inspire as many people as possible. He composes and sings his own music; and according to his family, has an immense gift of the gab. Samuel’s 50 completed songs are written from his experience. His song titled Insomnia speaks of his challenges with sleep, which, interestingly, has an upbeat melody. Many of his songs are about friendships, while others speak of his relationship with God.

Srinika Bhagavathula

Srinika’s days are spent tracking her blood sugar levels because of Type 1 Diabetes, managing her diet, and controlling her intake of insulin. A monitor worn on her arm tracks Srinika’s life-threatening condition. Srinika is on a mission to help kids suffering with Type 1 Diabetes to know how to stand up for themselves and voice their needs, so that even with T1D they can fulfill all their dreams and aspirations. To the general public Srinika says, “Please be aware of Type 1 Diabetes and take proactive steps to avoid it so you can live a happier, healthier life”.

Tanji Johnson Bridgeman

Military Veteran, Fitness Champion
Tanji Johnson Bridgeman is a military veteran, 11 time fitness champion, entrepreneur, leader. Tanji has always been passionate about empowering others to champion for themselves and their goals starting with herself. Tanji competed as a high level fitness professional for 18 years earning 11 champion titles and coached over 700 athletes through fitness transformations using positive psychology continues to stay involved in the fitness industry as an event promoter and judge. Tanji is most passionate about leading people to discovering their strengths and leveraging a champion mindset to live a life of self-efficacy and empowerment through her transformational speaking business.

Uma Bambroo

Uma has performed as a solo singer more than 7 times, a dancer more than 10 times, and spoken on various stages more than 15 times. The crowning moment of her speaking career was in the Las Angeles Convention Center for The Best You Expo. Uma’s keynote is titled, “Master your Message” where she shares ways, she has empowered her voice through personal experience of failure and triumph. Uma aspires to encourage kids who doubt their ability to inspire others. She is the author of two books, Developed Thru Darkness and The Parenting Owner’s Manual, a #1 Best-seller.

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  • Yashashri Mahaajan