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Theme: Kintsugi

This event occurred on
January 31, 2024
Nanchang, Jiangxi

Kintsugi is a Japanese artistic practice of mending broken pieces of pottery through the use of lacquer with gold powder.

The randomness with which the pottery is broken exhibits the chaos and uncertainties of life. The employment of clearly manifested lines of gold to piece together the scattered pottery is an emphasis on past brokenness and wounds. The combination of the pieces is an allusion to the interconnections of the pieces and how different things are able to complement each other. The transformation from disintegrated fragments to a piece of art is a manifestation of acceptance, rebirth, and new life.

Jiangxi University of Technology High School
Jingdong Avenue No.1048
Nanchang, Jiangxi, 33000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Amino Chen

Student, Class of 2025
Amino Chen loves listening to songs made by Neru and Maretu and creating fan-art for her favorite manga and anime works. Her academic interests lie in many fields, from economics to physics.

Arthur Zhu

Student, Class of 2026
Arthur Zhu is an avid biker with cosmic imagination and a penchant for history. Hardcore yet sharp-minded, he blends adventure with intellect, ready to embark on extraordinary journeys.

Chester Guo

Student, Class of 2025
Chester Guo has been honing his British humor through a series of hilarious interactions with a Brit teacher—watch out, world! Part-time superhero, full-time BBQ enthusiast, and proudly the only person not swept away by the Game of Thrones frenzy, Chester is the rare breed who adores football (or soccer, whatever)! Holding the prestigious title of Chief Dancing Officer (even if it's unanimously agreed he's the worst dancer) at JKFZ. Despite being allergic, he swears by the magical powers of coffee to solve any problem. History, politics, sociology, classical music, international affairs, and a dab of philosophy get his gears going. Plus, rumor has it, he's the undisputed world champion of memes.

Josie Fu

Student, Class of 2025
Josie Fu stands out for her deep fascination with the philosophical underpinnings of art. Exploring the realms of creativity from a young age, Josie is captivated by the intricacies of artistic philosophy and its role in shaping societal perspectives. Her curiosity extends beyond the confines of textbooks. She will offer a glimpse into her journey of self-discovery within the vast landscape of art, contemplating its profound meanings and questioning its relevance in our ever-evolving world. Through the lens of a philosophically inclined high schooler, she aims to spark discussions on the transformative power of art in shaping our understanding of the human experience.

Keren Xu

Student, Class of 2027
Keren Xu is a student that is obsessed with science and philosophy, and you might find both of them in the broken pottery in her talk. She’s trying to deeply explore the philosophy behind the art of Kintsugi. Keren goes further and becomes more innovative, also connecting it with her own life experiences to create more fresh philosophical ideas.

Michelle Zong

Student, Class of 2025
Michelle Zong is a mango enthusiast, a web surfer, and a creative dreamer. Beneath the seemingly calm façade, her mind has already wandered ten miles away, daydreaming about soaring with the birds, swimming with the fish, or time-traveling back to the origins of humanity to explore what went down… Spent three years hustling on self-map development, still a work in progress.

Miumiu Jiang

Student, Class of 2026
Miumiu Jiang is a vivacious and optimistic idealist who possesses a deep passion for sports and traveling. Additionally, she has an affinity for K-pop and dancing, while constantly grappling with the challenges posed by mathematics. Furthermore, she enjoys indulging in movies and harbors an incredibly profound spiritual world. Her yearning for art and a Platonic free life coexists with her ambitious nature as a young individual driven by lofty dreams.

Nabigail Fu

Student, Class of 2025
Nabigail Fu is a passionate, eclectic high school girl who, with a dream of becoming a fashion designer or a cartoonist and focusing on science for 15 years, chose to study economics, chose to study economics. She is keen on playing badminton, drawing and creating original characters in different world settings and making names up for them (yes even her own English name was fabricated by herself because it looks cool to have your name underlined as grammar mistake when typed in Microsoft Word). Her other hobbies include studying British sense of humor and making handicrafts like ceramics.

Suzy Duan

Student, Class of 2025
Suzy Duan is an illusionist who still believes in the existence of Santa Claus and magic even though she is already an AS student and a science (especially biology) enthusiast. Making dead animal bodies into specimens has become her recent hobby (well it’s much cooler to immortalize them rather than burying them in trash bins!). She would claim that she is a fan artist of Tolkien fandoms, despite the fact that her thoughtful brain always work better than her hands.

Zou Zou

Student, Class of 2025
Zou is a 17-year-old student. Although she is not an extremely outgoing teenager, being good at making friends is one of her strengths. Zou has empathy and various social skills. During her speech, she prefers to have more interaction with her listeners and make them more engaged. Chemistry is Zou's favorite subject since it is a subject that helps her to obtain a deeper understanding to the world around her. In her spare time, she is keen on drawing. Collecting traditional Chinese handcrafts such as porcelain, jade sculpture or paintings are her hobbies as well.

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