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Theme: Unleashing Renaissance

This event occurred on
November 8, 2023
Oko Irese, Kwara

We warmly welcome you to our university’s captivating TEDx event, "Unleashing Renaissance." Together, we would embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, time, and limitations as we gather here to explore the profound power of human innovation, creativity, and transformation in a series of inspiring talks to be led by the amazing speakers chosen around the ethos of our university: S-T-E-M-i.

"Unleashing Renaissance" is a celebration of the boundless potential within each of us and the remarkable ability we possess to ignite change, shape the future, and breathe life into ideas that can change the world.

Prepare to be inspired, as we delve into the very essence of renaissance – a rebirth of ideas, a revival of possibilities, and a reawakening of the human spirit. Together, we will unlock the doors to our shared future, where innovation knows no bounds, and a renaissance of thought awaits.

We look forward to welcome you to TAU, the Pride of Nigeria and Africa’s knowledge hub!

University Auditorium
Thomas Adewumi University Drive, Off Idofin Road
Oko Irese, Kwara, 251103
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University (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Adam Muhammed Ndakudu

Adam (popularly known as Egi Nupe) is a distinguished, solutions-oriented thoroughbred first-class law professional with broad legal expertise in disputes resolution, corporate and commercial law, banking, debts and assets recovery; employment law, aviation/carriage of goods, and admiralty matters. Adam has several years of legal experience delivering ultinate clientele satisfaction on briefs singularly and in diverse work groups.

Adeola Olaleye

Backend Engineer SeamlessHR
Adeola Olaleye is a Software Engineer at Seamless_hr. In addition to her professional role, she is a passionate community advocate for Women Techmakers Ilorin and serves as an organizer for both Kwara Build and the Google Developer Group.

Ayodele Aransiola

Ayodele, the founder of Leom Technologies Limited and Worka (worka.ng), is a seasoned tech professional with over nine years of experience and a successful entrepreneur. Ayodele's expertise in front-end development, technical writing, technical project management, and community management has earned him widespread recognition in the tech industry for his innovative solutions. In addition to being a respected educator and instructor at LinkedIn Learning, he has positively affected the lives of over 20,000 people through mentoring and educational support.

Emmanuel Ozi-Yusuf

Software Entrepreneur
Emmanuel Ozi-Yusuf, a seasoned software entrepreneur and two-time founder, is currently spearheading innovation as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder of Kamel. With Kamel, he's on a mission to revolutionise social commerce, making it accessible and enabling individuals to embark on the entrepreneurial journey without capital constraints. Kamel not only empowers resellers but also helps vendors reach a broader audience, earn a living, and boost their sales.

Kamaldeen Kehinde

Product Manager at MALhub
Kamaldeen Kehinde is a Community Manager and Product Manager who specializes in building and creating value for tech ecosystem development. His expertise in program incubation and management is rooted in providing technical guidance, mentorship, community support, and facilitation to promote the importance of tech innovation across Africa.

Miracle Olabode

Cloud Engineer/Community Builder
Miracle Olabode is a Cloud Engineer and a Community Builder passionate about cloud computing, automation, and empowering developers.

Raphael Anagbe

Senior Programs Officer
Raphael is a professional in youth leadership and social entrepreneurial development with a B.Sc. in Economics from Benue State University (2011). With over 9 years at Enactus Nigeria, he has held roles ranging from student to Senior Programs Officer. In his capacity as Senior Programs Officer, he oversees the implementation of programs and has mentored over 28,000 undergraduates across Nigeria. Additionally, he has a certificate in Non-profit Leadership and Management from Lagos Business School.

Rasheed Mudasiru

Devops Engineer
Rasheed bring a wealth of expertise as a DevOps Engineer, specializing in automation and continuous delivery. His journey started with a passion for tech, and it is now fueled by a desire to make a meaningful impact. Rasheed has been fortunate to collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to help them reach their goals, bringing innovative solutions to life.

Samuel Farohunbi

Biochemistry Researcher
Samuel Farohunbi is an experienced biochemistry researcher with a strong ICT inclination. He leads the Department of Biological Sciences at Thomas Adewumi University and plays pivotal roles in faculty training and seminars. Additionally, as the CEO of Goodnews Infotechnologies and Co-founder of Dominahl Technologies LLC, he's entrenched in tech entrepreneurship and is keen on discussions around biochemistry, AI technology, and leadership.

Sodiq Akinjobi

Program Manager
Sodiq Akinjobi is a highly accomplished Program Manager with over 5 years of experience in global marketing, community building, and developer relations. He has a background in mechanical engineering from Yaba College of Technology (2014) and a systems engineering degree from the University of Lagos (2020). Currently pursuing an MBA at Quantic, Sodiq excels in streamlining documentation, implementing community strategies, and organizing events. He contributes to developer growth at Google in Africa and is a sought-after speaker at tech events, known for his passion for knowledge sharing and community inspiration. Sodiq continues to make a significant impact in program management and technology.

Stephen Afolayan

Community Organiser
Stephen is a passionate community organizer and a tenacious advocate for quality education. With a background in computer science, he brings over a decade of experience in programming and community building to his work. He specializes in organizing communities around tech, entrepreneurship, and social causes.

Taofeeqah Bello

Product Designer
Product Designer at Sysbeams and Program Manager at KWISN | Solving Real-World Problems with Meaningful Experiences. Taofeeqah wears multiple hats as a versatile professional, excelling in product design and community management. With a deep passion for creating meaningful experiences, She strives to design products that not only look good but also address real-world problems.

Organizing team

Stephen Edache

Oko Irese, Nigeria


Oko-Irese, Nigeria