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This event occurred on
October 27, 2023
london, London, City of
United Kingdom

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

White City House - Soho House
2, Television Centre, 101 Wood Ln
london, London, City of, W12 7FR
United Kingdom
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Akhil Menon

Carbon Removals | Climate Tech | 3x founder
A visionary leader in the entrepreneurial landscape, Akhil has a proven history of founding, scaling, and successfully exiting startups in diverse sectors including Media, IT Services, and Artificial Intelligence. An alumnus of prestigious accelerators such as Antler and Entrepreneur First, he has not only raised significant venture capital but also transformed nascent ideas into industry-changing businesses. Currently steering the Revenue Operations at CUR8, a trailblazing Carbon removal startup backed by Google Ventures, Akhil is at the forefront of environmental innovation. His strategic acumen and indomitable spirit make him an unparalleled force in turning revolutionary ideas into scalable and profitable ventures.

Anette Dimmen

Founder & CEO
Anette Miwa Dimmen is a serial entrepreneur based in Oslo, Norway. Anette found herself asking the question why she felt the need to change clothes as soon as she came home. And why she was changing into clothes she didn't want to be seen in? From these questions AWAN (As We Are Now) was born.Late 2019, Anette received investment from Antler in Stockholm, found a co-founder, and embarked on a mission to change the dressing experience for women with a 24/7 comfort-first apparel concept built on uncompromising wellness and circularity.

Angelika Sharygina

Political Scientist | Researcher | Keynote Speaker | Youth Leader | Tech For Good🌎
Angelika Sharygina is a policy advisor, researcher, media presenter, and impact founder. Drawing from her profound on-ground experiences in war zones, both in Afghanistan and Ukraine, she has emerged as an expert on countering misinformation in digital and geopolitical landscapes. Angelika specialises in dis/misinformation interventions, strategic policy advisory and impact-driven technologies while promoting responsible AI use with a human-centred approach. Powered by a mission to counter information warfare, she joined Trépel lab at Trinity College Dublin, housed at Global Brain Health Institute, and does a doctorate degree on the consequences of misinformation in conflict and war.Honored as a United Nations speaker, UNESCO advisor and recognized as a Young Leader by the Digital Opportunity Trust for her remarkable contributions to society, Angelika is a sought-after expert for governments and forward-thinking organizations navigating the complexities of the digital age.

Anna Kalbasko

Founder at Being Aware | Inner MBA | MSc | Therapist | Coach | Mental Health Advocate | Former Senior Urban Designer
Anna Kalbasko is certified therapist, conscious leadership coach and a former urban designer, who now brings inner and outer worlds together. Her mission is to help others explore and transform their inner world, so that they can deepen their capacity for self-awareness to open up to the best possibilities of life and make their work a force for good. She specialises in Inner Child Work providing a methodical approach to facilitate a serious honest soul-excavating inner work. As a founder of Being Aware, she offers mental health and well-being workshops for companies and organisations across the UK and Europe. B.Arch., M.Sc, Inner MBA Alumnus, founder, qualified meditation teacher, certified therapist, group facilitator, conscious leadership coach and former senior urban designer.

Annya Sand

UNESCO artist. Sustainable Art.
Annya Sand is a contemporary multimedia artist known for her signature abstract art. She is a third generation artist like her father and grandfather before her and has had her work exhibited in renowned international art fairs and governmental institutions, from The Houses of Parliament in London to the UN headquarters in New York. Annya has also displayed her art at global museums and private collections worldwide.Supported by the UNESCO Colours for the Planet project in Andorra, Annya Sand’s work was exhibited at the UN headquarters in New York in September 2016. Her previous works have appeared in governmental institutions and leading art fairs; from The Houses of Parliament, Masterpiece and Lapada Art Fairs in London, to AHAF Hong Kong and ArtBahrain. Annya is a passionate advocate for the interrelations between art and politics, particularly soft power initiatives and cultural diplomacy.

Chris Hocknell

Director and Founder
Chris is a Director of Eight Versa where he brings over 17 years’ experience of supporting the built environment and corporate world with their sustainability goals. Specialising in sustainability strategy development, Chris works closely with clients to assess and understand their carbon and environmental footprint. Once measured, he partners with organisations to develop practical solutions so that they reach the highest standards and achieve Natural Carbon Solutions certification. Along with his MSc in Environmental Technology and Energy Policy, Chris is a certified member of several associations, some of which include the Association of Energy Engineers (Certified Energy Manager), CIBSE (Low Carbon Consultant) as well as LEED and BREEAM Accreditations.

Kishan Changlani

Sustainability Solutions & Services Executive | UNFCCC and UNEP Partner Member | COP Delegate and Speaker | Sustainable Finance Advisor for Large Global Banks | Climate Tech| SusTech Advisory Board Member | Green Sports
A visionary climate optimist deeply committed to sustainability, the founder of World Climate Athletes, and a dedicated advocate for climate action in finance, technology, and sports. Kishan serves as an advisor to NGOs and SusTechs, leveraging his expertise in sustainable finance and technology. He collaborates with UNEP FI and UNFCCC Technical Executive Committee and Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) to drive climate innovation, using his boundless enthusiasm and exceptional networking skills to amplify the impact of every initiative he engages in. Kishan embodies the '5 Habits' of Respect, Responsiveness, Communication, Stewardship, and Trustworthiness, solidifying his status as a trusted professional in his field.

Lilly Dempster

Founder & CEO
Lily Dempster is an award-winning climate technology entrepreneur with a decade of experience working as a climate activist. She is the CEO & Founder of One Small Step, a software platform that successfully tackles Scope 3 emissions and demand-side climate change mitigation through behaviour change, without relying on carbon offsets. The One Small Step app has been featured by Apple, has close to 100,000 users, saved millions of kilos of greenhouse gas emissions and has won numerous awards, including Green Innovation of the Year Finalist in Australia. Lily is a 2023 Cartier Women's Initiative Fellow for Oceania, a prestigious international prize for impact entrepreneurship. She is also a Vogue Codes Future Innovator and one of HolonIQ's 100 Women in Climate Tech.Lily has a multi-disciplinary background in political & social science, law, economics, product development, environmental sustainability, public policy and renewable energy technology engineering.

Longtong Dafyak

AI, Energy and Climate | Digital consulting
Dr. Longtong Dafyak is a highly accomplished engineer and researcher passionate about leveraging technology to drive sustainable development. With a doctorate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Nottingham, she has cultivated expertise in various domains. Longtong's career journey has seen her excel in roles as an engineer in digital consulting and a community manager at KlimateNet, an academic and a member of UN women UK. She has also published papers, articles, and a book chapter focusing on applied intelligence with the energy industry. Her extensive experience, combined with her strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, positions her as a valuable source of insights and inspiration.

Mark Stuart

International Director, Producer, High-Impact Executive Coach, Facilitator, Speaker
Mark Stuart is a multifaceted creative force in the world of theater and personal development. With a rich background in theater producing and directing, as well as executive and high-impact coaching, facilitating, and speaking, he masterfully weaves these diverse skills into a one-of-a-kind experience that captivates and transforms lives.Mark's passion for storytelling began at an early age, and he quickly made a name for himself in the theater industry. He has directed and produced numerous critically acclaimed productions across the globe, earning recognition for his unique ability to bring powerful narratives to life on stage. However, it was Mark's innate desire to help others unlock their full potential that led him to explore the world of coaching and personal development. In every facet of his work, Mark Stuart demonstrates a commitment to fostering authentic connections, unleashing untapped potential, and leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those he encounters.

Shashank Nigam

Crafting the future of ✈ @ SimpliFlying | Author | Entrepreneur
Shashank Nigam is on a mission to build trust in travel through technology. He’s the #1 Amazon bestselling author of SOAR and earned his wings consulting for over 100 airlines and airports over 15 years. He has jet fuel running through his veins and is widely considered one of the most entertaining and original speakers on the future of aviation, marketing and digital innovations. Nigam's expertise in digital innovation has been recognized by several prestigious organizations. He has been named one of the "Top 100 Global Thought Leaders in the Travel Industry" by Skift, and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal.

Suzanne Andersen

Postdoctoral Researcher at DTU - Founding CEO
Suzanne is the founding CEO of NitroVolt, a company focused on decarbonizing the nitrogen-based fertilizer industry and creating resiliency to the supply chain by giving control of the production of fertilizers to the farmers. Using their container-sized system, which only needs air, water, and renewable electricity to create sustainable nitrogen-based fertilizer on demand, the farmer gains self-suffiency. Suzanne has worked on this technology for the past 6.5 years during both her Ph.D. project and postdoctoral work in Physics and Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

Thomas Canguilhem

Climate Entrepreneur | Co-Founder & CEO | Public Speaker | World Economic Forum Top-Innovator
Thomas is a passionate climate-entrepreneur and CEO into the digital and green economy, with a wide international exposure and 20+ years of experience in developing businesses, restructuring companies and leading digital & sustainable transitions. Thomas is now on a mission to leave a greener planet to the next generations, as co-founder & International CEO of EcoTree, one of the most promising nature-based solutions to tackle climate change.

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