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Theme: Recurrence

This event occurred on
February 17, 2024
West Lafayette, Indiana
United States

We all experience some form of recurrence in our daily lives. However, this year at TEDxPurdueU we seek to explore how recurrence influences our lives at a deeper level. How does recurrence manifest in our social or scientific landscape? How does it impact our political or historical spheres? Join TEDxPurdueU as we explore the variety of ways recurrence is embedded into our shared experience of life. Boundary-pushing experts from Purdue University and beyond present their work in the classic TEDx format of bite-sized talks that are 18-minutes or less.

Loeb Playhouse
128 Memorial Mall
West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907
United States
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University (What is this?)
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Brady Silverwood

Author, Ultrarunner, and Entrepreneur
Brady Silverwood is an Author, Ultra-runner, and Entrepreneur amongst many other things. Silverwood co-founded Sunny Co Clothing, a global swimwear brand most known for the viral red bikini giveaway seen on Instagram. In 2019, Brady ran 3,311 miles across the USA becoming the 338th person in the world to ever do so. He is also the author of '9 For Nine' , which can be found on Amazon.

Fatemah Mirza

Director/CEO CareerTuners
"I founded CareerTuners in 2010 to help smart, career-driven leaders with professional resume services. Since then, my work has evolved to supporting clients with every step of their career journeys – from finding a career that they’re enthralled with to negotiating five-digit salary raises. I’m also the co-author of a best-selling career services book, “Resparking Creativity: A Marketing Professional’s Career Guide Towards Becoming a Director.” As a sought-after speaker and coach, I empowers audiences to get out of their comfort zones, improve their career readiness, and advocate for themselves in the workspace – be it negotiating salaries they deserve, earning promotions, or boosting their job satisfaction."

Jeff Civillico

Las Vegas Headliner
"Jeff Civillico is a Las Vegas Headliner, Professional Emcee, Keynote Speaker and Philanthropist. Jeff believes in maximizing one’s utility through action, and he lives by example. He consistently creates projects to help others, which as a byproduct gives his life deeper purpose and meaning. His nonprofit Win Win Charity, his Cisko Sound scholarships, and his philanthropic travel show ""Laughter without Borders” are all examples of his impact in action. Jeff maintains that we all put positive ripples out into the world that expand well beyond our knowledge and awareness... and he’s on a mission to help you see that too!

Majid Fotuhi

Adjunct Professor, George Washington University
"A nationally recognized neurologist, neuroscientist, and author, Dr. Fotuhi received his doctorate degree in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 and his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School in 1997. Having published three books and many articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Dr. Fotuhi is considered an authority in the field of memory, aging, and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. He has given lectures at academic centers and large organizations in more than 20 countries around the world. Dr. Fotuhi currently serves as an adjunct professor at George Washington University and also teaches at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School. "

Marcus Melnick

Personal Safety Specialist
"Marcus Melnick is a Personal Safety Specialist and worked in Public Safety roles for decades. He equips others with the knowledge and toolset to understand and overcome the paralyzing human stress response. HIs background includes multiple degrees and certifications from Loyola University Chicago and Northwestern University, including graduating from the School of Police Staff and Command. He has also taught on the graduate level, is a second generation inventor, and has testified as a court recognized expert witness. Additionally, Marcus is a radio show host, keynote speaker, and trainer in violence response. "

Reinhard Klett

Certified High Performance Coach
"As a High-Performance Coach, Reinhard helps business leaders and executives build outstanding cultures, maintain wellbeing and happy relationships, and. His book “Letting Go Saved My Life” conveys the power of letting go what is holding us back. As an engineer by trade, Reinhard worked in the automotive industry for almost 30 years, leading project teams on all continents. He finds joy in mentoring entrepreneurs using their businesses to positively impact communities. When he’s not writing, speaking, coaching, or running his real estate investment business, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their two sons, traveling and being outdoors. "

Robert Seif

Researcher, Engineer, and Entrepreneur
Robert (Bob) Seif is a master’s student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. He works on creating methods to safely test and evaluate ground-breaking AI systems to ensure best use and practice. Outside of his work with Purdue University he is a co-founder of an AI-powered lead generation company for the real estate industry and is working on his first in a series of self-improvement books. His passions include continuous learning, helping others with career-readiness and finding new jazz albums to listen to as he bikes to work.

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West Lafayette, IN, United States