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Theme: Jharokha

This event occurred on
February 4, 2024
Pune, Maharashtra

"Jharokha," is a Hindi term for an enclosed balcony or window in traditional Indian architecture but in a broader and metaphorical sense, it is a symbol of a unique perspective or viewpoint on life. Like a jharokha provides a unique vantage point to observe the world, it embodies an individual's exclusive outlook on various aspects of life. It suggests the opportunity to view life from different angles, to appreciate the multitude of narratives unfolding around us. It signifies the ability to embrace a variety of perspectives, acknowledging the richness and diversity that life has to offer.

At TEDxPICT, "Jharokha" encapsulates diverse ideas and stories, encouraging introspection and pushing us to see beyond the ordinary. Join us as we peer through this window of endless possibilities, where every story is a mosaic ready to be crafted. Jharokhas, like our multifaceted existence, mirror the different stages we navigate. Seize the opportunity to gather the world's light and shape your narrative.

TEDxPICT: Jharokha invites you to enter a world where every window holds a story, and each story unfolds a new chapter.Your window to endless possibilities beckons – become part of this collective exploration!

Zapurza Museum of Art & Culture
Ahead of Peacock Bay, Survey number 65,Kudje village
Back waters of Khadakwasla dam
Pune, Maharashtra, 411023
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University (What is this?)
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Aditya Ganeshwade

International Rollball Player, Entrepreneur
Aditya Ganeshwade's early fascination with Rollball has laid the foundation for his remarkable career journey. Starting as a Speed Skater, he seamlessly transitioned into a prominent Rollball player, leading the Indian Rollball team to numerous world championship victories and earning recognition as a record-setting goal scorer in the sport. Beyond his accomplishments in athletics, Aditya Ganeshwade ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his sportswear brand and fitness studio, ATENX. Through ATENX, he demonstrates his commitment to promoting holistic health and fitness, transcending the boundaries of conventional sports. As the founder of ATENX Sports, Aditya Ganeshwade epitomizes his dedication to fostering a culture of wellness and physical activity. He has recently set up his own institute ‘ATENX Performance Institute’ .

Madhurita Sarang School of Kathak

Dance Group
Madhurita Sarang School of Kathak embody the essence of dance as a sacred art, a prayer for the future, and a joyful exclamation of thanks for the present. The group mesmerizes the audience with their graceful movements and storytelling which presents the rich cultural tapestry of Indian classical dance.

Prachi Agarkar

Chef, Culinary Creator
Prachi Agarkar is a prominent figure in the culinary world, renowned for her performance showcased prominently in MasterChef India. With an MBA and a background in business administration, she has established herself as a culinary influencer, showcasing dedication to the culinary arts. In the past few years, she utilized platforms like Instagram to share her culinary creations, turning her passion into a professional pursuit. Her innovative approach invites us on a gastronomic journey, rediscovering the traditions and flavors defining our culinary heritage.

Priyanshi Jariwala

Fashion Entrepreneur
Priyanshi Jariwala is the visionary founder behind 'The K Cult', which offers fashionable and youth centric khadi clothes. With a keen focus on environmental consciousness, Priyanshi's mission revolves around creating eco-friendly clothing lines that seamlessly blend style and sustainability. Initiatives like ‘'Just Po Stuff ’' underline her commitment to promoting circular fashion by facilitating the resale and exchange of pre-loved clothing items, thereby reducing waste and promoting reuse. As a thought leader in sustainable fashion, Priyanshi actively educates consumers about the detrimental environmental impacts of fast fashion and advocates for more mindful consumption practices. Her efforts have garnered recognition from prominent sustainability organizations, positioning her as a driving force in leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Rohit Mote

AI Consultant, Entrepreneur
Rohit Mote stands as a distinguished alumnus of PICT, recognized for his significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence education. As the co-founder of Growthyfai, his leadership in the AI revolution is marked by a commitment to demystifying AI education and empowering individuals across various domains. With a dedicated focus on ensuring accessibility, Rohit aims to provide opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and locations to advance their careers in AI. Before founding Growthyfai, Rohit worked for Rakuten, where he gained valuable experience in the corporate sector. Through the simplification of complex concepts and the cultivation of a supportive community, Rohit endeavors to guide aspiring AI enthusiasts towards mastery and success in this rapidly evolving field.

Tapan Chaudhari

Rural Entrepreneur
Tapan Chaudhari, the CEO of The Jungle Farm, a nature tourism destination located in Bordi village, is a leader in sustainable tourism, guiding his ventures to redefine travel experiences. With a strong commitment to nature and rural entrepreneurship, he emphasizes cultural appreciation and community empowerment. Mr. Chaudhari, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Fergusson College and a Master's degree from Bharati Vidyapeeth, promotes local culinary traditions, biodiversity, and tribal entrepreneurship through The Jungle Farm, leveraging tourism for positive societal impact. His efforts reflect a sustainable approach that celebrates and preserves the essence of local communities and environments, setting a benchmark for responsible travel initiatives.

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Pune, India


  • Arohi Karhade
  • Bismah Shaikh
  • Eshwari Khurd
  • Mugdha Kulkarni
  • Mustafa Trunkwala
  • Piyush More
  • Riya Wani
  • shatakshi chaudhari
  • Shlok Belgamwar
  • Sneha Basu
  • Vibhav Sahasrabudhe