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Theme: Determination

This event occurred on
April 14, 2024
San Luis Obispo, California
United States

"Unlock Your Boundless Potential: Experience the Tedx Event - Embrace the Power of Determination and Learn Life-Changing Strategies for Success"

Determination means never giving up and always trying your best no matter how hard something is. It's like when you really want to ride a bike, but it's really difficult at first and you fall down a lot. But instead of giving up, you keep trying and practicing until you can ride the bike all by yourself. Determination helps us to achieve our goals even when things are tough.


VIP: $115 (Also includes the Meet & Greet Happy Hour with the Speakers & Sponsors the night before in Avila Beach, as well as Food & Beverages on Event Day! We only have 100 of these VIP tickets available!

General Admission: $62

Students: $17

Performing Arts Center, Cal Poly
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, California, 93407
United States
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Adam Montiel

Broadcaster | Live Host
TEDx Presentation Overview: In the face of adversity, to finding an unexpected path to success, I've come to see determination not as a destination, but as the sum of our choices in the moment. Join me on a journey where resilience and determination isn't just about reaching a goal, but about embracing the twists and turns and using those to shape our lives. Discover how a single setback, or maybe a string of them, can become the catalyst that sculpts you for greatness, where the true power of determination lies in the journey, and the unexpected.

Christopher White

Teacher | Educator
TEDx Presentation Overview: Leadership: Pressure, Anxiety, and Moments of Impact. This presentation will shed light on the profound experiences faced by leaders in today's dynamic world. From the weight of responsibility to the throes of anxiety, leaders encounter a spectrum of emotions as they navigate challenging situations. Join me as we explore how effective leadership thrives amidst pressure, tackles anxiety, and seizes the critical moments that shape the course of people’s lives. Together, we'll uncover the essence of leadership in the face of adversity and the power of transformative moments that leave an indelible mark on our lives and the world around us.

Cindy Urrutia, Ph.D

Human-Centric Leader | Consultant | Author | Speaker | Podcast Host
TEDx Presentation Overview: The Power of Recognizing Potential: The Triad of Recognition // How often do you see potential in others? And how often do you recognize potential in yourself? The determining factors are explained by the triad of recognition; and you can start using this technique today!

Claude Swain

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran | Musician | Business Development Executive
TEDx Presentation Overview: Finding an Offramp on a Dark Highway

Craig Shoemaker

Comedian | Actor | Author | Writer | Producer
TEDx Presentation Overview: "Winning With Laughter"

Henry Adelman

Assistant Strength Coach for Football | Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for Wrestling, Women's Basketball, Swim & Dive and Soccer
TEDx Presentation Overview: The Pathway to Determination and Beyond // This presentation discusses the links and causations of how one becomes determined and what that can lead towards in order to create the best version of ourselves.

Noah Solis

Entrepreneur | Mountain Man
TEDx Presentation Overview: Moving Mountains of Disbelief // We were not all made to climb mountains but we all face mountains of disbelief. Sometimes those mountains seem insurmountable. My purpose is that you would harness the power of determination and use that power to move the mountains of disbelief in your life.

Paul Jan Zdunek

Chief Executive | Organizational Transformation Specialist | Award-Winning Author | TEDx Speaker | Leadership Coach | GREY LEADERSHIP® Expert
TEDx Presentation Overview: Demons & Drivers: Never Let Impossible Win // This presentation holds the key to understanding how our childhood stressors drive our adulthood actions and how we can unlock the power to compel our Demons to serve our life’s purpose.

Shannon Huffman Polson

Keynote Speaker | Award Winning Author, Founder and CEO | Veteran
TEDx Presentation Overview: Going Deeper than Why: How the Best Leaders Ignite Passion and Perseverance // The aftermath of a global pandemic uncovered the carnage of decades of ennui leading to mental health crises in adults and teens, the impact of which permeates all of our society from the workplace to our schools. What can the best leaders do to reignite passion and perseverance? The answer lies in ancient wisdom and modern psychology, and it’s available to every one of us.

Sifu Harinder Singh

Speaker | Author | High Performance Coach
TEDx Presentation Overview: Masterful: The Creative Act of Living a Life in Flow. Mastery is the art of freeing yourself from yourself so you can be of service to the world. In this presentation, you will learn how to relax under pressure and flow in chaos by accessing your superpowers of creativity, connectivity, and adaptability. Walk away with a detailed path and process to master any chosen field.

Victoria Bradshaw

Sport Psychology Lecturer | CMPC
TEDx Presentation Overview: What does determination mean? Determination is the decision to act on your passion, but motivation is the fire that leads to continued action around that purpose. So, what can we do to cultivate that motivation and sustain that spark in moments where something we love to do turns into something that we have to do?

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