x = independently organized TED event

Theme: unbound.

This event occurred on
February 9, 2024
Miami, Florida
United States

TEDxRansomEvergladesSchool 2024 will focus on the theme "Unbound", offering speakers a chance to unlock ideas and unleash minds to possibilities not previously considered.

Ransom Everglades School
3575 Main Highway
Miami, Florida, 33133
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Eduardo Michelsen

Eduardo, an entrepreneur and tech innovator, excels in AI. His startup and venture fund experience offer unique insights into technology's societal impact. Passionate about AI for social good, he's also recognized at school for his deep knowledge of global politics, enthusiasm for Tarantino films, and his contagious laughter during lively lunchtime conversations with friends.

Emma Perdigon

Emma, an avid water polo player, cherishes time with friends and family. Beyond personal interests, she's passionate about community service, particularly impacting children's lives in local areas. Her volunteering experiences have deepened her understanding of compassion, teaching her its power to create meaningful societal connections.

Luna Molla

Since Pre-K, Luna's love for literature has grown, starting with Ivy and Bean books. Her passion for reading and writing blossomed early. Introduced to Buddhism and meditation at six, she's embraced mindfulness, Pranayama, and Vinyasa yoga daily. Known for her "Peace Practice," Luna combines mental, physical, and spiritual self-care, creating a nurturing environment for herself and others from a young age.

Mia Bouyoucef

Mia, in her second year as President of the Miami Youth Climate Summit, has championed climate action and education since middle school. Raised in climate-affected Miami, she's committed to motivating and empowering young people to effect change. Beyond climate advocacy, Mia's active in student government, speech and debate, sailing, and school newspaper journalism. She also harbors a deep love for music.

Nina Rivera

Nina, passionate about dance since childhood, channels this expression into life. Committed to volunteering, she aims to positively impact her community. Transitioning into journalism and psychology, Nina's fervor for revealing truths has grown. Her upcoming talk on navigating the Disinformation Age offers insights on preserving honesty and clarity in our intricate, modern world.

Nora Brue

Nora’s heritage, blending Chinese and Jewish Norwegian roots, shapes her global perspective. Her grandfather’s detailed genealogical work provided her with a rich understanding of her ancestry, reaching back to her 14th great-grandfather in Norway. Since joining Ransom Everglades as a sophomore, she’s immersed herself in speech and debate, Catalyst magazine, and diverse community activities, further enriching her multicultural experiences.

Sophia Linfield

Sophia's global upbringing in the UK, UAE, and USA molded her into a diverse athlete. Beginning competitive swimming at 8, she now thrives at the state level. Excelling in cross-country and track since freshman year, she's succeeded in state and national events. Juggling academics and sports, Sophia's organizational skills have sharpened. Her interest in psychology aids her understanding of the mental elements vital for athletic achievement.

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