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Theme: Our Unknown Vantage

This event occurred on
April 19, 2024
Boca Raton, Florida
United States

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We all have our unique vantage points. But are we always aware of what they are? Sometimes our vantages are inchoate, just beginning to blossom–into our ensuing opinions, our future identities. Our vantage points may be hidden, even to us, unless we mine them and uncover their greater significance. In this year’s TEDx, we want to open up new dialogues. Bring light to the darkness. After all, it’s exciting to unearth the unknown.

Saint Andrew's School
3900 Jog Road
Boca Raton, Florida, 33434
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Alessandra Roberts

Ali is a senior at Saint Andrew’s School. No matter what, she is always involved in some kind of production or creative process. She could be hammering away at a new script, sketching the storyboard for a film, or working both onstage and behind the scenes of a theater performance. Over the summer, she taught stop motion animation to middle schoolers to share her passion for getting together and creating something memorable. Serendipitous knowledge is her favorite kind of knowledge; she loves walking into bookstores blind and leaving with a random novel she never would have considered choosing. That’s exactly what draws her to TED–it encourages you to think about something you may not expect.

Ana Sofia Brito

Ana Sofia is in sixth grade and has been attending Saint Andrew's school since the second semester of second grade. She’s originally from Brazil and moved to Florida four years ago, and she is still learning new things around her. You will usually find her listening to music, drawing, reading Harry Potter, and FaceTiming her friends during her free time. After school, she is usually not very busy unless it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. She also enjoys the theatrical and acting world as she partakes in the school musical every year. She joined TED-Ed to spread her word about the injustice of a lack of accommodations for students who have sensory sensitivities, a topic that may not be well understood but is one that she knows very well.

Ani Bisaria

CEO, The Matchbox
Ani Bisaria is the CEO and Founder of The Matchbox and Spyll Records. The Matchbox ( is known globally for its impactful marketing strategies and innovative use of AI & ML. Since 2022, it has served as a top partner to technology startups, mid-market firms, and Fortune 500 companies across various industries. Spyll Records ( is a dance-music record label which has secured considerable streaming success since its launch in late-2023. It has had music featured in campaigns by Givenchy, Formula One, Binance, and more.

Eden Glassman

Eden Glassman is a 6th grade student at Saint Andrews. She is an avid tennis and softball player and brings a blend of sportsmanship and academic dedication from New York to Florida. Through her talk, she hopes to inspire a deeper understanding of why intrinsic motivation is crucial for achieving personal and professional goals.

Emmanuel Bravo

Emmanuel is in 8th grade and has lived in Florida his whole life. He came to Saint Andrew’s in 7th Grade and has been thriving in school and on his lacrosse team since then.

Father Ben Anthony

School Chaplain
Father Ben is the Head Chaplain at Saint Andrew's School and brings to that role more than 15 years of experience as a priest in the Episcopal Church. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Emory University and a Ph.D. in homiletics and liturgics from Vanderbilt University. He began his professional career as Episcopal Chaplain at Emory University, where he primarily served undergraduate students. He has served as the worship coordinator at Vanderbilt Divinity and the site coordinator for the Nashville site of the Presbyterian Church’s Young Adult Volunteer program. Father Ben later taught courses related to the practice and theology of preaching at The School of Theology at Sewanee: The University of the South in Tennessee. Prior to coming to Saint Andrew's Father Ben served as chaplain at St. Richard’s Episcopal School and as a priest at Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ben lives on campus with his wife and their two daughters.

Finnley Pratt

Finnley is a junior at Saint Andrew's, where she has been attending for 5 years. She is originally from New Hampshire and loves to visit during the summer. In her free time, Finnley loves hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach, and being outside. Public speaking is not her strong suit, but she was excited to grow her skills and confidence more with the help of the TED-Ed class!

Francesca Speziale

Francesca is a 6th grader with a passion for performing arts. She loves spending time with her friends and family. In her free time she loves to golf and travel. She hopes her knowledge will be shared and used through every day lives one day. And the first step to that for her is this TEDx talk!

Jessica Novak

Jessie is a senior at Saint Andrew’s School where she has been attending for all 14 years of her education. She is a lifeguard in the summer and a goalie on the varsity soccer team during the winter season, but when she’s not at school or work or soccer, she writes stories and poetry, and is currently working on a novel. Going outside is one of her favorite things to do, whether she roller skates, gardens, reads a book, or writes a story, she really enjoys connecting with nature, especially in the warm Florida weather! She’s always been interested in public speaking, and could not think of a better way to practice it than to take TED!

Loverly Sheridan

Author and Educator
Loverly Sheridan is an award-winning author and educator, specializing in various areas of education, which includes teaching, training, creating, consulting and directing for both adults and children. She is the founder of Buddy Ambassadors, an organization that promotes empathy, kindness, compassion and inclusivity in children through empowerment programs and the use of Buddy Benches and other benches, as a tangible tool, to help promote mental health awareness, combat bullying, and create safe spaces in schools. She partners with various local, regional, and international organization on awareness campaigns and other initiatives. Ms. Sheridan is passionate about mental health and education: “I believe education is the key to unlocking our true power and reaching our fullest potential. As an educator, I enjoy creating programs, campaigns and workshops which uplifts and empower others.”

Mayane Mouala

Mayane Mouala is in her 1st year at Saint Andrew's School, in 6th grade. During her free time, she loves listening to music, reading, and calling faraway friends. After school, she usually goes to cheerleading practice or Drama club. On the weekend she has French lessons, spends time with her family, and enjoys discovering more of Florida with them. Her favorite season is summer when it’s warm out and it’s also when she usually goes back to France for vacation! Mayane loves participating in theater which involves teamwork, performing in front of an audience, and creativity. TEDEd is the best way to practice all that!

Merritt Kanzer

Merritt Kanzer, an eighth grader, has been at Saint Andrew's School since Pre-K. She has been passionate about singing, acting, and public speaking from a young age. At nine years old, Merritt participated in TEDx at Saint Andrew's to perform her original song, "A Rose by the Water." In her poem, "Because We Grew Up," Merritt describes what she feels has changed since her last TEDx experience and what it was like when we "used to dream."

Miyu Fujimoto

Miyu is a senior at Saint Andrew's School, originally from Japan, she spent most of her life in China before relocating to Florida at the age of 13. Miyu finds solace in Florida's pleasant climate and the tranquility it offers, a welcome change from the bustling cities she previously inhabited. Her passion for art leads her to frequent museums and galleries in her leisure time. Beyond academics, Miyu indulges in performing arts such as dance and singing. She harbors a profound love for travel, particularly to Europe, where she immerses herself in its artistic ambiance. With a penchant for being on stage, Miyu recognizes the importance of public speaking and eagerly anticipates honing her skills through TED.

Noa Reinglass

Noa Reinglass is 11 years old and has been attending Saint Andrew's School since fourth grade, after relocating to Florida from New York. Noa is a passionate tennis player and a member of the AC Delray Rush soccer club, which brings her across South Florida for games and tournaments. She also loves animals, spending time with friends and listening to music. Noa cherishes her summers away at camp in upstate New York, where she loves meeting friends from across the country, learning new skills and gaining independence. Noa is dedicated to empowering others to speak up and share their unique perspectives. She believes that by expressing your thoughts, beliefs, and differences, people can find a deeper sense of belonging and create more inclusive communities. Noa joined TED-Ed to help inspire others to embrace their authentic selves and discover the strength in their voices.

Sophia Gisonda

Sophia, a senior lifer at Saint Andrew's School, has been a theatre and music geek since she heard her first song on the radio. When third grade came, she could involve herself in a school musical and has been dedicated to the arts since then. Not only that, her love for research and discovery has allowed her to expand her knowledge in many ways. When free and curious, she often spends time researching or reading. Due to this, her opinions are always grounded in truth and the idea that research is a fundamental process in sharing ideas and such. Due to her love of performing arts and research, she has grown to combine the two. This TED-Ed course will provide her with new ways to share her insight just as she acts on stage!

Xavier Dicoi

Xavier Dicoi is 10 years old. He moved to Florida when he turned seven and is still adapting to the hot environment. He plays a lot of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and water polo, but he still likes school and enjoys learning about history. As one of the youngest people in Ted Ed at his school, Xavier is scared but excited to perform.

Xiaoying (Iris) Hua

Iris is a freshman at Saint Andrew's School. She came from Shanghai, China, and this year marks her first experience starting a new life in another country. She felt that this experience has been incredibly enriching, and she’s thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. Outside the classroom, she has been practicing Latin dance since she was a four-year-old, and this passion has become deeply ingrained in her life, bringing her immense joy, confidence, and cheerfulness on stage. Additionally, she has a profound love for sports and love to participate in tennis and various fitness activities. One of the aspects she cherishes most about being here is the opportunity to explore her passions wholeheartedly. Stepping out of comfort zones and embracing the stage to express brings her immense fulfillment. She's very much looking forward to the upcoming TED talk to share her insights and experiences!

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