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Theme: World Within

This event occurred on
September 21, 2023
Beijing, Beijing

World Within
At every fraction of a second, numerous scenes are happening within our world: outside, crickets chirp in the bushes and cats lurk in the shadows staring fixed at mice, ready to pounce. Inside the houses, the copper kettles whistle while pouring smoke out of its mouth, televisions broadcast the morning talks led by politicians, and teenagers look blankly at the posters plastered over the walls in their rooms......Although we may not notice all the dynamic scenes flickering past our eyes, our world changes subtlely alongside with our interactions with nature, self, and beings. As these changes accumulate gradually, they are finally noticed by us, and we are drawn to ponder over the mysteries of nature and the appearance and development of our cultures and minds.

"World Within" dives into the uncharted territories of the inner landscape of people, urging us to examine our core values and beliefs. Delving into a personal passion for academia, exploring the realms of human reason and emotion, advocating for a more equitable societal framework......These explorations are what you can expect to happen on the stage of “World Within”. Speakers will embark on their journey, sharing and discussing their understanding, challenges, and inspirations about the world.

Every dynamic moment that happens within ourselves contributes to the change in the world; in turn, change in the world shapes our lifestyle, values, and personality. With this strong relationship we had within the society, we encourage you to come and share distinctive stories at 101 ID.

Beijing 101 High School
11 Yiheyuanlu, Haidian
Beijing, Beijing, 102600
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Emilian Liu

Emilian Liu is an 11th grader from Beijing 101 Middle/High School. Devoting herself in school, Emilian is active in multiple clubs, serving as the deputy club president of Paddy Pad and THE HUE and the co-founder of Humanitas. Outside school, she is interested in international relations, gender studies, and political science. By participating in various research programs, she is expanding her horizon, figuring out what she wants to study in college, and outlining her academic journey. Besides academic territories, Emilian is still exploring sundry areas like fencing, tennis, marimba, and jazz drum. Determined to become a young scholar who can assert her influence in academic and casual settings, use her limited power to promote gender equality, and preserve a peaceful world, Emilian hopes that through her speech today, she can establish a gender-equal atmosphere on our beautiful campus.

Jorge Lazo de la Vega

AP English Language and Composition teacher with a Master's in History and Archaeology
Currently an AP English Language and Composition teacher in Beijing 101, International Department, Jorge Lazo studied a postgraduate degree in History and Archaeology and specialized in Viking studies. He was born in Mexico, but has lived in China for more than a decade.

Julia Zhang

Julia Zhang is an ‘and’ person. A bilingual teen and an academically omnivorous senior, a literature specialist and an economics enthusiast, an ambitious scholar and someone who secretly wants to do art for the rest of her life. Her passion is to pursue academic research in contemporary American literature and be a freelance author. She is good at economics tests, scientific writing, and public speaking. Her proudest achievements include co-directing a documentary about a hospital in Xi Chang city and writing a play about the individual’s struggle to break free from the echo chamber of their experiences. Contact her if you’d like to revise an essay, overanalyze a song lyric, or discuss contemporary Chinese culture. In her spare time, she reads from the DP Lit curriculum and vibes to Stray Kids. She self-identifies as an anthropomorphized aubergine. Check out her poetry collection Ich bin ein Aubergine and eggplant-related merch!

Louis Wang

Louis Wang is a self-driven economic student who has a special interest in insurance economics. He first learns about insurance-related knowledge when he participates in the FBLA contest, winning a National 4th Place in Banking & Financial Systems as result. Then, he obtains an international Microecomics 1st Place and Macroeconomics 9th Place. Apart from economics, he also grasps the skills of collecting and processing data, achieving a finalist in HiMCM. After accumulating the necessary knowledge, he conducts an empirical analysis on the topic of the impact of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) on the health condition of children from low-income families. In his leisure time, he loves singing as well as listening to music to relax, especially K-pop music. Currently, his goal is to lose weight to be healthier, but it seems to be a long process.

Shao Lei

Professor, Guest speaker
Dr. Lei Shao, an Associate Professor from the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE). He graduated and received his PhD in Economics in 2015 from the National University of Singapore. He now teaches the courses of Principles of Economics and Public Finance to students at CUFE. His research interests include local government finance, property taxation, and social security.

Sissi Stahlecker

Sissi Stahlecker, is a trilingual high school student, extremely passionate in entrepreneurship, business and economics. She is half-German and half-Chinese, who also commits her time to being an influencer on social media platforms. With a strong urge to open her own company, she joined the summer program Launch-X and opened up her own English-teaching company in middle school. Besides from doing a research in innovation economics, she has also taken part numerous model united nation conferences, USAD and economics competitions. As part of her summer holiday, she once read 20 English novels in one month and posted the book reviews online. In her spare time, she likes to practice calisthenics such as handstands, core-workouts and push-ups. But overall, she is a cool person who hopes to get to know others from all over the world and make the world a better place.

Siyuan Liu

Siyuan is a proactive learner in interdisciplinary subjects, especially sociology, policy studies, and math. He's also a social activist who focuses especially on the elder's rights and their technology adoption problem. His organization, SilverHair, had published two phone tutorial books for the aging adults. He also hosted online phone tutorial lectures to elders in many countries such as the US and Australia. When it comes to learning, he hates theoretical stuff and enjoys exploring the real-life application of each piece of knowledge. He enjoys reading, playing soccer, and listening to others’ life stories. He also loves playing Rubik's cube although it makes him look like a nerd.

Stella Zhu

Stella Zhu is a 11th grade student in Beijing 101 middle school, she is inspired by biology and chemistry, which is also difficult for her. She is especially interested in medicine, and enjoys the challenges that she meets while learning about the concepts and the process of exploring the human body and the related systems which works coordinately to make people perform normal jobs. She is also interested in psychology, especially about the psychological diseases and the therapies, not only because they are related to biology, but also because the patients of these disease may suffer from bias and hostility from others, which worsens their situations. She also likes plays, novels and movies, and had a passion for learning about humanities, as well as science, but not about math and physics. Moreover, she practiced Chinese traditional dace before, and is willing to try other dance types, such as urban and jazz.

Tom Windelinckx

High school physics teacher
Tom is a high school physics and systems thinking teacher. He has a master’s degree in industrial sciences and previously worked as a semiconductor engineer. He has lived in Belgium, Cambodia, and China. He enjoys reading, hiking, and not working on his 1978 Toyota Crown. He likes cats, chocolate, and craft beer. His main interests are comics, cosmology, and the collapse of complex societies. He believes understanding scientific principles and practices makes life better. He wonders if, how, and when global industrial civilization will collapse.

Yasmine Shen

Yasmine Shen is a voracious reader, critical thinker as well as a aspiring organizer. She shows strong propensity to read, watch movies and write. Yasmine believes in the value of the seemingly nonsensical ideas that pop up at any given moment, and enjoys writing down in memos what she sees or thinks of at the moment, and analyzing and continue to exploiting them at her leisure. She has learned many ways to express her thoughts while attending pre college sessions in various universities. Yasmine also enjoys writing plays based on social issues, and her play has won a silver medal at the Hans Christian Andersen Festival in Denmark. She is looking forward to and values the opportunity to present her ideas at school again.

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