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Theme: Possibilities

This event occurred on
April 26, 2024
Jaipur, Rajasthan

TEDxKIDS@NMS is back, igniting imaginations with the theme “possibilities”. Possibilities are more than something that just “might exist”, the simplest definition is the variable x in any equation, substitute your creativity, effort, and ambition in that equation, and the answers you get when it’s solved are limitless. This event isn’t just about theory and algorithms. It’s about real people who’ve explored possibilities, embraced mistakes, and paved the way for themselves.
“Forget the Impossible”, and celebrate the “inevitable possibilities” on the horizon. Life isn’t a test with a single right answer, it’s a journey, and the most valuable lessons come from the detours we take.

Neerja Modi School
Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302020
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Anant Katyayni

General Secretary, Muktidhara Sansthan
From the historic Rajasthani village of Viratnagar, Anant Katyayni’s genuine interest is enabling the impoverished youth to become tomorrow's heroic storytellers. Empowering Rajasthan's impoverished youth is the focus of his social activity. His firm, Kathakari, facilitates storytelling workshops that provide Indian youth with a platform. Beyond a mere passion, his dedication to social service is a carrying on of his father's legacy. As the General Secretary of Muktidhara Sansthan, an NGO his father founded, he spearheads social transformation and is well-known for his enormous work in Rajasthan economically and socially deprived nomadic groups. Muktidhara aims to achieve gender equality as well as awareness and intelligence. Under his direction, Mukhtidhara has been putting a lot of effort into helping thousands of these now-established community members acquire the skills they need to find employment in the modern world. He continues his father's enduring legacy of social reform.

Jitendra Nath Bhargava

Secretary, Rajasthan Netraheen Sansthan
Humble and Proficient. Those words are most commonly associated with this great man, Jitendra Nath Bhargava. He works as a senior teacher and is often considered ‘People’s Idol’ Jitendra Nath Bhargava says, “Being visually impaired is not a big hindrance in itself. There should not be prejudice and prejudice towards the visually impaired.” Despite being visually impaired, he’s living a successful life. Even though smallpox ruined his eyesight, it couldn’t prevent him from being successful. He lectures to this day on various aspects of visual impairment conducted by the Medical Mansingh College, the primary health office in Keddo, Rajasthan. His story is one of resilience and triumph over adversity. He didn’t succumb to limitations; he embraced his abilities and carved a path to success. As the editor of a Braille newspaper, Jitendra Nath Bhargava promotes accessible information and empowers the visually impaired community.

Nirali Bhagat

Nirali is an extraordinary student gifted with an innovative mind and excellent leadership capabilities. Her commitment to problem-solving is manifested in her outstanding achievements with her trademark in innovation competitions at the national level and founding her business. Nirali is an active member of her school community, evincing the traits of an excellent organizer, shown by her role in planning and implementing different events. Her academic excellence, embellished by the accolades she has earned through competitions, confirms her intellect and determination to achieve high standards. Her progress and willingness to do good things in the world characterize her path toward success. Her vast achievements demonstrate her capacity to head, innovate, and display extraordinary contributions to her society. A world of endless possibilities awaits Nirali; she is ready to contribute to advancing the world beyond imagination.

Pratyush Singhal

Pratyush Singhal demonstrates incredible prowess academically evident from his outstanding achievement in math, science, and computer science olympiads, he actively pursues constant activities for computer science, through research papers, app development, and participation in clubs for STEM. Beyond academics, he exhibits a strong entrepreneurship in initiatives such as OMOTECH and the India Innovation Challenge. His leadership skills are reflected by his role in project Amaya, demonstrating his commitment to social causes. With his incredible skillset and diverse interests, Pratyush is well-positioned for success in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.

Sarita Yogi

Founder, Nath Sanskriti Seva Sansthan
Sarita Yogi is an honorable person whose sole mission is to provide high-quality healthcare, skill development, and education to underprivileged groups, orphans, widows, disabled persons, and economically disadvantaged communities. She was named the Dainik Bhaskar Woman of the Year 2024. Her goal is to continue serving people with honesty & passion. She has been working as a social worker concerning women and child development for over 23 years, working on various issues related to orphans, widows, disabled people, poverty, health, education, rural development, environment & social reforms. In the last 23 years, she has adopted over 188 orphans and, with the support of donors and philanthropists, has provided them with care, education, and upbringing. Yogi has empowered 1600 women under the Nath Sanskriti Seva Sansthan, 105 of whom are widows of COVID-19. She had dedicated herself during COVID-19 and distributed over 1 lakh food packets, 7875 dry ration kits, 345 school bags, and more.

Vasudha Rawat

Vasudha renowes herself with exceptional marks and extensive engagement in diverse projects and internships with colleges. Beyond her academic accolades, Vasudha's brilliance shines through her varied talents and passions. As a skilled singer, dedicated athlete, and proficient debater, she embodies versatility and excellence in all her pursuits. Notably recognized for her prowess in Model United Nations conferences, debates, and interviews, Vasudha exudes confidence and intellectual prowess. Her commitment to holistic development is evident in her active participation in extracurricular activities, reflecting a deep-seated curiosity and drive for success. With her impressive achievements and steadfast dedication, Vasudha stands poised to make a significant impact on the global stage. Her journey symbolizes achievements seen by no other. She inspires her peers and future generations, encapsulating the essence of excellence and aspiration.

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Jaipur, India
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