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This event occurred on
September 23, 2023
Baghdad, Baghdād

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Dijlah village
Baghdad, Baghdād, 3318
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Ahmed AlBahrani

From abstract to contemporary and conceptual art, Ahmed Albahrani transforms his medium to address the modern-day conditions in a forthright manner. The art is the outcome of his extroverted opinion, it is outspoken, intimidating and shocking to the viewer. The story that the artist is declaring is announced through the rough and unbreakable metals where the distressing narratives weighs down the rigidity to enhance the debilitate effect of war. It moves beyond the highlight of Albahrani’s identity because of its reinforcement of figural and non-figural representation. He elevates the product to eliminate marginalisation, these etched memories are converted into object form, preserved to carry a statement that needs to be disclosed.

Ali Hakem

A social activist interested in the field of education
Ali is a social activist with a keen interest in the field of education and youth work. He founded the campaign "Our Youth" in 2015 and established the first educational project dedicated to sixth-grade students called "My Journey in Sixth Grade." The project involved traveling from one province to another to organize developmental initiatives and gatherings for students in all provinces of Iraq. In 2020, Ali participated in an Arab Youth Parliament and championed the cause of an educational revolution, earning first place in the Arab world with 19,000 votes. He then initiated an international project called "TENs: Initiators Encouraging Volunteerism and Initiative among Youth," which has reached over 24 countries. In early 2022, Ali launched the concept of a "Free School" and established an educational institution that offers exceptional lessons with unique curricula that differ from traditional schools.

Architect Mowaffaq Jawad Al-Taey

Academic Architect
Mowaffaq Jawad, a renowned architect, graduated from Metropolitan College's Architectural Department, later joining the British Interior Design Institute. After 5 years in a leading London architectural firm, he transitioned to academia, lecturing at Baghdad University (1974-1980) and Al-Nahrain University (1984-2018). His architectural expertise shone in groundbreaking projects, including the marshes area redevelopment, reflecting his commitment to sustainable design. He co-designed the Great State Mosque and played a pivotal role in state buildings and housing schemes including master plan of Baghdad. Recognized for his excellence, he advised Baghdad's Mayor (2011-2016) and consulted for Habitat (2015-2018). With a private office since 1974, he's designed multi-story buildings, houses, and infrastructure projects. His research, including 10 books and 10 research papers and published many articles, earned him the 2nd prize for regional planning by Arab Housing Ministers in 2006.

Dima Nathir Dawood Sarah

General surgery resident doctor
Dima was born in 1995, she pursued a medical degree at the University of Baghdad, College of Medicine, graduating in 2019. Currently, she works as a resident in general surgery at Abu Ghraib Hospital. Her love for singing began at a young age through listening to songs and singing along. Since 2017, she has been a member of the choir at the Church of St. Joseph. Her singing journey started during her university studies when she delivered a remarkable performance of the national anthem at the college's special conference. She constantly seeks to nurture her talent and participate in both local and international singing roles.Participated in the International Scientific Conference at the University of Baghdad, College of Medicine , the Music Festival at the University of Baghdad moreover performed in a recital evening and in the Festival of the Chaldean Church of Mar Yousif at the Chaldean Church of Mar Yousif.

Dr. Sultan Alkhatib

Musician and classical music researcher, as well as a pianist and choir conductor.
An Iraqi musician and classical music researcher, as well as a pianist and choir conductor. He graduated from the Music and Ballet School in 1982 and continued his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Bartók Béla Conservatory and the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. He is a founding member and representative of the World Art Olympics, led by Mr. Marc Verrier, and is internationally recognised by the BBC network. He inaugurated the building of the Al-Awais Cultural Foundation in Dubai in a joint evening with the poet Adonis and has performed in major theatres around the world. He is renowned for his research in global visual arts, architecture, and the history of ancient civilisations, particularly the civilisations of Mesopotamia, where his research has been published in newspapers and specialised magazines, and he delivers lectures at universities and cultural centres throughout the year. He made a global breakthrough in deciphering the code of the composer Bach.

Dr. Ali Al-Sherbaz

Assistant Professor and Academic Director for Digital Skills courses at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education
Dr. Ali Al-Sherbaz is currently Assistant Professor and Academic Director for Digital Skills courses at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education. He has previously served as the Head of Cybersecurity at the University of Gloucestershire and as the Director of Research and Innovation at the University of Northampton. He holds a PhD from the University of Buckingham, MSc and BSc from Mustansiriyah and Baghdad Universities in Electronic and Communications Engineering. With over 25 years of both theoretical and practical experience in academia and industry, he is a chair of the BCS British Computer Society and a member of several professional organizations including IEEE/IET. His career has been dedicated to advancing higher education and research in Computing and Engineering. He has also been instrumental in establishing international partnerships, particularly in the EU, MENA, Asia, and provides strategic leadership in research and commercial activities.

Dr. Azad Najar

Senior physician in urology
Dr. Azad Najar is a Senior physician in urology, inventor and researcher. He also has extensive experience in innovation strategies, regulation, patent strategies, and development of industrial products and technology companies. Dr. Azad Najjar has technical and innovative skills in addition to his medical knowledge in surgery. The combination of these three skills has been essential to the development of the artificial heart and other innovations. He is the founder of the Swedish companies Scandinavian Real Heart and Laprotech.

Faisal Al-Saffar

CEO of Tanweer Energy Solutions
Faisal Al-Saffar CEO of Tanweer Energy Solutions working on providing integrated electrical systems to his clients that are specifically tailored to their needs. Before Tanweer, he worked in research focusing on the Iraqi electrical grid and its issues and how to overcome them afterwards started Tanweer Energy to provide optimised solutions for clients and contribute to future grid stability.

Karrar Muwafaq Al Taie

CEO of Lemune Company
Karrar Muwafaq Al Taie born jan 85, civil engineer graduated from university of technology 2006 Iraq, joined biggest telecom companies Zain Iraq in the same year. 17 years of employment achievements from site engineer till being Project management and operational excellence director with facility management. In 2022 Become a CEO and one of the team who build a grocery iraqi startup e commerce company called Lemune which is being the biggest online and offline grocery and delivery company in iraq. Important projects achieved are the new buildings of Zain iraq company, telecoms switches and network sites. Certificates in leaderships by PWC.

Mohammed Sajad

Maqam performer
‏An Iraqi Maqam performer born in 1995. He studied at the Institute of Musical Studies, specialising in teaching the Iraqi Maqam and traditional instruments. He is a member of the National Band for Iraqi Musical Heritage and works as a teacher of the Iraqi Maqam at "Passion" Institute for Music Education. He has achieved significant success in various competitions, including "Iraq Idol", securing the fourth position in the "Sharjah Munshid" competition. He also secured the third place in “talents” competition and the second place in the "Rafidain Munshid" competition. His name has been mentioned as a pioneering figure in the field of the Iraqi Maqam in several articles, including those published by Al Jazeera, and Al-Monitor. He has actively participated in various local and international events, particularly those aimed at supporting people with disabilities and the elderly.

Omar Farhan Ammar

Clinical Embryologist and IVF Lab Director
Omar Ammar is a Clinical Embryologist and IVF Lab Director in Iraq, dedicated to helping couples realize their dream of having their own babies through Assisted Reproductive Technologies. In his early career, he worked on creating human eggs in the lab as a fertility preservation measure at the University of Oxford. Omar is a published early career researcher and has presented at several international conferences with a strong commitment to evidence-based reproductive medicine. Besides being a scientist, he is a passionate science communicator, connecting cutting-edge research with general audiences. The passion of Omar's career is creating life's most precious moments for couples trying to have children.

Othman Alkinani

Othman Al-Kinani is a visually impaired Iraqi teacher. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic language from the University of Baghdad. He is the president of the Iraqi Al-Siraj Association for the Blind in Karbala and the vice president of the Sana Network for Blind Organizations in Iraq. He is a founding member and administrator of the Amal Karbala Sports Club for People with Disabilities. He is also the founder of the first blind football team in Iraq and a founding member and administrator of the first union for the same sport. He represents the Al-Siraj Association in the Arab Union for the Blind and has received several certificates of appreciation, including Bridge 1 and 2 training certificates related to the CRPD from the International Disability Alliance. He established the Al-Siraj Theater Group for the Blind and performed with them, winning significant awards as a result of their participation in various theatre festivals. They are the only blind group in Iraq.

Prof. Adel Sharif

Professor Emeritus of Water Engineering
A water and renewable energy engineering expert at the University of Surrey, UK, boasts a remarkable list of international awards, including the Queen's Award for Water in 2011 and the European Academy of Sciences Award in 2008 and the Global Council for Renewable Energy's Leading Pioneer in Renewable Energy in 2018. He is the founder and director of the Water and Renewable Energy Research Center at the University of Surrey, and he also established Modern Water and Power Company, a publicly traded firm on the London Financial Exchange specialising in water desalination and renewable energy. Recognised as one of the top Arab scientists in Europe and the US, he has earned accolades from various organisations and holds numerous academic achievements.With over 200 research papers, leadership in conferences, and supervision of numerous theses.

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