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Theme: Diversity Inside Out

This event occurred on
September 2, 2023
Anjo, Aiti

Diversity Inside Out ~内なる多様性、外なる多様性~


最近は、人々の価値観が「異なる」という視点よりも、正しいか間違っているか?で判断される傾向が強いようです。 そこでTEDxAnjo Salon vol.19では二極化された世界観を超えて、私たちの内なる多様性と外なる多様性に注目します。


TEDxAnjo Salonは、TED Talksのアイディアを共有し、交流する小さなTEDxイベントです。みんなでワークショップやディスカッションを楽しみます。多様性の力を、一緒に見つけてまいりましょう。

When you hear the word “diversity”, what comes to mind?

Recently, it seems that people’s values are judged more on whether they are right or wrong, rather than on the perspective that they are “different”. Therefore, at TEDxAnjo Salon vol.19, we will focus on the inner diversity within us and the outer diversity around us, beyond the polarized worldview.

Why not think together about the diversity within our hearts that we might not have had the chance to consider, or even haven’t realized, as well as the inherent and acquired diversities around us that we might have overlooked in our lives?

TEDxAnjo Salon is a small TEDx event where we share ideas from TED Talks and interact. Interesting workshops and discussions are prepared. Let’s discover the power of diversity together.

Anforet Multi-purpose room
12, Miyukihonmachi
Anjo, Aiti, 4460032
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Salon (What is this?)
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Anjo, Japan