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Theme: Around Good Days

This event occurred on
July 16, 2023
Anjo, Aiti

Around Good Days ~ 日々是好日〜



TEDxAnjo Salon vol.18では、あなたの中にある「around Good Days ~ 日々是好日〜」に着目します。

TEDxAnjo Salonは、TED Talksのアイデアを共有して交流する小さな TEDxイベントです。
あなたにとっての around Good Days ~ 日々是好日〜 を、一緒に深めてまいりましょう。

What does “sustainable happiness” mean to you?
Not “temporary happiness” but “sustainable happiness”, often referred to as “well-being”, is gaining attention.

“Well-being” is a concept that means physical, mental, and social health. It’s a term that represents multifaceted happiness such as the state of leading a satisfying life, the condition of being happy, and a sense of fulfillment.

TEDxAnjo Salon Vol.18 will focus on the “Around Good Days(日々是好日)” within you. What is the happiness that surrounds you on those days when you think, “Today was another good day”? Is what you feel at that time likely to lead to sustainable happiness?

TEDxAnjo Salon is a small TEDx event to share and interact with ideas from TED talks. We will engage in workshops and discussions together. Let’s deepen our understanding of “Around Good Days(日々是好日)”

Anjo city culture centert
17-11 Sakuramachi
Anjo, Aiti, 446-0041
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Salon (What is this?)
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Anjo, Japan