Shibocun Road
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Theme: Equal Voice, Culture Exchange, Inspiring Ideas

This event occurred on
February 3, 2024
上海市 Shanghai, Shanghai

TEDxShibocunRoad: Bridging Global Perspectives and Local Wisdom, this event constructs a nexus of knowledge and creativity. Here, the concept of 'Expo Village' comes to life, bringing together innovative thinking from a global perspective and deep insights into local culture. Our speakers and participants engage in discussions on global issues, respect cultural diversity, and collectively address societal challenges. Through our events, we share knowledge and enhance community inclusivity and vitality, empowering every participant to be a part of world change.

上海文化广场 Shanghai Culture Square
永嘉路36号 No.36 Yong Jia Road
1楼 Ground Floor
上海市 Shanghai, Shanghai, 200020
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Akeel Alleyne

Entrepreneur, Educator
Akeel is an experienced debate and speech coach, as well as a learning and development expert. He has been active in Toastmasters for over two years, earning accolades such as the Best Judge at the 2023 H1 LOZO Open and Champion of the 2022 N2 District Mandarin Speech Contest. Akeel focuses on enhancing public speaking and communication skills. His speeches, filled with passion for the art of speaking, aim to help others effectively express their thoughts, improve communication, and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Gilbert Owusu-Afriyie

Science Educator
Gilbert 'GilBright' Owusu-Afriyie is an experienced motivational speaker and educator who has made significant achievements in the field of science and inspires others on both personal and societal levels. GilBright firmly believes that the main purpose of life is to serve mankind and other creatures. He helps others through his presence, striving to live without regrets before transitioning to the next stage of life.

Harry Jackson

Drama Educator
Harry is a passionate and exploratory drama educator, renowned as the 'Phantom of Education in Prospero's guise'. His artistic journey began at Queen Margaret University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Performing Arts. Serving as the Artistic Director at Amplify Time Productions, his talent revitalized classical works, which were showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2018, he arrived at Shanghai Pinghe School as the Head of Drama, exploring creativity, communication, and empathy with students. Now, as the Drama Head at a prestigious school in Hangzhou, Harry dedicates himself to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, leading drama workshops for students of all ages, and sharing his experiences at various events.

Mariia Telmanova

Instructor, Translator
Maria, an instructor and translator who has experienced a variety of cultural environments, has journeyed from Ukraine to several countries across Europe and Asia. Her speech is not just a personal story of cultural crossing and migration, but also a profound reflection on how to maintain one's individuality and independence in a multicultural context.

Natasha Gambanjera

Educator, Social Media Influencer
Natasha Gambanjera is a global citizen dedicated to mental health and education. Her educational background and work experience, spanning multiple countries and cultures, provide her with a unique perspective in the field of mental health. Through her podcast 'Her Breathing Journal' and various charitable activities, Natasha demonstrates how to maintain positivity and resilience when facing challenges. Her story inspires people to cross cultural boundaries and collectively explore the importance of mental health.

Princia Bethel

Educator, Social Media Influencer
Princia 'Miss Princii' Bethel, an enthusiastic educator and influencer from the Bahamas, has become a true global citizen after living in China for over five years. She deeply understands and appreciates cultural diversity. Princii firmly believes in the importance of enhancing cultural awareness and uses her experiences to promote understanding, respect, and appreciation of the diverse cultures around the world.

Xiaohua Li (Icy)

Project Manager, Trekker
Icy is an expert in strategy and project management, known for her exceptional talents in these fields. With a proactive personality and a spirit of self-motivation, she believes that persistence and hard work always pay off. In 2020, she completed a 1,600-kilometer trek from Chengdu to Lhasa, demonstrating her incredible mental and physical endurance. Whether solving complex problems in the business world or pursuing her dreams on rugged trekking paths, Icy shows a unique charm of transcending limits.

Xinyi Zheng (Sybil)

Sybil, just an 11-year-old girl, has already shown remarkable maturity and wisdom. Her speech revolves around the power of smiling, emphasizing it as a universal language that transcends national borders and races, serving as a bridge connecting hearts. Sybil's advocacy for smiling not only brings joy and hope to her audience but also reflects her deep insight into human empathy and understanding.

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