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Theme: The Passion for Growth: Curiosity, Discovery, and Identity

This event occurred on
March 9, 2024
BSD City, Banten

Embracing growth is like nurturing an internal flame of curiosity that drives us to learn, discover, and evolve. This ongoing journey of self-discovery, guided by an insatiable desire for knowledge, shapes our narrative into a dynamic and captivating story.

Join us at TEDxYouth@SWA 2024 to explore the transformative power of curiosity, discovery, and identity in embracing personal growth. Saturday, 9 March 2024 at Sinarmas World Academy. Visit to register.

Sinarmas World Academy
JI TM Pahlawan Seribu, CBD Lot XV
BSD City, Banten, 15322
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Aleksandra Strahinic

Middle and High School Teacher at Sinarmas World Academy
Aleksandra Strahinic is a Middle and High School teacher at Sinarmas World Academy.

Anke Ardine

Running Athlete & Model
Anke has found success by following one simple rule in life – "that it is okay to build a career and life doing what you love". Drawing on nothing but her determination and her passion for sports, she was able to build a career from nothing. The need to later sacrifice her love of swimming to fulfill other obligations was a difficult decision, but one that ultimately led her to a passion for running and modeling. By pursuing what she found fun, she overcame her self-doubt and became a professional runner for Team Aspro, as well as attracting the attention of sponsors. By recounting her journey so far, Anke reflects on the transformative power of embracing change and staying true to one's passions. Her journey is proof that it can all start with having fun and forging one's own path, no matter the challenges.

Asmaranny Mantik

An Alumni of Communication and Political science from University of Pelita Harapan (UPH), she focused her path on human development training and personality coaching. Very well known for frontliners training and leadership building on many national institutes and Bank sectors such as Bank Tabungan Negara, Bank Central Asia, and Sinarmas Group. Young generation that drove her to pass legacy reveals how she is actively moving in school and university roadshows, especially in the English language, and Human Development field.

Bella Renee Permana

Elementary Student at Sinarmas World Academy
Bella Renee Permana is an Elementary student at Sinarmas World Academy.

dr. Adrian Reynaldo Sudirman

Medical Doctor
Meet Adrian Reynaldo Sudirman, a figure at the intersection of medicine, cardiovascular health, and community development. Currently pursuing a cardiothoracic and vascular surgery residency at the University of Indonesia, Adrian demonstrates steadfast dedication to mastering the art and science of surgery, embarking on a path of profound self-discovery. His passion for cardiovascular health and rural development positions him as a catalyst for change in healthcare innovation. Adrian's journey is fueled by his love for exploration through travel, inspiring him to one day develop innovative approaches to healthcare delivery. As a speaker, Adrian shares his narrative in transcending traditional medical boundaries. He combines his roles as a medical professional, advocate for change, and global explorer to redefine the future of healthcare, with a focus on improving cardiovascular care accessibility and equality in rural landscapes across Indonesia.

dr. Ricky Edwin P. Hutapea

Hip and Knee Consultant at Eka Hospital
dr. Ricky Edwin P. Hutapea, Sp.OT (K), is a Consultant in Hip and Knee at Eka Hospital BSD. He obtained his specialization degree in Orthopedics and Subspecialization in Hip and Knee from the University of Indonesia. dr. Ricky has attended numerous seminars and training sessions both domestically and internationally. Additionally, he is actively involved in teaching at the University of Indonesia's RSCM Orthopaedic and Traumatology Department, the SP2 Adult Reconstruction Subspecialty Program, and the Faculty of Medicine at YARSI, as well as the General Medicine Program. As a specialist doctor and consultant for hip and knee, dr. Ricky has been entrusted to treat many athlete patients' injuries, including those from Persija (Indonesian Football Association Jakarta), the Satria Muda Basketball Club, and others. He also handles injuries in other common sports, including knee joint replacement, leg fractures, tendon injuries, hamstring injuries, and other related treatments.

Edward Suhadi

Creative Director at Ceritera Storytelling Agency
Edward Suhadi is an entrepreneur and creative director in Jakarta. He began his career as a photojournalistic photographer and in 2013, he founded Ceritera, a communication agency and production house. It has rapidly grown with various commercial clients and well-received social movements in the community. Currently, Edward is actively involved in Ceritera, serving as the creative head and also participating in directing productions. He is engaged in writing across his various social media channels, discussing topics such as communication, creativity, self-development, leadership, and relationships.

Felisa Tan

Artist-Photographer & Writer
Felisa Tan (b. 1993–) is a self-taught artist-photographer and writer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Beginning with making photographs at home and posting them regularly on DeviantArt in 2007, photography has become a language she chooses to express her love for the world with. Having been exposed to extensive travels to over 50 countries since a tender age, she has developed a deep appreciation for different cultures and perspectives. The breadth of her subjects is a reflection of her sensitivity to perceive beauty, even in the most ordinary places. Through her work, she hopes to inspire her audience to pause and cherish the myriad blessings that might otherwise be left unnoticed in a world of noise. Her debut book 𝙄𝙣 π™Žπ™šπ™–π™§π™˜π™ 𝙛𝙀𝙧 π™ˆπ™šπ™–π™£π™žπ™£π™œ was published in March 2023 by Goff Books, an imprint of ORO Editions.

Haryanto Salim

Learning Experience Design & Technology Mentor
With a career spanning almost 20 years, Haryanto has accumulated a wealth of experience in various capacities and roles. He began as a full-stack retail finance system developer before transitioning into a senior IT executive, Web Developer, Smart Card Identity, Multi-finance Core System, Mentor, and Learning Facilitator at Apple Developer Academy. Throughout his dynamic career, Haryanto has consistently demonstrated a commitment to leveraging technology to drive business growth and empower individuals. As he continues to evolve professionally, he remains passionate about harnessing technology to create innovative solutions and make a positive impact in the ever-changing landscape of business and education.

Jordan Sarulla Jior Hutapea

Middle School Student at Sinarmas World Academy
Jordan is a Middle School student at SInarmas World Academy.

Ken Adhisya Winarta

High School Student at Sinarmas World Academy
Ken Adhisya Winarta is a High School student at Sinarmas World Academy.

Ken Alanna Winarta

Middle School Student at Sinarmas World Academy
Ken Alanna Winarta is a Middle School student at Sinarmas World Academy.

Michael Sung

Director at Ever Shine Tex
Michael Sung, the dynamic Director at Ever Shine Tex, swiftly ascended to become the youngest active Director in a listed company by 2017. Recognizing Indonesia's potential, he strategically shifted the company's focus to the local market, catering to emerging local brands and championing sustainability through internal measures like reusing, recycling, and reducing. Under his leadership, Ever Shine Tex became the sole textile company to sign a Net Zero Hub agreement with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce. Michael also serves as the Deputy Head of the Indonesian Textile Association for the Banten region, advocating for industry-supportive regulations since his December appointment. Michael was featured in Prestige 40 Under 40, a testament to his remarkable career and impact on the textile industry. With a goal to continually ascend in both his company and personal career, Michael adheres to a philosophy of never being the smartest person in the room, always leaving room for growth.

Robert Borows

Elementary Teacher at Sinarmas World Academy
Robert Borows is an Elementary teacher at Sinarmas World Academy.

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