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February 24, 2024
Lagos, Lagos

In a world marked by change and uncertainty, there exists a remarkable group of individuals and organizations who stand as the true champions of progress and well-being. These unsung heroes, aptly referred to as the 'Purveyors of Prosperity,' are the driving force behind the enhancement of human lives, the preservation of our planet, and the promotion of equitable access to opportunities.

The Purveyors of Prosperity come from diverse backgrounds, each armed with a unique set of skills and a shared commitment to creating a better world. They are educators who dedicate their lives to imparting knowledge and nurturing the next generation of leaders. They are innovative entrepreneurs who create solutions to pressing global challenges. They are healthcare workers tirelessly working to heal and protect us. They are environmentalists and conservationists dedicated to preserving the natural wonders of our Earth. They are philanthropists, activists, and advocates who champion the rights of the marginalized and disenfranchised.

What sets the Purveyors of Prosperity apart is their unwavering dedication to a vision of a brighter future. They understand that prosperity is not merely measured in monetary wealth, but also in the quality of life, access to education, healthcare, clean air and water, and the protection of human rights. Their actions, both large and small, collectively contribute to the sustainable development of our societies.

These modern-day heroes are not bound by borders or constrained by limitations. They are global citizens with a shared goal: to ensure that prosperity reaches every corner of the world. Whether through philanthropic endeavors, scientific breakthroughs, or grassroots activism, the Purveyors of Prosperity inspire and empower us all to take part in the journey towards a more equitable and prosperous world.

In celebrating the Purveyors of Prosperity, we recognize that they embody the spirit of humanity's potential for greatness. Their dedication serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder that positive change is not only possible but imperative. As we acknowledge their remarkable contributions, may we also be inspired to join their ranks, becoming active participants in the pursuit of prosperity for all.

Purple Academy
48b Town Planning Way
Lagos, Lagos, 102215
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Ayodele Olojede

Ayodele Olojede is currently the Divisional Head for Retail and SME. Prior to joining Wema Bank, Ayo was a Group Head for Emerging Businesses Access Bank , African and also worked with HSBC where she commenced her career in Retail and SME banking. She is currently a member of the governing council, SME Finance forum , a bidy eatablished by G20 GPFI /IFC as well as several other boards Ayo is a transformational business and finance leader with proven expertise in pioneering solutions and accelerating economic growth through financial inclusion strategies. Her expertise in supporting initiatives to close the gender access gap in funding and finance methods for small to medium women-owned businesses cuts across driving economic empowerment and inclusion policies at national levels. Ayo recognize the interconnected nature of different markets and work with key players in digital payment services to expand access to finance in the msme ecosystem

Joseph Onaolapo

Content Creator || OAP
Joseph Onaolapo professionally known as Jay On-air is a Radio and TV broadcaster, content creator, actor and event host. He started his journey into the media space about a decade ago as a radio intern and as since then grown in leaps and bounds to become a prime time radio host in one of the biggest radio stations in Lagos, Nigeria. Jay is known for his observational style of comedy on social media where he recreates day to day situations with relatable characters like THE FINISHED MAN, MADAM SHEO, MRS OLAITAN, TECH BRO to name a few. He has was part of Ynaija’s new Establishment list in 2021, he was also named as one of the 150 most interesting Nigerians in the culture in 2022 by “With Chude” as well as named one of TikTok’s breakthrough stars of 2022. Jay has been nominated for multiple awards like the Trend Up awards, Pulse Influencer awards, La Mode Awards among others for his work in journalism and content creation.

Olubori Paul

Finance Coach
Mr. Olubori, a highly accomplished Businessman, Public Speaker, an Author, a Forex trader, Finance and Development Coach with a remarkable track record of success. He holds a Bachelor of Education and Science degree in Geography from the University of Uyo and an MBA in Humanitarian Service and Social Impact from Roxbourg institute of Social Enterprise. He is the visionary founder of Go Learn, Nigeria's leading financial literacy platform. His pioneering spirit led him to establish the first forex training and Co-trading Hub in Yaba, Lagos State. Over the years, he has passionately mentored and coached over 20,000 individuals across Africa in the realm of finance and has personally instructed more than 2,000 students in the art of Forex trading. Many of his students and mentees have achieved substantial success in the Forex trading market, earning significant profits. He stands as a role model and guide for anyone seeking success in Forex trading or striving for financial freedom

Oluwaferanmi Owolabi

Design Thinking Expert
Oluwaferanmi, a visionary in talent management, leads Purple Academy at Wema Bank. With expertise in HR, project management, and learning design, she pioneers transformative initiatives. Her influence extends to youth and education projects, including her role in the UNFCCC. A certified consultant, trainer, and coach, she's committed to shaping the future workforce and fostering innovation. Through her involvement with Share Nigeria and volunteer work, she embodies personal social responsibility, leaving a lasting impact across sectors.

Omowumi Fadairo

Registered Nurse || Public Health Advocate
Omowumi Fadairo is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with over 6 years of Practice across different levels of care. She is an exceptional Thought Leader, and advocate in the healthcare and literacy space, on a mission to limit the rate of preventable death in Africa especially among young people. She is currently a Senior Nursing Officer at the University of Medical Science Teaching Hospital, Ondo State, Nigeria. She is the Convener of Extraordinary Living Hub Africa and the host of The Extraordinary Living podcast where she shares evidence-based health solutions, and life-changing content to help young people achieve a healthy and productive life while empowering and grooming them for global relevance. She has also authored a highly resourceful book titled "YOUR HEALTH; YOUR SUPERPOWER" where she shared simple but effective ways to help everyone improve their health and achieve a productive life.

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Lagos, Nigeria