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Theme: Inspiring Curiosity

This event occurred on
April 28, 2024
GTA, Ontario

Certainly! "Inspiring curiosity" refers to the process of stimulating interest, wonder, and a desire to learn or explore new things. It involves fostering an inquisitive mindset, encouraging questions, and promoting a sense of wonder about the world.

Here are some aspects of inspiring curiosity:

Encouraging Questions: Encouraging individuals to ask questions is crucial in fostering curiosity. Questions drive exploration and deeper understanding of various subjects.

Embracing the Unknown: Encouraging a willingness to explore the unknown and to seek answers even when there isn’t an immediate solution promotes curiosity. It involves being comfortable with uncertainty and seeking to discover new knowledge.

Active Engagement: Engaging activities and experiences that challenge individuals to think critically and problem-solve can ignite curiosity. Hands-on experiences, experiments, and interactive learning environments often nurture curiosity.

Creating a Supportive Environment: Cultivating an environment that supports curiosity involves providing resources, encouragement, and a safe space for individuals to explore their interests without fear of judgment.

Modeling Curiosity: Role models who display curiosity themselves can inspire others to be inquisitive. When people see curiosity in action, it can motivate them to adopt similar behaviors.

Connecting Learning to Real Life: Relating learning to real-world applications can ignite curiosity by showing how knowledge can be practically used or applied in various situations.

Promoting Critical Thinking: Encouraging critical thinking skills helps individuals analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information, which further stimulates curiosity by opening new avenues for exploration.

Supporting Diverse Perspectives: Encouraging exposure to diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas can broaden one’s understanding and inspire curiosity about the world's richness and complexity.

In summary, inspiring curiosity involves fostering an environment that encourages questioning, exploration, critical thinking, and a genuine interest in learning. By nurturing curiosity, individuals are more likely to actively seek knowledge, engage in lifelong learning, and explore new ideas and opportunities.

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GTA, Ontario, M5P 3G7
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Dr Ameet Parekh

Dr. Ameet Parekh is a Serial Entrepreneur. Over the last Decade he has build Multiple Businesses with 7-8 Figures Turnover & He is also the force behind Empowering more than 100,000 Business Owner through his Signature Business Programs that have helped these Business Owners in Building Highly Profitable & Scalable Businesses across the Globe.

Farheen Amjad

GM ORATEL Network Solutions
Farheen Amjad, an award-winning speaker, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, co-founded ORATEL Network Solutions and leads Guidelix, aiming to inspire and empower. Farheen's work spans tech, mental health, and empowerment, aiding many, especially young professionals. Her books, including the best-selling "Master the Power of Organic Motivation," showcase her commitment to helping others achieve their dreams. Farheen's story is one of perseverance, vision, and the transformative power of curiosity.

Indulakshmi Kannaiyan

CEO and Founder
"Indu is a thought leader and expert in effective communication. She is the CEO and founder of I & U Success. Indu has served as the Area Director of Toastmasters International in 2022. She has won the Toastmasters of the Year 2020 award of her club. . In 2019, Indu’s life changed forever, and this challenging journey of discovery enabled her to develop a high level of mental resilience. Those experiences gave her the ability to rediscover herself and also to help others miraculously. Indu shares her knowledge and wisdom gained through life challenges with her clients, who are succumbed and immersed by her empowering message. She has the unique ability to get to the root of the problem and can solve it for her clients through different coaching methods that produce lasting results. With a diverse background in HR, Indu has 12 years of experience as a customer care specialist, DISC consultant, NLP master practitioner, and communication coach for professionals & entrepreneurs.

Mariam Elhouli

Entrepreneur and Director
Passionate about exploring endless of opportunities and finding new paths. I am on a continuous journey of growth and expertise. In business, I learned that all you have to do is to solve problems. Embarking on a transformative journey as as Entrepreneur, through founding several businesses, I take initiatives to expand market reach and foster sustainable growth. I navigate the creation of cutting-edge products in the cosmetic industry. Fostering a collaborative team culture and staying ahead of industry trends are at the forefront. Proud of having founded Eve's Skin, a venture committed to redefining skincare standards. Guiding Eve's Skin with forward-thinking strategy, I pioneered the development of revolutionary skincare products tailored for various skin concerns. This enhanced Eve's Skin's brand visibility and reputation in the skincare industry.

Mia Bellona

International Beauty Consultant that bases her practice on neuroscience.
She started her journey as a Registered Nurse in Spain and UK, Canada and moved to the Middle East as a Nurse Specialist. With a full rating European Air Traffic Control license she later worked in the aeronautical field while establishing her Consulting. She possesses a multidisciplinary background that includes surgical nursing, paediatrics, trauma informed therapy, interior design college education, professional studies in classical music and luxury fashion retail work experience. This allows her to have a wide understanding of the human need for beauty and deep analytical skills.

Molina Asthana

Founder, Multicultural Women in Sport, lawyer and diversity advocate
Molina Swarup Asthana is the Principal of Swarup Asthana Lawyers, practicing in commercial law. Before that she was a Principal Solicitor with the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office (VGSO) for 11 years and had been primarily working on Major Projects for the State of Victoria. She has broad-based commercial and litigation experience and localized expertise in banking and mergers and acquisitions.

Rashid Khan

CEO and Founder of Evacovation, Innovator in Security & Emergency Solutions
Rashid Khan, CEO of Evacovation, is a lauded leader in global emergency management, with a career dedicated to public safety and innovation. With 20 years of experience spanning law enforcement to IT, he’s recognized for transforming the security and emergency sectors. Rashid’s expertise propelled him at NAB as an emergency manager and liaison officer, where he notably solved missing persons cases. At Evacovation, he pioneers real-time emergency response solutions, leveraging his vast knowledge and passion for saving lives. His work in AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning underscores his commitment to advancing emergency management. Rashid is also a prominent speaker and author, dedicated to sharing his insights and fostering global dialogue on safety solutions.

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