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Theme: Change the Narrative

This event occurred on
March 9, 2024
Castro Valley, California
United States

Join us for TEDxCVHS Youth—Castro Valley's first-ever TEDx event. Hear from speakers ranging from CVUSD's high school students to college professors sharing their wisdom & knowledge in the fields of technology, medicine, and entrepreneurship, and more! Let's change the narrative on public speaking together.

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Castro Valley High School
19400 Santa Maria Ave
Castro Valley, California, 94546
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aakriti Kaul

Data Science Student at University of Calfornia Berkeley
Aakriti is currently pursuing her studies in Data Science with a concentration in Human Behavior and Psychology at the College of Computing, Data Science, and Society at UC Berkeley. Her passion for utilizing computer science & data science to advance medical research and reduce biases in the system has influenced her to seek a career in the medical technology field. At Cal, Kaul is a course assistant for EDUC 140, a class focused on educational perspectives on literacy and learning in a global world. She is additionally the co-founder of Interactive Students, the first free online network promoting accessible education worldwide, and an assistant instructor at her local Kumon center.

Kathrina Miranda

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Chabot College
Kathrina Miranda empowers those who need her most through education and mentorship. She has impacted thousands of students and entrepreneurs globally from the San Francisco Bay Area to London and is currently an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship to inmates through Chabot College with the goal of reducing recidivism rates in our county. Most recently, she launched a tv show called Innovate & Elevate with Kathrina spotlighting underrepresented and innovative figures in business.

Mihir Manghani

Sophomore at College Preparatory School
Mihir is currently a sophomore at the College Preparatory School in Oakland. The topic of his presentation is the 3 qualities he has learned from his dog, Leo. Mihir is part of his school's basketball team, and recently represented his school in the Regional Science Olympiad. Manghani is also part of the Kids Teach Tech community, where he participates in teaching underprivileged kids about technology. He is passionate about technology and building things—a few months he built a computer from scratch!

Poorvi Thairani

Senior at Moreau Catholic High School
Poorvi is a high school senior on the premed track with a deep passion for understanding human behavior and health. Through her upcoming TED Talk, she will explore the intricate relationship between social media, psychology, and well-being. At school, she is involved in many activities such as Mock Trial, Student Senate, the Public Health Club, the Red Cross club, and the Art Club. Her participation in these has inspired her passion for healthcare and public health and for effecting positive change.

Quentin Hansen

Senior at Castro Valley High School

Rucha Acholkar

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Data Science Student at the University of California Berkeley
Rucha is currently pursuing her studies in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Data Science at the University of California Berkeley. Through her background in software engineering, Rucha has experience working with big data and using machine learning to solve complex problems. Her academic journey led her to explore generative AI in a class at Berkeley, where she had the privilege of learning from esteemed scientists and researchers from renowned institutions like MIT and Google. This experience not only expanded her technical knowledge but also provided insights into the broader implications of advanced technologies.

Sharonjit Kaur

Senior at Moreau Catholic High School
Sharon's passion for addressing language barriers within healthcare and her own personal experiences has led her to give a TED Talk on the subject. As an advocate for effective communication in healthcare, Sharon brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing from her experiences in navigating diverse linguistic barriers. Beyond her academic pursuits, Sharon is actively involved in extracurricular activities such as mock trial and tennis. These endeavors have allowed her to harness leadership skills and public speaking abilities, empowering her to articulate her ideas persuasively and lead by example in advocating for inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare systems.

Sofiia Demianets

Junior at Castro Valley High School
Sofiia is a compassionate and driven high school junior who stands at the forefront of positive change. As the leader of a volunteer work centered club, she pilots impactful projects that help communities in need. Sofiia is passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of quality education and empowering young individuals to face the future with confidence. Dedicated to creating positive change, she has played a pivotal role in aiding communities affected by the war in Ukraine and has co-lead volunteering initiatives around the Bay Area. As she continues to pursue new projects, Sofiia envisions a future where her leadership continues to foster meaningful changes and ideas that leave a lasting, positive impact.

Varenya Boyanapalli

Junior at Moreau Catholic High School
Varenya is currently the captain of her school’s varsity golf team and has been on varsity since freshman year. She has a deep passion for leadership as she has been on student government since elementary school—to junior class president! She is a first-chair flautist and has been playing since she was 8 years old. Boyanapalli has always had a love for working with people: “Every individual carries a unique narrative, a story woven with experiences, dreams, and perspectives” she says. Varenya’s TEDx talk addresses what it is like to be a teenager molded to fit the perfect college application. Her motive is to make it known that you are not what is on that college application, and in reality, we are so much more than that.

Vera Beck

Senior at Castro Valley High School
As a dedicated and tenacious high school senior with a deep passion for understanding people and making a difference, Vera has been an advocate for inclusivity in leadership roles and encouraging resilience despite setbacks. Always on the lookout for opportunities to grow in her skills and empower others to shine, she was a delegate for Girls’ State and later founded her own tutoring program and club for the school district, and has remained an active leader in the leadership class, the track team, orchestra, and the Wellness Center amongst other clubs. No matter the endeavor, her values remain: to inspire positive change by lighting a future of encouragement, empowerment, and hope.

Vineet Kumar

Enterprise Account Executive at TIBCO & Passionate Marathon Runner

Viraaj Gupta

Senior at Moreau Catholic High School
Viraaj Gupta, a San Leandro native, is a graduating senior at Moreau Catholic High School. He's the lead drummer of the Honors Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Winds, and a varsity athlete in soccer and badminton. Additionally, he's been the president of the Japanese Exchange club for 4 years, facilitating meetings that enrich the relationship between Moreau and it's sister school in Funabashi, Japan. He plans to pursue international affairs, placing an emphasis on language learning and studying abroad.

Virgina Glock

Freshman at Castro Valley High School
Virginia Glock, a freshman at Castro Valley High School, is deeply passionate about healthcare, community service, and leadership. Her commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others is evident through her development of a therapeutic music program at the Ronald McDonald House, an achievement that earned her the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award. As an active participant in the Red Cross Youth Leadership Program, Virginia further demonstrates her commitment to health and wellness, emphasizing her role in driving positive change within her community. Virginia embodies the essence of a young leader poised to leave a lasting impact in her community and beyond.

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