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This event occurred on
November 4, 2023
8:00am - 4:30pm CAT
(UTC +2hrs)
Harare, Harare

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Celebration Centre
162 Swan Drive, Borrowdale, Harare
Conference Room
Harare, Harare, 00263
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Ayaka Onoda

Ayaka Onoda is an early childhood educator who began her career a6er gradua7ng from Chikushi Jogakuen Junior College in Japan. However, her insa7able thirst for knowledge did not stop at her homeland's borders. Seeking a broader perspec7ve, Ayaka embarked on a trip to California, where she took training courses for childcare educators and worked in childcare centers. This experience enriched her understanding of child psychology and development from a global vantage point. A6er returning to Japan, Ayaka opened her first educa7on centre for children where she applied all the skills she gained in the US. In 2019. She expanded her centre and named it "NICO", which means "smile" in English. Over the past two decades, Ayaka has dedicated herself to the field of early childhood educa7on, forging deep connec7ons with over 2,000 children and playing a pivotal role in their growth and development. Currently, she con7nues to make an impact in a daycare centre in Fukuoka, Japan while also engaging with children daily through online plaPorms.

Diana Bamala

Social Scientist and Radio & TV Presenter
She is the founder of Sound Minds International, a social scientist, certified public speaker, counselor, team building and life coach, a mental health service innovator, tv and radio presenter, a columnist and blogger and a family therapist (intern). Diana Bamala through her love for mental wellness, she has shared on more than 300 platforms, been a finalist on international and local awards, works with more than five local organizations facilitating, training and runs the only hike for mental health hike in Zimbabwe including other activities like bootcamps, cocktails. She is currently working with the Zimbabwe Premeir League on mental wellness and substance abuse.

Dr. Somer Nicole

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Somatic Therapist
Dr. Somer Nicole started as a Doctor of Physical Therapy obsessed with getting to the root of people’s pain. When she realized the psychosomatic and nervous system components were missing from her western science education, she spent over 17 years filling in the gaps, which led her to trauma resolution work to address the root cause of people’s pain and nervous system dysregulation. The overarching umbrella of all her work is regulating and strengthening the nervous system because we have to be regulated for every system of the body to heal. Dr. Somer created her own body of work, the Somatic Reparenting MethodTM, where she integrates Kundalini Yoga, Somatic Therapy, Inner Child Work, Energy Medicine and the many modalities she’s studied to update the wounded inner child and rewire the nervous system.

Eloise Leher

Author, Speaker and Artist
Eloise is a skilled communicator, author, speaker, and artist with experience teaching diverse subjects at international schools. She home-educated her three children, sharpening her problem-solving skills and understanding of learning needs. Elle is passionate about equipping teachers and parents to teach students with learning differences, giftedness, and autism. She hosts the Wonderfully Wired podcast and membership site to support and celebrate different learners.

Erika Nabuurs

Author and Speaker
Erika is a medically trained, unlicensed Medicine Woman, mother, author, speaker, and visionary. She founded MECA.Life in 2019 and offers restorative health programs like MECA.morphosisTM. Erika uses various healing modalities and has evolved over the past decade. She is passionate about her children, partners, patients, and inspiring Dance & Play within each being. Erika's focus is on trauma resolution, disease reversal, and birth and death attendance.

George Hove

He is the founder of Cloud Baby, a baby wellness and lifestyle company with presence in the UK & US. Cloud Baby works with various organizations like UNICEF, Rotary International, governments and private players in the US and Africa in developing campaigns that empower women to raise healthy, happy children. He is also the co-founder of Vest Africa, a youth led investment and trade promotion pan African organization.

Gerlie Kondo

Entreprenuer & Dental Surgeon
Girlie is a graduate from the University of Zimbabwe School of Medicine and Dentistry. An entrepreneur running her private practice for over fourteen (14 years) and public practice for over 20 years. She has interests in various real estate properties in Zimbabwe and currently working on a world class villas in one of the plush suburbs in Harare. She is the current Founder and CEO of a Cambridge accredited Goldbrook Primary School based in Mount Pleasant in Harare. Dr Girlie Kondo is a multi award winning Dental Surgeon in different sectors of her business empire. She is a devout Adventist and mother with a deep passion for children’s health and education.

Julien Martinson

Aircraft Pilot
Julien Martinson has extensive experience in the aviation industry which is reinforced by his dedication to progressive academic accomplishments and is currently enrolled in the Master of Aviation Management at Griffith University, Brisbane Australia. He has won numerous awards for public speaking from Toastmasters. He seeks to inspire others to pursue excellence in their personal and professional lives. Julien Martinson is a global citizen, speaks four languages, and spends his time gaining knowledge about aviation trends, environmental issues that impact aviation, and safety standards.

Natasha N. Mackey Rawls

Empowerment Specialist
Natasha N. Mackey, a 26-year resident of New Mexico, has served on the City Council in Roswell, New Mexico, and was a key contender for Mayor in 2018. She holds a master's degree in business administration and education from the University of New Mexico. Mackey is a small business owner, Christian ministry leader, and author, with a mission to unify the Body of Christ. She has written two books and recorded two worship albums.

Neha Gajwani

Anthropologist, Entrepreneur and Author,
Neha Gajwani is a multifaceted anthropologist, entrepreneur, author, and mother to a 1-year-old boy who loves Lizzo. She founded an e-commerce company in 2009 that experienced such rapid growth, Inc. Magazine ranked it as one of the 500 fastest-growing businesses in America, and one of the 10 fastest-growing women-led businesses in the country. Always active in social causes, she developed a comprehensive directory for The National Women's Shelter Network, an empowering resource that makes it easier and faster for homeless women to find the care and support they need.

Precious Murena

She is the Founder & CEO of Winfield Strategy & Innovation. She has over 17 years of experience leading teams in Strategy, Innovation, Operations, Human Resources Management, Business consulting & Communications. In those years she has spoken at over 100 conferences in Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, Botswana, Zambia, Rwanda, Eswatini, Mauritius, Kenya She is a multi-award winner both locally and internationally in areas of Sustainability leadership, Business management, People Management and Diversity & Inclusion. Precious is also the former Country CEO at Lafarge Cement Zim and former vice President for IMPZ. She has various board experiences from 2010 to date which include ZB Bank (Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries), Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Pangea Aids Trust, Zimbabwe Advertising & research foundation, and IPMZ.

Shanna Faye

Life Mentor and Naturopathic Doctor
Shanna Faye is a life mentor and naturopathic doctor who is a global pioneer in the field of human potential and natural healing for life and business transformation. She has over 20 years of experience helping people overcome limitations to live their highest potential and create life on their terms. She is a certified Health/Life Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a coach for The Work® of Byron Katie. Shanna is the author of several published books including The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence” (pen name: Aimée Wilde), and ‘Expanding Consciousness – How far would you go?’ available on She has been serving for 20 years now on the board of directors for Seacology, an environmental organization which was nominated for the Peace Nobel Prize in 2021. Shanna is based in California and is a raw food enthusiast and a certified Raw Food Chef Instructor, LLI. She is also a WATSU (Harold Dull) and Healing Dance practitioner.


He is a doctor of dermatology. Born in 1950, graduated from Kobe university, living in Osaka, Japan. He works at Kishiwada tokushukai hospital Osaka and at his own clinic for long years. From young age, he loves music and dancing. He can play piano, do street dancing and sing cante sung in flamenco. Recently he is very interested in finger moving and performance.

Tadzie Madzima

Life Coach & Marketer
Tadzie Madzima, a Zimbabwean life coach and global marketing expert, inspires individuals to live purpose-driven, authentic, and courageous lives. She founded IGNITE Youth to equip youth with a vision, meaningful careers, and positive impact on their communities. With over 15 years of experience, she has worked for international development organizations and companies.

Takashi Sasaki

Representative Director, Relive Co. Developer of " Relivewear," functional apparel that raises the body's functions just by wearing it. Obtained patents in Japan and the U.S. Obtained design rights in Japan, the U.S., the EU and China. RELIVEWEAR has sold 300,000 pieces in Japan. Relivewear did not sell for as long as three years because customers did not believe in it because it was too effective. The reason why he was able to continue his efforts even at the not-so-young age of 60 years old until Relivewear exploded in sales was four points of mental energy.

Tanja Diamond

Business and Life Strategist
Tanja Diamond is an autistic polymath, Business and Life Strategist, and Tantra Lineage Holder. Her 45 years of unique worldwide education, extensive knowledge in thousands of subjects, and certifications in hundreds of modalities make her the go-to for everyone who needs solutions and results quickly. Her visionary work in healing and optimizing the nervous system boasts a 99% success rate in transforming trauma and unwanted behaviors. It has helped over 82K people and 22K animals in 60 countries. Tanja is a 2x International TEDx Speaker and five-time #1 international best-selling author. The innovator of four high-performance brands, Modern Tantra – The Seven Tantras of Integrated Intelligence, High Speed Evolution- The Five Evolutions to Life Mastery, Tantra For Business, and Recover Your Life. Her coach certification programs are the most rigorous in the world. Talk Title

Tinoda Moyo

Personal Branding Strategist
Tinoda is a skilled corporate events Master of Ceremonies and Personal Branding Strategist, known for her unique approach to branding. She is also a passionate advocate for education and social justice, founding Vakoma Trust to bridge educational inequality for rural students. Through the trust, she provides mentorship and access to essential resources, empowering young people with the skills needed for a better future

Vera Leal

Author, Writer and Speaker
She writes, speaks, and is an author. was asked to speak as a guest speaker during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 March Month of Women festival, HARARE DHUKU'S FESTIVAL of Arts. With a degree in international relations, she worked for large Portuguese banks in marketing, corporate communications, quality systems, outdoor team development, and business training. devoted to conscious feminine studies, transpersonal coaching, and human potential since 1999. Promotes BodySoul Work, Soulcollage®, and Breathing Work. was a part of Bodysoul Europe's Holding Team, which is a division of the Marion Woodman Foundation. For twenty years, Heal Your Life has been providing coaching and training in Portuguese to people all around the world. creator of the Integral, Conscious, and Sacred Feminine Wisdom Coaching School of Transpersonal Coaching. Creator of the first Personal DVD in Portuguese

Vivian Matsa

She is the Founding and Managing Partner of Vivian Matsa Law Offices. She wishes to uplift and inspire other women through her life story. From growing up as an orphan without much to getting assistance to attend college and attaining her Law degree, later on a Masters in Law up-to opening her own law firm in Zimbabwe. Her decision to study law was for her to empower herself by gaining more understanding of how the law works in different facets of life in order to be able to be able to advocate for victims of injustice.

Wakatendeka Mhlanga

Industrial Chemist
She is a born again Christian and an industrial chemist in training at the University of Zimbabwe. Not only is she a model coach, Wakatendeka is also a fashion, commercial and pageant model herself. She is the reigning Miss Facial Beauty Zimbabwe 2023 Queen and second runner-up in the Miss Planet Zimbabwe 2023. In the latter pageant, she holds the Best Project title. Miss Mhlanga is the Director at United African Modelling and Talent Management Academy (UAMA). She is a 6th Kyu belt holder in Shorin Ryu karate and a member of the defending team champions in the Zimbabwe Universities Sports Association (ZUSA) Team Kata and Team Kumite competitions. She is a Sign Language tutor at Warren Day Nursery and Junior School. Miss Wakatendeka is the co-CEO of Kate’s Korner, a bakery she runs with her mother. She is also a member of the University of Zimbabwe Data Science club.

Yasuko Omari

Yasuko Omori runs a kimono dressing school and has 40 years of experience as a kimono stylist. After graduating from university and failing to find a job, she was invited to help her mother run a kimono dressing school, which she continues to do to this day. Before COVID-19 pandemic, she had been dressing brides with bridal kimono and young ladies with furisode (long-sleeved kimono), and teaching dressing kimono to more than 1,000 people, including Miss Kimono Queen, Miss Tokyo, and people in wheelchairs. While the pandemic, she started to develop a "Kimono that can be worn properly in a short time (3 minutes) without learning how to wear it,” and completed it as “Magic kimono.”

Yasuko Omori

Yasuko Omori runs a kimono dressing school and has 40 years of experience as a kimono stylist. After graduating from university and failing to find a job, she was invited to help her mother run a kimono dressing school, which she continues to do to this day. Before COVID-19 pandemic, she had been dressing brides with bridal kimono and young ladies with furisode (long-sleeved kimono), and teaching dressing kimono to more than 1,000 people, including Miss Kimono Queen, Miss Tokyo, and people in wheelchairs. While the pandemic, she started to develop a "Kimono that can be worn properly in a short time (3 minutes) without learning how to wear it,” and completed it as “Magic kimono.”

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