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Theme: Rock The Foundations

This event occurred on
June 30, 2023
Nanjing, Jiangsu

Talks that seek to share the truths that do not get so much of the spotlight.

Nanjing International School Performing Arts Center
Xue Heng Road 8
Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210023
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Youth (What is this?)
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Alexia Lastschenko

Global nomad and teacher, Alexia has long held the belief that a successful life was synonymous with a well-thought-out plan and one’s ability to follow it step by step. Now in her fourth decade, Alexia still has no life plan but as her talk reveals, she is learning to live her life successfully by reflecting on her “why”.

Dajun Yuan

Dajun explores the journey from the story he was told to the story he lived as he came to terms with his cerebral palsy. He celebrates the inclusive educational environment in which he learned how to accept and take ownership of his own rich life narrative, limitations and all, and advocates for every listener to do the same.

Ginna Daza

Educator and Learning Support Specialist
Education changed Ginna’s life: shaping the way she sees herself, understands different cultures, and views the world. Ginna’s talk explores how her educational journey became the springboard for a commitment to bringing equity and inclusion to every classroom she works in. Making a difference, one kid at a time.

Jaeha Kim

Driven by his passion for politics, economics and the stock market, Jaeha explores the money-making possibilities of climate change. He reveals how we as individuals may benefit economically if only, we were to notice the market signals that have already begun! And we just might save the world too.

Jiyoon Kim

Jiyoon’s talk explores how both negative and positive bias were at play during a family vacation in London. She shares insights into the wonder of the human brain and travel tips including ‘don’t believe the hype’ and ‘do look up!’.

Ken Brady

Technology Coach
Travel back in time with Ken as he considers the advice he would offer his teenage self. Drawing on his experiences in the Royal Australian Air Force, tennis coaching, network systems engineering, teaching and a fair number of turns around the sun, Ken settles on mindfulness and the power of positive thinking.

Sara Wu

Sara’s talk reflects upon her experience of growing up and parenting, in a rapidly changing China. She explores the impact that family, economic, and social change has meant for her as a child, sister and now, as a mother.

Seth Silberner

International Educator, minstrel, globetrotter, and ADHD expert, Seth’s talk reveals the superpowers of neurodivergence, the unsung boons and secret advantages of having a mind that works differently to the rest of humankind. Seth explores the tension between the dominant narrative and his truth, and urges everyone to embrace the diverse richness that is the mind- no matter it’s idiosyncrasies.

Ziqi Ye

Ziqi loves science. And numbers. Join her as she explores the nature of data use in science and the harm potential of fake data. Ziqi discusses the development of knowledge and the impact that fluid definitions of truth can have.

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Nanjing, China