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Theme: TWO STEPS Forward

October 21, 2023
1:00pm - 5:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Anjo, Aiti
This event is open to the public.
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TEDxAnjo Women 2023は、世界規模で開催される TEDWomen 2023に連動して開催される少女や女性をテーマしたカンファレンスです。

TEDWomen 2023のテーマは「Two Steps Forward(前進する)」
~ TEDWomen HPより~

私たちTEDxAnjoは、TEDWomen 2023の力強いテーマに共感し、

Anforet Multi-purpose room
12, Miyukihonmachi
Anjo, Aiti, 4460032
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Akari Kawaguchi

Application Developer
Born in 2010, she is now in the 7th grade at a middle school in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. She has liked handicrafts and building blocks since she was a child and was influenced by TV programs to start programming in the first grade of elementary school. She quickly started winning prizes in many competitions. At the age of 11, she was certified as a Super Creator by the Mitou Junior program, which supports outstanding IT engineers under the age of 17. Moreover, she was selected as a “Regional Winner (Asia)” in the world’s largest app development contest for women, “Technovation Girls,” in 2022 and won the “Special Award (Climate Prize)” in 2023.

Fumika Fumika

Model Walking Instructor
Born in Tokyo in 1979. With modeling and ballet experience from childhood, she became a ballet instructor around 18. Later, after teaching walking to contestants for the Miss Mrs. Contest, she developed an original walking method that is effective in improving people’s appearance. She has produced six Japanese representatives to the Mrs. Grand Universe World Championships and others. In 2013, she began teaching ballet and walking to girls with developmental disabilities at an after-school daycare service. Using her original teaching method based on kinetic anatomy and tailored to the individual’s visual, auditory, and tactile senses, she improves how the body moves. She has received favorable feedback from her students, who now have a cleaner body line and a more positive attitude.

Megumi Oyabu

Founder of the “Kudaranai Mono” Grand Prix
Born in Fuso-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi Prefecture, in 1976. She grew up as a tomboy in her grandfather’s barn and farm and her father’s factory in town as her playground. After marriage and childbirth, she worked at her father’s town factory while raising her children and now runs the business as a couple with her husband as a president. Using the 2020 COVID disaster as a springboard, she established an online exhibition with six town factories and two supporters. This project later developed into the “Kudaranai Mono” Grand Prix,” a competition in which companies compete to make the silliest pointless products using their skills and technology. It became a topic of conversation in many media and was featured on national and international broadcast programs, radio, magazines, and other media. It has also been used as English teaching materials at universities.

Megumi Tange

Dietitian, Dining Photographer
Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture in 1992. She studied nutrition at university and obtained a registered dietitian qualification. After graduation, wanting to materialize the importance of food, she started working as a “dining photographer”, capturing scenes of family cooking and meals. Following the onset of the coronavirus, she launched an online school aimed at nutrition students and registered dietitians, and has grown it into a community with about 150 members. Currently, while continuing activities online, she is energetically advancing various food-related activities in different regions together with the school’s students.

Sessai Sessai

Transgender activist
Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1947. Graduated from Mie University Faculty of Education. After working as a teacher at a public school in Gifu Prefecture, she established a cram school company to practice education that nurtures children’s independence. After retiring from active duty, she came out as a transgender on her 60th birthday. In 2018, she established “Gifu Passport”, an organization that supports sexual minorities in Gifu Prefecture, together with her colleagues. In order to improve the living environment and social understanding of sexual minorities, she has been making requests to the government and giving lectures in various places. At Ogaki Women’s Junior College, she teaches women’s studies.

Yasuko Akutsu

Aging and Healthcare Design Researcher
Born in Nagoya City, Aichi prefecture, she engaged in product development, exhibition concept planning, and urban planning at an industrial design company. Later on, she ventured into product merchandising, store setup, and healthcare design consulting business. In 2012, she took a visionary step and founded MT Healthcare Design Institute. This endeavor focused on design research for the healthcare sector while simultaneously advocating for the application of design thinking in developing and implementing products and services. In 2017, she initiated Aging Japan. Her passion and expertise now extend far and wide, collaborating extensively domestically and internationally in healthcare product and service design, medical and caregiving equipment evaluation, and personnel development.

Yoshimi Kobe

First-Class Architect, First-Class Construction Management Engineer
She was born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, in 1972. After graduating from university, she worked for a major housing company as a site supervisor for detached houses and condominiums. Her on-site management from a consumer’s viewpoint was well-received by many clients. After marriage and childbirth, she continued to work as a site supervisor. She was a role model for her younger colleagues as one of the few female supervisors in the construction industry at the time. Later, she was awarded the Outstanding Employee Award for managing a construction site where more than 100 craftsmen came in and out each day. She also became the first female construction engineer in the company to hold a managerial position. She also obtained an MBA (Master of Business Administration), and continues to pursue her unique way of learning and working.

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