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Theme: FEED

This event occurred on
September 23, 2023
1:00pm - 9:30pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Athens, Attiki

FEED is a multidimensional concept with both literal and metaphorical extensions. Societies constantly feed and are fed, influencing many aspects of our lives. Therefore, FEED can be found everywhere, signifying the nourishment of the body and the mind.
Regarding the psychological dimension of the term, FEED refers to the factors that shape an individual's mental well-being, emphasizing the connection and interaction between food and emotions. However, we can also identify it in a broader social spectrum, such as in the reinforcement of stereotypes and the management of our daily resources. The same applies to the fields of business and technology, with feedback being an important and constantly evolving tool.
Overall, it signifies the continuous process of collecting, assimilating, and managing stimuli, ideas, and knowledge to promote development, innovation, sustainability, and mental health.

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
Pireos 206, Tavros
Athens, Attiki, 177 78
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University (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Anastasia Skopa

Environmental Activist + Architect
Anastasia will be our guide, shedding light on the often-overlooked impacts of our everyday choices. Her insights will stir your consciousness and encourage us all to reflect on the consequences of our actions. Imagine embarking on a train of knowledge, headed towards uncharted territories of discovery, all centered around the theme of FEED.

Andriana Nikoloulia

Psychologist Msc. Scientific Partner for GAI
Andriana Nikoloulia, an inquisitive young lady with advanced studies on psychology, will undertake the mission to un-feed us from gender stereotypes.♀️♂️

Elina Kakourou

Jewellery Artisan + Owner of KAKURU Jewellery
Overtaking advanced studies in economics, and her predetermined trail, Elina's heart had lead her down a path of creativity, where now she crafts her own handmade jewelry. At TEDxPanteionUniversity 2023, she will develop on how crucial it is to feed our business and our customers.

Idra Kayne

Starting with our first speaker, Idra Kayne is an artist coming from a background as unique as her talent! She will guide us through the harmonization of two worlds into a single soul.

Maria Koletsi

Social Psychologist PhD.
Professor at Panteion University

Regina Makedou

Fitness Expert + Online Coach
Regina's profound connection with human well-being, extends beyond her role as an online coach and fitness expert. Having triumphed over leukemia, she offers a unique perspective that underscores the significance of life and health. Regina's upcoming talk revolves around, nourishing our bodies, a topic close to her heart.

Stamatis Papangelou

Blockchain researcher / PhD. Candidate
Stamatis Papangelou, is the most suitable person to guide us in the future and feed us with a glimpse of the reality, as he envisions it.

Thekla Gkioni

Clinical Dietician + Nutritionist
Thekla has an expertise on nutritional disorders and the mutual feeding between psychology and dietary habits. At TEDxPanteionUniversity 2023 will explain how to protect our health by feeding not only our body but also emotions.

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Athens, Greece